24 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders announces ‘Medicare for all’ plan

  1. ✔️ We in Canada respectfully suggest you recognize Bernie as one of your most authentic patriots…. he knows he’s gonna croak soon and LOVES HIS GRANDKIDS ‼️ Word Bernie‼️

  2. Senator Bernie Sanders should have been U.S. President.
    I pray to which ever deity is up in the sky and say repeatedly, Sanders for 2020.

  3. I’m from the UK and we have single payer and pretty much no one worries about medical bills It just doesn’t happen. Our current Government has been trying to undermine the N.H.S (Our National Health Service) but the majority of the British public would rather pay more tax to maintain the N.H.S than end up with a system like the Americans have.

  4. Truth and reality have been two rare commodities when it comes to leftist politicians and Bernie Sanders is the rule rather than the exception. Nothing changes including the naivety, or self-servicing ambition of others to promote this Leftist Conman.

  5. Don’t rely on CNN, MSNBC or FOXNEWS to beat the war drums for this.

    I think just asking neighbours and relatives opinions on the bill would be a good start. The first thing is that people just need to know it is a topic now.

  6. Wow, just wow. So much ignorance in here. Practically everyone in here will save money, and every American will have quality healthcare, and they’re are still against it. So sad that so many people are so ignorant, to the point that is literally causing death for other people.

  7. What Medicare for All means to me is that real people won’t have to suffer and can live better lives for themselves.

  8. Bernie Sanders is actually very stupid when it comes to economics. Anyone who wants Medicare for all is very stupid. You do know Medicare alone has $33 Trillion in unfunded liabilities and Medicare covers 15% of the American population. Now you want to increase Medicare to cover 666% more people. Do you have any idea how much debt America will be in after that?

  9. Beanie I will never vote for you no mater what, period. Yes I am a Democrat only vote Democrat and your not a democrat .I’d vote for trump first cause it’s the same thing both losers sharing the same base.

  10. Today, an op-ed in my local paper spoke about how much we spend on healthcare vs other western nations, and that they have better outcomes. Turns out we spend $5000 PER PERSON more than other first world countries. Multiply that by our population of 350 million. Turns out to be 1.75 trillion that we overspend. We have a budget deficit of 560 billion. If we had Medicare for all, we would have over a trillion dollars in budget surplus every year! Now maybe we should talk about the military spending. So the next person who tells you we can’t afford the “entitlement” spending called Social Security, you just smack em right in the kisser!

  11. Sanders is incompetent. When he was Chairman of the VA committee he failed to provide oversight. He promised to hold people accountable for the scandals. He failed to do so. This man should not be trusted with health care.

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