Sen Kamala Harris Comes Out For Medicare For All

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Sen Kamala Harris Comes Out For Medicare For All

18 thoughts on “Sen Kamala Harris Comes Out For Medicare For All

  1. It doesn’t change anything. I’m still not voting for Kamala Harris. Her record is terrible, she cant be trusted. People dont be fooled by her!

  2. It seems the corporate dems are grooming their new “Obama” candidate for 2020. Like I said, cannot help being a skeptic.

  3. As if right now, Kamala Harris is not taking little to no money from the medical industry. This is not to state that she wouldn’t take money from them in the future. And that she was Willie Brown’s ex girlfriend, she could easily flip.

  4. Like Kyle “the Big Seltzer Guy” says, this has to be considered a triumph for the left to see even corporate democrats now coming out for Medicare for all.

  5. good for her… but i hope she doesn’t think she gets points for this… she’s already disqualified herself with her time as AG in California… and she got the kiss of death from Hillary and her donors… candidacy literally dead on arrival…

  6. She’s a corporate shill that’s pandering to progressive for her presidential run
    Warren has separated herself from the establishment for a reason, she wants to run two and beat the establishment hack camela Harris that’s the party will run because she’s the only slightly progressive candidate and warren knows that she can get the vote if she runs after building up her reputation with the progressives so she can run.
    And the election will be rigged and trump will go up against a neo liberal and win with a bigger electoral vote
    Soon enough the DNC will destroy itself and everyone will move to the right and the party will die and it will be republican V libertarians

  7. If Kamala Harris runs in 2020 she will go absolutely nowhere fast one advantage Bernie Sanders has now which ironically is what caused him to lose the 2016 democratic primary is name recognition which does go along way pretty much everyone knows who he is now no one knows who Kamala Harris is much less Kirsten Gillibrand, Andrew Cuomo, Cory Booker I don’t think most people even know who Joe Biden is sorry Democratic establishment 2020 will not be your year.

  8. I would love to see Trump pass medicare4all legislation. He has already praised the Australian health service. That would really blow everyone’s minds.

  9. Democrats throw their support behind the bill because they know it will not pass. Republicans will block it, and then Dems can virtue signal and say, “you ppl are corrupt and evil,” blah blah blah. If it has a chance of passing for real, Democrats will not support it because they too are corporate owned.

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