12 thoughts on “is Donald Trump controlled opposition? Medicare paid by the Federal reserve *Explicit Language*

  1. monsanto and drug companies and the medical industry who is profiting from making us sick… yep, I like that Idea.

    • xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx Until someone “in power” changes the colors of the stars-n-bars to peacetime and tosses the East India Trading scheme they’ll be traitorous meatbags.

  2. He is a puppet, 100%. The reason Killary was pumped in the media to “win” and then They told Us Grump “won” the SElection was so We would THINK voting works. All about getting Us to *register* to vote. We need to withdraw consent from the whole system and consent to better!

    I AM anti-New World Order – A Better Way
    ht tp:// tapyoureit. boards. net/thread/99/anti-new-world-order

  3. youtube.com/watch?v=0-sqEWO5_Rk
    Richard Wolff — Banks and the Fed
    Ellis Winningham: Sectoral Balances, Destroying Neoliberalism & more
    Debunking the money multiplier myth and fractional reserve system lies.
    The Federal Reserve, An Intervention, With Ellis Winningham
    Merely “Printing Money” Is Not What Causes Hyperinflation
    The Fed Neither “Has” Nor “Doesn’t Have” Dollars
    Even Donald Trump Could Tell You: Social Security Cannot Go Broke

    • xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx i don’t think you realise how the fed works single payer is completely possible and would be a massive improvement over our current system but the fed is not the instrument to do this

    • .congress.gov/bill/113th-congress/house-bill/676 you may find this interesting it is put forward by the same guy every yr and most people never even hear about it

    • Kevin Bow about free health care… Libya had it , Syria has it as they shared wealth with the people.. No wonder they are targeted by Talmudic scum for destruction…

  4. I knew when they refused to let China in to our federal reserves. That’s because it’s not there! there is no gold to back our paper notes. That’s right, not money, they are notes. all of our food is not real. I can’t eat because my stomach can’t handle it. God help us all

  5. AIPAC and kikes run America..And his family and him are best example… Talmudic scum are controlling our financial and political system, media and education.

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