Bernie Sanders To Introduce Medicare For All Bill!

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is planning to introduce a single-payer healthcare bill in Congress.

The Vermont senator said during a town hall Saturday he plans to introduce a "Medicare for all" bill "within a couple of weeks," Vermont Public Radio reported.

“It is a commonsense proposal, and I think once the American people understand it, we can go forward with it,” Sanders said after the town hall meeting.

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Bernie Sanders To Introduce Medicare For All Bill!


52 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders To Introduce Medicare For All Bill!

    • Rachel S

      I’d check up on some Dore claims (Obama DID have a filibuster-proof majority, contrary to Dore’s continued claims.)

    • Jimmy and his staff may not be correct 100% of the time when it comes to facts regarding specific percentages. Just 99.99 % of the time. Also, with the exception of Tulsi and Bernie (By the way, they actually represent Green Party Platform) the Democratic Party has finally been shown for what they are. Sellouts, hypocrites, and they do NOT represent what is best for USA People, Air, Land, and Water. Despite what they falsely claim. Their actions and statements prove otherwise. Jimmy Dore and Truth Tellers are a blessing to USA citizens and other neighbors we share this world with.

    • If that really ever happens, that by itself (and that’s a big “IF” that ever happens), would not only be a shocker to the world, but also to all of us as well.

  1. Health care and policies in general gonna stay shitty if we gotta feed someone’s ego by putting someone’s name on it

  2. I think there are gonna be millions and millions of angry people in this country if they don’t give us Berniecare. And it isn’t going to be forgotten on election day, people are going to remember every freakin day. So if they know what’s good for them and they ever want to venture back to their home states without meeting angry mobs then they better get cracking and pass this bill.

    • You know what? I have a bad feeling that you’re right about that….that they rather watch hell on Earth break loose and eventually let Mother Nature kill us all via global warming and other natural disasters (even if it means they die along with the rest of us), rather then working together to make ANYTHING better.

    • Erik Moss.. Na…. things won’t change for the better until it gets more personal. People don’t change until it strikes close to home.. Remember back in Roosevelt’s day.. that’s what made those generations psychopaths give in to the ‘new deal’.. They ‘feared’ the rabble would get them. You know, pitch-forks and all… so.. we have that ‘human’ model to give us an example of how human nature works.. IMO. ..

  3. Funkin’ Finally!! We all know It won’t pass, but this should have been done long ago… still though… BERNIE!! 🙂

    • Listen I’m not here for a fight. I am open to single payer but you must show me how your going to pay for it. This debt without end stuff should scare everyone one since it has never worked and the fact that people go there is a sign maybe you doubt you can…..But give me a plan to cover and pay for it you can get my vote. So you will need to raise taxes on the high income earners….ok I’m with you….how far down and how much? Plus what other ideas….Balance the equation and you got me…..So far I have not seen it…

    • Zacherviews – im not here for a fight either. Your characterization of MMT and your comments on debt the military budget etc indicate to me that you may not understand that MMT isn’t some theoretical construct or fantasy as you stated, it’s in practice now just not for the benefit of the people. There is enough information from top economists out there for anyone who wants to get their head around MMT to do so. It’s not a one paragraph in a comment section sort of thing. Watch, The Angry Birds Approach to Understanding Deficits in Modern Economy by Stephanie Kelton, YouTube. (as a start only).
      There is never a “How we gonna pay for it” conversation for wars or tax cuts or bank bailouts or wars,, did I already say wars? Why? Those checks get cut tho don’t they? That big money keeps flowing to those lucky few doesn’t it?

    • I do understand MMT however you are correct in my summary of the military budget etc since they were brief…that is the flaw of a utube comment section. Too often these need to be short and pointed. However I do disagree that MMT is any solution to this…and in that we must agree to disagree

    • Zacherviews – I based my comment that you may not understand MMT on your prior comment that, “MMT is garbage based on a constant printing money idea”.
      That is not what MMT is. MMT is not an idea, it’s more an explanation of how our economy actually functions… This country can afford single payer…right now. Separate from that and for obvious other reasons this country must also stop the endless wars and immoral profiteering that perpetuates them. Again, a few words in the comment section can seem provocative or antagonistic that’s not my intent.

  4. Thank you for remembering that little bird!!!!! That was such a moment!!!! Sanders care—-and Sanders DOES care!!!!

    • I would have voted for Sanders IF he renounced identity politics, feminism, and all forms of political correctness (especially the stupidly nebulous “Islamophobia”).
      When the liberals stop advocating for special interest groups and bullshit that goes directly against the constitution, you will find WAY more people willing to vote for them.


    • And you think a system that is in shambles right now (medicare) is the solution for this? You do realize that even liberal news sources have said this would add $30 trillion to our debt over 10 years? Okay, how about this? The average percentage of people 18 and over, in Canada, that wait at least 5 hours or more in an emergency room is about 19% or 6,650,000 people. The percentage in the United States is 5% or 16,650,000 people. Now before you say anything, Canada has less than 1/10th of the population of the United States. The other thing is that the United States has the best medical care and the most advanced medical treatments in the world and that is just a confirmed fact by ever peer-reviewed medical journal or medical review site in the world. Your risk of dying from cancer or heart disease is up to 2-3 times higher in these other European countries than in the United States. Also, the Nordic countries that Bernie glorifies so much have about 1/3 of their population on private insurance. This will NOT work, trust me. The only thing that would work for a country our size is a free market system. You may not be able to guarantee coverage for everyone but if that’s your primary goal, you will sacrifice quality of care.

    • Justin Reily name 1 country that private for profit health insurance works… over 40,000 America’s die from having no insurance per year… medical expenses is the # 1 reason for bankruptcy in this country… Obama care suck, trump care is far worse.. so why not try a single payer system like every other major country in the world

    • Okay and you want to know why so many Americans don’t have insurance? It’s because of the government pushing so many regulations on insurance companies that forced them to become monopolies and raise premiums. So you’re solution to this is to have more government? A single payer system will not work in the U.S. because we have too many people. By the way, more and more doctors are getting away from medicare so I highly doubt a medicare for all solution is going to work. Also, whenever the government is solely in control of the budgeting and planning, you inevitably run into shortages of some services or too many of others. And with no competitors, like you would have in a free market, central planners could arbitrarily decide what physician payments should
      be. Studies of countries with universal coverage show that their
      doctors earn up to 70% less than doctors here. Also, countries with single payer healthcare systems report much longer emergency room wait times than in the United States.

  6. The truth is that it would be cheaper to cover everyone with medicare, than what is already being spent while millions go uncovered. This is fact. Medicare negotiates prices down, while “for profit” health insurance companies only serve to inflate costs.
    While this bill doesn’t have much hope of passing at this time, what it WILL do is start a national conversation, and this is what Senator Sanders is counting on. Go Bernie!

  7. i cant wait to see the establishment democrats response to this. There’s going to be a lot of broken monocles due to aghast.

  8. I have worked in healthcare since 1979. I am a Respiratory Therapist. I work in a long term ventilator unit. I have seen the major wage earners of a family have a reversable, but long term devestating illness, like Guillian Barre that can paralize you for years.. I have seen the family lose their insurance, then lose their home, and everything that person worked for,,, One of my coworkers is a legal Mexican immigrant who recently had a heart attack. Another coworker is from India… We all said that we would choose hospice before we would let the parasites take everything I worked for. Then they both said that Mexico and India now have good quality universal healthcare..They regret coming here. God Bless Bernie!! Bring us into the developed world!

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