6 thoughts on “Good Morning America – High Risks of Medicare Advantage Plans

  1. I own a home healthcare company. I see these types of decisions every day.
    Medicare Advantage (MA) plans are granted “carrier discretion” to either
    include or exclude specific levels of coverage that would otherwise be
    covered by Traditional Medicare. Today’s seniors must be really careful to
    read the fine print about the MA plan they join. Cheaper does not always
    equate to better. Be educated. And even then, MA plans can do things like
    in this video that defy common sense.

  2. I agree that UHC is a very strong example of bad here. The bigger picture
    is that this is something that the Medicare Advantage companies CAN do,
    because they make the healthcare decisions when you leave original Medicare
    for a Medicare Advantage Plan. We, at the Senior Savings Network, strongly
    recommend the Medicare supplement policy, so that the doctor, in his sole
    discretion, decides the best course of treatment, not a bureaucrat at an

  3. I luv ya Chris. I just don’t agree with the story…overall. UHC is the bad
    guy. Not Part C. The main Part C in my area is light years away from this.

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