Medicare Part D

– What is Medicare Part D?
Medicare Part D is optional, prescription drug coverage. It helps pay for out-patient prescribed medications. Part D is sold by private companies that are approved by Medicare.

– Am I eligible for Part D Coverage?
If you have Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, you are eligible to get prescription drug coverage through an individual policy or as part of a Medicare Advantage plan.

– Do I need prescription drug coverage?
If you have original Medicare (Part A and Part B) or a Medicare Advantage plan that does not include drug coverage, you should get a Part D prescription drug coverage policy when you are first eligible – even if you don't take a lot of medications.

Unfortunately, our health is not guaranteed. As we age, it's likely that we will have an increased need for prescription medications. Prescriptions are very expensive – expensive enough that prescription drug coverage probably makes sense.

Again, don't wait. If you wait to get coverage, you will have to pay a penalty, which results in a permanent increase in your monthly premium.

8 thoughts on “Medicare Part D

    • +Rafael Madrigal if everyone got coverage for everything, no questions,
      then itd cost way more than it already does.

      also through different plans, different discounts can be applied which
      saves the govt money and in some cases, even you.
      treatment is already extremely cheap thanks to discounts

  1. Those working a living in insurance just don’t get it. When you do not need
    drugs or the few drugs you take are cheaper out of pocket you do not want
    to pay for part D, Any instance in your life previously where you are
    demanded to pay with nothing in return strikes the consciousness as
    robbery. It takes months to overcome this and decide to pay with other
    reasoning. We are angered by the future scare, so pay now or else penalty.
    We get part D under protest. A discussion of how insurance needs us to pay
    in to keep the system solvent might make sense but we do not know that is
    It angers us that if we progress to a critical need it is treated as an
    opportunity to make more from us. Aside from all this we see constant class
    action lawsuits in the media about dangerous prescription drugs. Trusting,
    going along with part D takes our full eligibility window to choke this
    down and give money for nothing or possible untested harmful drugs. Who
    wants to buy when someone prospers off your fear or threatens you with a
    penalty on a matter of life or simply gets money for nothing?

  2. One will reach Donut Hole when a combination of what you pay Plus what the
    insurance company paid total a certain amount. You’ll get out of the donut
    hole ONLY when your OUT OF POCKET spending reaches catastrophic stage

  3. Part D is not optional unless you already have credible drug coverage. Also
    , you only need Part A and/or Part B in order to obtain Part D.

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