Don’t Risk Losing Your Medicare Supplement Policy | Best Advice

After another recent incident involving someone not on direct deposit, it is worth reminding our great clients and potential clients of the huge advantage of using direct deposit and direct draft of their insurance premiums.

By not using direct draft, you run the risk of a lapse in your policy which could mean you are no longer covered. Too often, this happens as a result of not being around to mail in the manual premium. This sometimes happens due to being in the hospital for an extended stay.

As such, it is always our best advice to use direct draft for your health insurance premium. This way, the notice is not lost in the mail and your valuable coverage is not lost at a time when you can least afford to lose it and cannot, possibly, qualify for another underwritten Medicare Supplement policy.

Questions about Medicare Supplement? Feel free to call us 24 hours a day at 1-800-729-9590.

Christopher Westfall
Senior Savings Network

Don't Risk Losing Your Medicare Supplement Policy | Best Advice

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