Turning 65 Medicare Open Enrollment | What does it mean?

Turning 65 and starting Medicare for the first time? It is good news to hear that this open enrollment period means that there can be NO health questions and you can qualify for ANY Medicare plan you wish, even the Plan G and Plan N that usually require medical underwriting. Not for you.

If you are brand new to Part B within the last six months, or soon will be, this Open Enrollment is yours. It means you can skip answering any health questions and get right to picking which is the best company to go with. The factors you should consider include price, but should not be limited only to price.

Other important factors when turning 65 and picking a Medicare plan are that you want to make sure the customer service at the company can actually answer the phone if and when you have a question. You want to know that they have a good track record in the marketplace and that they did not just start yesterday, as seems to be happening a lot lately.

How can you find out if a company in your area is a good one, one with a bad reputation, or one known to have bad rate increases? I am glad you asked. This is where I can help you, for free.

Just like your car insurance agent, your homeowner's insurance agent, etc, my service is 100% no cost to you, whatsoever. I can shop the market and report back to you the best plan based on today's pricing and our experience with that plan based on thousands of clients across the country.

If you allow me to help you, it is a very simple telephone conversation to get the coverage started. We do not have to come visit your home and dirty up your carpet. Everything is then sent straight to your US Post Office mailbox and you can review everything at your leisure.

I have thousands of clients across the country and have a 100% inbound practice, which means people are referred to us or find me online and call in for help. That's how I like it. I won't be pushing junk mail into your mailbox or desperately knocking on your door.

If you would like my years of experience working for you, please call me. You can call 24 hours a day at 1-800-729-9590 or visit online securely at

Thank you,

Chris Westfall
Medicare Agent
Senior Savings Network

Turning 65 Medicare Open Enrollment | What does it mean?

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