Bernie Sanders: Senator Rubio talks of cutting Medicare or Social Security.

Today Senator Rubio tried to tell me he wouldn't cut Medicare or Social Security. That's not what he said yesterday morning.

Bernie Sanders: Senator Rubio talks of cutting Medicare or Social Security.

One thought on “Bernie Sanders: Senator Rubio talks of cutting Medicare or Social Security.

  1. *The* *Inheritance* *Tax* *Is* *Good* *For* *America!*
    Taxes are simply the price of admission into any civil society!

    Also, Winning the Lottery does not magically entitle anyone to shirk their patriotic civic duty to pay their fair share of Tax monies needed to run and maintain Our Great Country. And I certainly don’t want to get stuck paying for any stupid Lottery Winner’s share of Taxes, even if they use corrupt Lobbyist tricks to make it appear “legal” and corruptly avoid paying their fair share of Our Nation’s taxes. Because if they don’t pay their share of their taxes, guess who get’s stuck paying THEIR tab??? (Look in the Mirror!)

    *Inheriting* a fortune is not, I repeat, *NOT!* “EARNING” ANYthing; inheriting a fortune is nothing more than winning the genetic Lottery. Why should some self entitled snotty rich brats who may have never worked a day in their lives and win the lottery (inherit a fortune) get a Free Ride at EVERYONE else’s expense and be allowed to skip paying their share of Our Nation’s taxes???
    The Inheritance Tax ONLY applies to estates worth MORE than *$11,000,000.00!!!* (that’s ELEVEN MILLION DOLLARS!!!) for couples, and estates worth MORE than $5,400,000.00!!! (that’s FIVE MILLION FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!) for individual’s estates. And even then, it only taxes a fraction of that amount which is ABOVE the $11,000,000.00/$5,400,000.00. Keep in mind, it only effects about 400 of the greediest families in America. Also, and more importantly; when those Billions of tax dollars which those greedy rich brats are trying to cheat from America are put back into the American economy to fix roads, pay veteran’s benefits, build airports, hire police and firemen, build hospitals, invest in educating America’s future citizens, etc.. it could create thousands of time MORE JOBS than those 400 greedy selfish rich brats would ever create. The American People (360 of Us ordinary citizens) should not have to suffer just so that 400 greedy self entitled punks can live like gluttonous little kings!
    If any of those greedy self entitled heirs can’t manage to live after winning their $11,000,000.00!!! inheritance… *GET* *A* *JOB!!!* and stop expecting We in the middle class to pay Their way!
    If you don’t like it… GO! Leave America to Us hard working middle class citizens. We don’t want YOU living here and sucking off of the fruits of Our sweat and blood.

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