“Do you disagree that were $14,000,000,000,000 in debt?” Trey Gowdy Grills Medicare

trey gowdy beats down this official who apparently has no plan but wants to critique a plan for the budget!

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original broadcast date: 4/19/16


50 thoughts on ““Do you disagree that were $14,000,000,000,000 in debt?” Trey Gowdy Grills Medicare

  1. “financial slew of despond” . . . Gowdy knows a lot of words.

    The smug smirks of entitled government employees disgust me.

    • Steve Retrieve That Gov’t ‘administrator’ kept tooting her OWN HORN, WITHOUT once answering Rep. Gowdy’s questions. THEN, at 3:40, she saw that ‘Deer in the Headlights’ look…with her answer of none. She’s obviously one of those idiotic LIBTARDS who can’t quite grasp $14,000,000,000,000.00! IOW’s, DAMN!

    • +Tony Rath You can generalize anything you want. Facts are feelings with regards to how and why people voted the way they did and it was clearly over A) immigration, and B) £350m/wk. How people choose to say they felt later on is moot. If they had recast the vote for remain, make no mistake, the general consensus would have been remain. Loads of people were voting based on raw emotion and at the time of the vote were basing their decisions on lies. You do not get the luxury of informing people of how they can rationalize away their reasons for making a stupid, ill-informed mistake 6 months later either because it helps or is detrimental to your cause. What matters was how they felt about it at the time.

      Farage and Boris made campaign THREATS that either there would be a brexit or brexit-like solution or they would commit political suicide…it’s actually how they got elected. All feels, no reelz. NOT. RATIONAL. They were elected by people who, if they thought they might have had an alternative through say, immigration reform… as opposed to destroying SIngle Market, they would have voted differently.

      EU screwed up. Bad. Trade doesn’t just come and go like some romanticist libertarian’s view of a craigslist economy utopia. Get ready for artificial inflation and an even more protectionistic stance from your government than sticking a camera up everyone’s bunghole, they might actually do it, too.

    • Eddy Spagetti Blah blah blah, deathcamps, yep you’ve really captured that “baa baa” quote and imortalized it.. But hey, there are some great leaders who started off physically frail only to end up as the last of their kinds…the greats. Thing about muscle is almost anyone can build it, but IQ inheritance is pretty much fixed for life. Violence never lasts for more than a few generations because violent people eventually die off. That’s just history though, and this time it’ll be different I’m sure.

      Strong people are the best when they’re not overbearing or domineering. What this has to do with the conversation, though, **** if I know. Just trying to wedge in some faux reality that physically strong people are better than…?

  2. 200 military bases around the world, twice what the number 2 Russia has. Cut the military spending and spend it on our people!

    • Because they know they’re immune. In a few years, all of the special interest/SJW groups will be given such power that Congress will be rendered irrelevant. I don’t think Trump will be able to stop it, and I firmly believe he’ll be voted out in 4 years.

  3. …and her persistent arrogant smirk continues with her assertion that you’re wasting your time blaming her…does that remind you of any other pretentious females in current positions of ‘power’..?

    • Hitlery Clitoron..? Yep.

      Thought you might like the fun I’ve quietly had making other anagram names from prominent people:

      Ban arse-suckah sambo

      HILLARY DIANE RODHAM (pre-marriage surname)
      A ‘mania’ – horridly held!

      Indict liar? – Annoy hell!

      Him? Guise? Jungle menace!

      Known ninja? Koshered!

      ‘Mr Dud’? Not John, pal!

      Wow! God’s hot lanyard!

      Achaff! Jeez…snot!

      ninjas’ morale jaded

    • oh well this what you call a dysfunctional society/   lots of offices. lots of office staff and service staff for offices. none of which are creating anything tangible of value or benefit to society as a whole.   it is a problem of supply demand expectations.  farmers provide,  factories/manufacture provide. office blocks full of workers do not provide.   unemployed do not provide,   =  A dysfunctional society one that cannot even provide for its own basic requirements,    =  USA…  the solution the USA has decided to seek=?  invade / steal /  exploit.    then one day when there is no where left to robb??????????????????????????? dysfunctional human species. . 

    • Maybe the big plan is to forgive U.S. debt in a big enough conflict, maybe during the formation of the one world government after they have tried to mix all the people in the same brown mass surveilled mass, maybe during the harvesting of the human population back to sustainable level. In that sense spending on military, which is already strolling many decades in the future (compared to tech most of us know nowadays), is a sensible investment. Don’t take these scenarios and strengthen them in your mind please, vague theories that you probably don’t want to come “true”.

    • The pentagon has lost trillions because idiot senators keep forcing the pentagon to waste money on stupid fucking programs like the F35 which barely flies and sucks at everything it does. They do this because they have a factory in their state that produces parts for the program. Voting to cut the program is the same as voting to cut jobs from their state. If you do this, even if it’s the right thing, you risk not being re-elected, which is an obvious no-no for career politicians.

      You also probably fail to realize that basically all of the military budget goes to people who directly work for America. How many servicemen and women do we have? Cutting the budget means cutting their paychecks which means a downturn in the economy. There, I gave you an easy way out: just whine about the military-industrial complex, instead of the size of our military.

  4. i have a better idea.just cut me a check for what i have paid in for the past 50 years. having run the numbers it would be pretty close to 560,000 bucks i am good with that.

  5. A lot of waste on stupid stuff like bikes, firewood and accommodating illegals. Stay away from American citizens care and clean up the waste.

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