Trump Voters STILL BELIEVE Trump Will Protect Their Obamacare, Medicaid, or Medicare

In this Majority Report clip, Cliff Schecter joins the show and we watch a CNN clip during which Sanjay Gupta interviews a Trump voter who has Obamacare, but thinks that Trump will be able to bring enough jobs back to the U.S., one of which he'll get, that he won't need Obamacare or the Medicare that he's currently entitled to at a certain age.

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Trump Voters STILL BELIEVE Trump Will Protect Their Obamacare, Medicaid, or Medicare

53 thoughts on “Trump Voters STILL BELIEVE Trump Will Protect Their Obamacare, Medicaid, or Medicare

  1. low unemployment rate with democratic presidency, economy getting better and better. Yea lets go with republican policy that put us in the shitter 8 yers ago. America….

    • But she did garner the public vote, by the millions and True scottsman on your idea of who is in the group of “progressives”. I’m sure those sanders voters who didn’t vote for Hillary see themselves as progressive too. Keep being progressive for the sake of being progressive. I’ll actually try to help a group that gets things done.

    • You don’t get it do you? The past 8 years brought us nothing from DC. The progress you claim to protect was brought about by voter initiatives, not Obama, and Clinton certainly would not have brought them about. Being liberal and progressive are not the same thing. There is no Scotsman there. Are you fighting locally for change? To protect women, LGBT, or other minorities? Or, do you think voting for one person is enough? I fought for same sex marriage in my state and we won. I fought against abortion restrictive legislation in my state and we won. I fought to protect Dreamers in my state and we won. I can go on more but the reality is that change doesn’t come from Washington nor does protecting our rights. The fight is at the local level which the GOP figured out a long time ago and it’s about time you figured that out too.

    • First off, I am not being critical of you personally and you are right. We have had a do nothing Congress for a while and the people have suffered because of it.
      If the Tea Party idiots, who do not even come close to resembling the Republican party, had been less obstructive, then maybe more would have happened. I do not know what it would take until people realize that was a big thing and a big reason why things did not get done. The President has limited power, Congress holds the purse strings and it is written that way in our Constitution and in the Paris Peace Treaty of 1783. Yea, the public can push and that is what the public needs to do. You are ABSOLUTELY correct, people do need to get involved with their government on every level and that is how we ‘fight back’ for lack of a better word. However, you have these people who really do believe that being elected President is the same thing as being King and it is not. There are also those who like to complain but will do nothing because they know others will.
      I like your activism. I am an activist and hacktivist though my mother hates me for it.

  2. those folks with Obamacare which voted for Trump aren’t going to like what he does to their Healthcare because they won’t have any

    • Stan Buczak republicans have always hated soc sec and medicare! why???? because it costs them OTHER PEOPLES MONEY!!!!!!! !

    • The reason we don’t have universal healthcare is because the 1% doesn’t pay it’s fair share in taxes. Repealing ACA will give the 1% thousands and even millions in tax cuts while trumpikns will suffer the most. Hopefully they’ll die before the next election and the DEM won’t have to pander to ignorant/rednecks who vote against their best interest.

    • They hate SS and Medicare because they are successful, popular government programs that don’t operate based on the profit motivation.

    • Kent Barnet – Dumpier is the KING of frauds and scams. He certainly fooled the hell out of you. Smart people know that fools are easy to fool. People get rich off that knowledge.

  3. Wow… just wow… you have GUARANTEED health care, regardless of your employment status… and you vote against that, to vote for a candidate who unequivocally stated they would take away your guaranteed health care plan because you believe he will help you get a job… flawless logic.

    • River I’m tired of hearing that they were conned. The info was out there they just don’t care. What I’m waiting for, is the busting of the unions so they can find out how low their wages and how high their taxes are going to be. Of course the democrats will be the blame

    • +Tracy Coon I think when someone who promises something over and over again like the wall (Mexico will pay) and other empty promises that peak these bigoted peoples interests are basic con talk. Now we can see some Trump voters that are realizing , hey wait, don’t get rid of Obamacare as they need it. What the heck did they think before voting?
      I can bet the poor and middle class right had little to think about Trump before he ran. It tells me that they have very small minds.

    • conned is not true… the type of information that both hilary and trump provided and in every federal election is not enough to make an informed decision so you can actually say it is a con when it is entirely based on trust every time.

    • +AW Crowe We can agree to disagree, but in the end I would defend this Country again as a civilian this time and defend all citizens who needed help. It’s how all true Americans should act.

    • And here is hoping he gets his wish along with the other millions of old farts/morbidly obese rust belt voter who have numerous health problems. I await this with baited breath, they all need to die to stop the devolution of America.

    • nikada vise
      Don’t forget to include coal miners with black lung disease! ACA has special benefits pertaining to them! Sucks to be them! They might stop their congressional people from going along with the repealing IF they call their DC reps. and tell them. Maybe

  4. The right loves to have some welfare, they just dont want to share it with anyone else. Of course, there are those who would rather have a secure job than receiving welfare. It just wont happen under Trump.

  5. You can look at the faces of his voters and SEE they are ashamed of themselves, they KNOW they fucked up, they know we are going to blame them for the problems to come. I’m young, I will survive this mess but his retirement is F-U-C-K-E-D. I’m so glad.

    • If you were his kid though, would you want dad moving back in for the last 5 years of his life when he’s broke & sick, and you’re trying to raise your kids? (I’m just speaking generally here). Plus this guy will never ever ever EVER admit that he fucked up. It will always be somebody else’s fault.

  6. Trump sold the people a fantasy, that anyone with a brain could see through, but a lot of people fail for the fantasy. There wasn’t anything Hillary could do to compete with fantasies, she had to campaign in the real world.

  7. He’s willing to lose his benefits as long as people who he dislikes also lose them. He doesn’t want to be happy as much as he wants to see other unhappy.

  8. Good, I can’t wait for old white senior citizens to lose their social security. They voted out of hate just to harm minorities but now they will suffer too just like minorities. KARMA…..

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