Dianne Feinstein Called Out For Opposing Medicare For All!

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The time is long overdue for healthcare for every human being. Every day, 27 million Americans go without healthcare coverage, one incident away from financial ruin. The majority of the country wants Medicare-for-All. Senator Sanders suggests: "Right now, if we want to move away from a dysfunctional, wasteful, bureaucratic system into a rational health-care system that guarantees coverage to everyone in a cost-effective way, the only way to do it is Medicare for All.” Doctors agree. Nurses agree. Patients agree. What the majority of Americans want is to not have to decide between buying food and buying medicine.

But we won’t stop there. Healthcare includes the mental and emotional well-being of our people. Every person needs to be able to take care of their family with paid parental leave, sick leave, and vacation. Being able to take care of ourselves and our families makes for a healthy, safe society. Imagine…

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Dianne Feinstein Called Out For Opposing Medicare For All!


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84 thoughts on “Dianne Feinstein Called Out For Opposing Medicare For All!

    • Herb He did get media coverage. They had him on various shows on CNN, MSNBC, and even FOX after he started to gain traction. He also made showings in national debates, even though Wasserman-Schultz tried to mitigate the number and times of those debates.
      It was limited and often begrudging, and very often confrontational and dismissive, but he had media coverage. Alison does not get any.

    • Mhin’qa
      How is that? The wealth gaps is increasing, and not only increasing, it’s increasing at an exponential rate. If anyone argues to keep the gap constant, that’s not communism, it’s just anti-fascism. You use words that you do not understand.

    • Shreddy Krueger 3000 I’m not sure, they could be a troll but at the same time they could be a showing the right wing argument in a sarcastic way.

    • +Mhin’qa
      I’m just genuinely curious how you find this enjoyable. Seems like a waste of an afternoon to me.

  1. Trump supporters on my job told me I’m lazy for wanting Medicare 4 all even though I’m one of the hardest workers on my job lmao

    • Indoctrinated cult members, my friend. Just a bunch of guys who only watch “Fox News” and have been brainwashed with that corporate propaganda of “rugged individualism”. The oligarchs who own the politicians love lemmings like that. That’s how they retain all the power and money.

    • Jason Gaylor its sick the brainwashing that Christianity and politicians have influenced on the American individual’s mind.

    • Jason Gaylor Yes, there’s that phrase, “Rugged Individualism.” If wanting Medicare for all makes you lazy, then every citizen from single payer countries are lazy. You want to make something of yourself, go for it, but if you’re struggling with your health, Medicare for all is the best resource.

  2. WE DO NOT NEED A MEDICARE FOR ALL SYSTEM, WE NEED A SINGLE PLAYER SYSTEM !!! Medicare for all still leaves people paying at least 20%…if your medical bill is $1 million that still means you are in debt for $200,000. The language needs to be changed…..or is it this way on purpose ? If medicare is for all the health insurance companies still have their hands in the cookie jar

    • From reading HR676 it isn’t for expanding Medicare in its current state but rather improving it to cover everything including dental and vision. This is why the real title is THE EXPANDED AND *IMPROVED* MEDICARE FOR ALL ACT.

      The concern I have is currently the bill purposes lowering the “Medicare” ages over 4 years so it goes 55 then 45 then 35 then finally everyone. I AIN’T TIME FOR THAT BERNIE but this could ideally be speed up.

    • Almost every developed nation has nationalized health coverage. Every Scandinavian country does and it works great there. Same with Canada and Great Britain. I’m not saying any system is perfect either, but clearly it’s better than so many people not having any coverage.

    • When she says Medicare for all it’s what Bernie does Medicare for all is a simplistic way to say single payer most people know Medicare and recognize the name and realize its government controlled for the most part people like it and have a simplistic view on it.

    • Lee B They’ll get to her sooner, or later. Maybe she has a beautiful daughter and, you know, she wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to her

    • _”If there were actual far lefties, all right wing fascists would be dead already.”_


      In that case, these ‘actual far lefties’ you’ve mentioned would also be for wiping their asses with the U.S. Constitution.

      Would they also kill all cops beforehand in order to keep them from potentially-interfering with a countless number of Code 187s in progress throughout the nation?

      Martial Law wouldn’t aid their chances either.

      I would just start a new game.

    • Sam Burns Anyone that is against the working class is an enemy of the left. That’s a fact.

      We don’t care about the consitution. It’s merely a document enacted by the bourgeoisie to protect their interests. So yes. We would kill all cops and dismantle the system. But since the left in the US doesn’t exist, it’s never gonna happen, ever.

  3. As far as the democrats after Reagan, its brilliant if you care more about personally enriching yourself than your impact on the world. Nancy Pelosi is worth $120,000,000. These are the people who by being paid losers leech off of social decency and the image others fight and pay to uphold. When the Clinton’s went to Haiti they made sure their friends profited more than actually helping the people. Hillary4Prison. DWS4Prison. Donna4Prison.

    • I agree with the DWS and Clinton parts (both for campaign finance violations), but what did Donna Brazille to deserve jail time? I’m no Brazille fan, but I’m not sure she’s committed any felonies. Regardless, allow me to amend that list to make it less obviously partisan (troll much?): GWBush4Prison, Trump4Prison, Cheney4Prison, WallSt4Prison, Bolton4Prison, Kissinger4Prison, KochBros4Prison, Romney4Prison, Mnuchin/Cohn4Prison, DeVos4Prison, ErikPrince4Prison, and SheriffDavidClarke4Prison would be poignant additions… Also, I suppose Obama is nearly as guilty as Bush for the perpetration of war crimes in the name of our military–I only say nearly because Obama didn’t start the multiple offensive wars and obtain the overly expansive AUMF, but he definitely perpetuated and deepened our involvement.

    • I said “As far as democrats after Reagan” and then I listed people appropriate. I don’t feel like that’s trolling. Sounds like you want accountability as well. I’m more of a recent events type of person because we all have short term memory. Sounds like you know what you’re talking about, which is good to hear. I put Donna in the prison/fine list because 1. She shared a cnn debate question with the Hillary camp. 2. She should be charged with purgery for lying about any rigging until WAY too late, which makes her an accomplice at the time. The country is freaking out because our elections have no credibility and these are the people responsible, not people who voted 3rd party or a dozen twitter trolls. Writing a book is the new resigning as far as getting off the hook apparently. “WMDs” fallout was not handled appropriately, and in the pages that were released it said they knew it was a group in Saudi Arabia not Iraq, which has more implications. Also, $2.3 trillion went missing on 9/10. As far as Obama, don’t get me started. He really grabbed the reigns than ran the movement into the ground. He ran on “hope” and “change”, and we got a citygroup cabinet, Romneycare, and 2 ->7 wars. He paid out the “too big to fail” banks with taxpayer money. His campaign had access to the entire facebook network without users’ permission, which was a precident to this election’s data gathering by cambridge analytica.

    • The Sparkle Zone It’s really not a good thing to call them bitches. They are intelligent and capable, but you are comparing them to dogs. There’s nothing special or strong about that. They are upright neck stomping liberal bad asses.

  4. I helped pay for that ad. I’m not a constituent, but she’s fighting for America. In that sense I am. I will support REAL Progressives wherever I find them.

    • Sources? I live 20 min from the Canadian border and have asked numerous visitors these questions not once has anyone ever said that most say between 2-5 hours total at the ER. Yes I know this is anecdotal but its better then an opinion with no actual source.

    • +Elvis Thoughts: BS. As someone who is from the UK and lived in Canada, this is just not true. Even still, waiting lines are based on necessity, not money like the US.

    • Elvis Thoughts liar. I live in MI married to a Canadian. They think our system is absurd! Many people get their prescriptions filled under Canada as well. You are straight up lying.

    • They couldn’t even pass single payer in liberal Vermont and California, much less Universal healthcare across the US

  5. Makes me vomit when people think corporate Democrat dinosaurs like Feinstein, Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are actually liberal

    • Yes, that’s exactly it!! I know Kyle isn’t a fan of debates, but that’s exactly why I wish he’d debate someone on Fox News or even the younger right wing morons like Shapiro and Tomi Lahren… it might pierce through to their audience at least, what a REAL liberal is.

    • Colin: I’d say they haven’t even cornered the market on social issues either, lol. Bernie was out there getting arrested fighting for blacks in 1963, and supported LGBTQ rights in the 70s and 80s long before most Democrats did

  6. I wish the modern internet existed in the 80s (or at least 90s) so people could’ve seen through the cocksucking Clinton’s corporate Democrat bullshit and we could’ve saved so much trouble

    • mistert800 I know and sorry my comment wasn’t aimed at you I didn’t mind your comments it’s all these ppl that think their success relies on what party is in power. I bet they have credit cards too lol.

    • Yeah the basic internet was around in 1994-95 and common by the late 90s (I went online as a kid and tween), but it wasn’t the super connected social media internet where political discussion was easy. Even TYT didn’t begin until 2002

    • NickStone68 Hillary was the worst candidate the dems could have come up with. That is what happens when your party is corrupt and you railroad a true populist candidate like Bernie.

    • We saw through it, Jesse Jackson got a large amount of votes, for ex. People used to read NEWSPAPERS. But people were desperate to elect and re-elect a Democrat, and the economy was temporarily booming.

  7. As shitty as Hillary was, she still got 3 million more votes than Trump.

    What’s the Democrat response? “We gotta move to the right”

    They wanna lose those 3 million left wing voters to gain maybe 13 right wing voters. How does that make sense?

    • As Jimmy points out repeatedly, the corporate whoring dems in question would much rather lose to a republican than win with a progressive. I think he’s got a point.

      Yes, they’d be losers by losing to the GOP again, but the establishment boat would remain intact. But that wouldn’t be the case if a progressive dem were to win. They would be furiously-grasping at straws in addition to attempting to rig the next general election if it came to that. Sad!

  8. Alison is hot and intelligent, Feinstein is a cranky old hag Republican (she’s too right wing to even be called a corporate Democrat, lol)

    • I could care less what someone looks like as long as they’re good people with the right policies, I was just comparing how night and day they are. Allison is a beautiful woman who really is making the world a better place, Feinstein is ugly inside and out (I apologize though, didn’t mean for that to come off shallow)

  9. Personally I think Nixon getting elected over McGovern is a better example of the silent majority backlash against the far left counterculture political movements.

    • Disclaimer: I have no Benzoylmethylecgonine (‘Cocaine’), nor would I ever attempt to procure any. It’s very hard on the heart, and too expensive. And besides, clandestinely-synthesized drugs are notorious for being adulterated with various chemicals (some far more harmful than the drug itself). Drugs are bad, mkay? Stick with moderate amounts of Cannabis Sativa/Indica (‘Marijuana’) if you must ‘get high’.

      Edit: “I am not a crook!”

  10. The reason Reagan won was because of economic issues that they were facing during Carter’s presidency and many voters blamed the Democrats & decided to give Republicans a chance again

    • Can you believe Carter is still alive?

      Must be that ‘Life Extension Technology’ Alex Jones has been ranting about over the years.

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