Elizabeth Warren Proposes Half-Measure Bridge To Medicare For All

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) introduced a bill Wednesday aimed at dramatically increasing the affordability and reliability of health insurance plans available on the Affordable Care Act marketplaces.

The legislation, called the Consumer Health Insurance Protection Act, would offer people buying health insurance on their own more financial assistance ― and allow more people to qualify for that assistance. Nobody would have to pay more than 8.5 percent of income on premiums.

Warren does not envision this new plan as an alternative to more ambitious proposals. She remains a co-sponsor of the single-payer legislation introduced by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)…

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Elizabeth Warren Proposes Half-Measure Bridge To Medicare For All

76 thoughts on “Elizabeth Warren Proposes Half-Measure Bridge To Medicare For All

  1. Anyone who doesn’t support Warren because of the 2016 elections just proves how tribal they really are. For them it doesn’t matter the policies she created and supported in the past but what instead matters is how she didn’t 100% fully support their team. Which is the definition of tribalism when it comes to politics..

    • keely _cn First of all; the GOP controls EVERY branch of government, including State governments. The same GOP who thinks Obamacare is socialized medicine. So basica

    • It is because she is a woman. Woman are often received as untrustworthy even if they do the same thing as their male counterpart. The research is clear on that.

      To no small steps:
      Look at russian revolution they thought everything needs to happen suddenly and it was a disaster. Look at englands small steps to a democracy. History is full of examples. Big steps happen only after tragedies as second world war.

    • She pro h-1b visa. H-1b visa abuse is responsible for thousands upon thousands of American I.T. workers either losing their jobs, American college grads not finding jobs, or dramatically reduced pay just to keep their jobs.

      The H-1b visa program has caused untold financial hardship and suffering upon the middle class and Liz is pro H-1b visa. Apparently she loves foreigners more than the average working American. She a hypocrite if the worst kind.

  2. We want NO half-measure anything. We want FULL EVERYTHING. MEDICARE FOR ALL PEOPLE.

    The last time we had something “half-measure” we got ObamaCare.

  3. Kinda reminded me of when Hilary said if Wall Street was abusing Americans again, she would tell them to “stop it”. Would like to know what the penalties are for violation. And I didn’t hear anything about premium costs.

    • A bill with policy substance, vs rhetoric with evidence to the contrary. Wonder which is more smarmy and heinous

    • Didn’t hear anything about premium costs? Listen again: Warren’s first point addresses cost. And equating Warren with Hillary is ludicrous. Sure, Medicare for all is a better starting point–still not good enough, if you know anything about how lousy Medicare is; but don’t make phony points.

  4. The last time we passed a half measure corporate Democrats used it as a rallying cry to claim they’re “progressive”.
    At face value I thought this might be good legislation, but the politics are bad.

  5. “Consumer Health Insurance Protection Act” – also known as the Still Not Really Affordable But Gosh Darn It We’re Trying Care Act.
    Oh, and WTF happened to Public Option? Is that in this bill? Is ANYTHING besides a mouthful of regulations in this bill?!

    • I tend to agree. Half measures means the corporates get a chance to errode medicare for all. A time period of research a preperation for sure but really, it’s been around long enough in the UK and Commonwealth countires like Canada and Australia and anyone who had travelled know it’s a better system. Not saying it’s perfect and can certainly be improved in many ways but for sure, once you have it you’re not going to let it go.

  6. I think this is good for one reason…the insurance companies will NEVER go for this, which means the Senators in their pocket will never go for it. It’s a good baseline for separating the progressive from the corporate Dems…

  7. When will you understand that GOP doesn’t care that your are not willing to compromise on issues like medicare for all?? they will block any attempt to get single payer as long as they have the majority in senate and the house and blaming the democrats for that is unfair, if fact even in the democrats had the majority GOP will still filibuster any attempt to get Medicare for all, the only way to get it could be by having a supermajority in the house and the senate, something that doesn’t happen since 1970 mind you….so you should stop shitting in the dems for GOP obstructionism and perhaps begin blaming people who vote for the republicans despite the fact that voting for them is votting for people who are openly against their best interests…..

    • @Adqm1409
      You went from “No they didn’t, they had a simple majority.”


      “They had a supermajority for less than a year”

      Your flip flopping is exactly the NONSENSE, we are trying to OUST from the democratic party!

    • “the only way to get it could be by having a supermajority in the house and the senate, something that doesn’t happen since 1970 mind you” did you see a flip flop in my first comment??

      and good luck trying to oust them….

    • Adqm1409 They had the votes and didn’t even propose at least a public option, you partisan hack. Democrats are just as bought as Republicans.

    • Jeremy Chase they did propose public option but Joe Lieberman an INDEPENDENT senator that caucused with the democrats refused to vote to end the filibuster unless they removed the public option of the bill, is that the democrats fault? Next time inform yourself before vomiting inaccurate info.

  8. The only people who think people should make less than a living wage have never worked a day in their lives. We need Medicare for all. It’s not going to happen until states start doing it. That’s how it happened in Canada. One province did it then the rest followed until it was nationalized. I wouldn’t worry about it. This half measure isn’t going anywhere while the republicans run things.

    • Robert Nothing government bureaucrats do saves money or saves lives…. Our VA let 330,000 vets die awaiting care on waiting lists…. Our government can’t do decent healthcare for veterans for christ fucking sake…. Lets watch them takeover our healthcare and destroy it, what could go wrong???

    • “Why would a corporation or shareholders pay any CEO that much money??? What do they gain by paying such vast salaries??? ”

      Great point. Based on leftists argument corporations would benefit by paying CEOs the min. wage.

    • Mathew Sylvia …..and then you say paid for politicians without acknowledging who is doing rthe paying…….LOL corporations fool. During the industrial revolution corporations had child labor! Not to mention hazardous working conditions. They didn’t care then and many still don’t. Hense, regulations. SMH. You should really grab a high school history book.

  9. Right on point, Kyle. Completely agree. My 10-year-old daughter knows more about Medicare for All than my 37-year-old friends do because I inform her. Knowledge is power. People can’t fight for something if they don’t know it exists. The word will spread if Bernie and the Progressives keep pushing forward. There will come a point where it spreads so far, it ignites! Now is not the time for compromise; now is the time to join the rest of the developed world!

  10. I’m done with Elizabeth Warren. She’s shown too many times to be an obstacle to progressive values. She always hedges her bets and takes half steps. I get that she’s better than most everyone else in congress but at some point she has to decide where she’s going to stand. Either with the people or the corporate Dems. There is no riding the fence on this one.

    • What struck me is that her video (with the cheesy sentimental music playing in the background) was entirely devoid of a clear explanation of what she was proposing. She glibly went through three superficial bullet points, but they explained nothing and left me wondering “exactly what legislation are you proposing?”. I learned more about her proposal from reading a small bit of text in the video description. Compare this to Bernie, who gave a fairly detailed description of his Medicare for All plan in the 2016 primary.

    • Marley J He has more credibility on this issue. It’s my belief he’s just placating the establishment. But I hear you if you disagree. He’s already put forth his own Medicare for all bill.

    • JYang33 All I’m saying is that we have to be realistic in regards getting ANY progressive legislation passed . Because the GOP runs ALL 3 branches of government. In order to get anything passed threw Congress; you would need all the Dems and at least a 3rd of the GOP to vote for it. The same GOP who thought Obamacare was socialize medicine. Good luck with that.

  11. This kind of compromise is supposed to be coming from the other side! This is just going to water down what we want even further. If you approach the table with a compromise, this Republican party will consider that compromise the extreme and demand you compromise even further until you end up agreeing to THEIR idea.

  12. Whats even appeal to conservatism in the US? We can’t have common sense policies like single payer, gun control
    and net neutrality because “big government” but they always want to control peoples personal lives. Republicans are always the first to go after video games, movies, music and porn. They are the biggest cheerleaders for the war on drug

    • There’s a few reasons. First the democrats are a corrupt party. They’re bought off like the republicans and don’t really get much done and put on a show with weak resistance. They’re not looking for change, not the majority of them anyway.

      Second, conservatives do a great job with labeling far better than democrats do. The single best recruiter of conservatives if the backlash against SJWs. SJWs are pretty much the highly vocal racists of the left, and the conservatives have done a great job selling to a lot of people that all liberals think that way. So they do a great job of pulling together support against a common enemy.

      The democrats don’t do that, because the common enemy they should be using :corporations and wealth inequality, is the corruption that already bought them off. So basically they come up with a “Stronger together” type message that ends up being low on substance and doesn’t appeal to anyone.

      Truth is that neither party is for the working class anymore, both are just paid lobbyists for corporate interests.

    • D A I’m sure 60% of them would leave the party if they knew what they actually do. The other 40% are deplorable.

  13. Tell me Elizabeth. Why do insurance companies need to exist at all? They literally do nothing. They are a drain on our economy.

    • youre an idiot… this plan IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR MEDICARE FOR ALL… Its a supplement to MEDICARE FOR ALL… also, private insurance will still be sold regardless of what laws we pass and we should still demand that they provide a decent service… its a GOOD BILL compared to the crap that is being passed nowadays… they cant pass anything now when the GOP has all of the branches,

  14. Half measure = half assed.

    Single payer, because it works EVERYWHERE it has been implemented. Insurance companies need to STFU already!

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