Poll: Most Americans Now Want Medicare For All

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Now we just need a Democracy and we’re set. Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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"The healthcare system supported by Bernie Sanders and many liberal-leaning Democrats has begun gaining steam with more Americans, according to a new poll.

The poll, from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health policy think tank, found that:

* 59% of respondents supported a Medicare-for-all healthcare system in which all Americans would get coverage through a government program like Medicare or Medicaid.

* Moving to a public-option model, under which people could sign up for the Medicare-like program, would be even more popular.
* About 75% of the public would favor a program framed as a public option for anyone who wants it.”*

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Mark Thompson

Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Mark Thompson


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Poll: Most Americans Now Want Medicare For All


96 thoughts on “Poll: Most Americans Now Want Medicare For All

    • Lee Jordan your running out of BS fast Bucky! Are you paid to attack Sanders supporters, or are you completely ignorant of America’s (and currently all Nordic countries) economic and growth status when policies like the ones Sanders is advocating, benefit the 99%?

    • ufutz They already immediately spend their money. Most of these people are broke by their next pay day. Taking money form the top will stagnate things as they will have less incentive to put their money to work. Go look at the Laufer curve. The middle class is shrinking however, something that needs remediation.

    • Christopher Dunne: One of my favorite red figure pieces! Odysseus with the sirens! The other two being Athena with her dory & Corinthian helm, and Herakles wearing the lion skin & chaining up Kerberus.

    • Sally Jackson “Why don’t people just buy their own healthcare insurance” Well.. my wife’s friend’s mother couldn’t. She passed away while her daughter was just a teen because she had to make a decision between paying for a surgery that would have left her child and husband in debt for the rest of their lives or death. She chose not to tell them she needed it and thus the result we have today.

      We can’t all just go buy healthcare insurance, but many of us that can would like our taxes to go more toward our fellow Americans and less toward random wars.

    • Herb, i didn’t realize that life meant health care.. that’s quite a stretch! it actually means that nobody, person or government has the right to take your life, take your liberties, or prevent your pursuit of happiness. I don’t read anywhere that the government will give you free healthcare… but since you believe in the constitution so much i assume you believe that the “right to bear arms shall not be infringed”

    • Why not? He’s among the most popular politician in the US as of now. The vast majority of us want Medicare for All, and a living wage. Even if he doesn’t win, he’s kicked up a grassroots movement that is gaining more and more momentum. Also, why is it that when anyone suggests any ideas that are the least bit socialist, automatically gets labeled as a communist? I guess nuanced opinions are impossible for people like you to grasp isn’t it?

  1. People hate on cenk, which I can see why to an extent, but I do enjoy most of the other news casters that TYT employs. NOT EVERYONE IS A RADICAL.

    • Dominic Sumner See, by contrast, I understand your objection. I confess I don’t agree with it (I don’t find Cenk’s words at all degrading, except in cases that are well-deserved), but it’s a clearly stated objection that I can just agree to disagree with you on.

    • Let’s be fair and include the Bush, Clinton, and Obama admins as well. They all fully contributed. And let me be very clear and say I support *figurative* spikes – like long jail sentences for corruption. Juan don’t forget our very real and literal surveillance state when telling jokes.

    • I just reported this comment to the secret service. Let me know when you get a knock at the door lmao libtard loser.

    • Gary Berger, Read the book “The Business of Health” where two professors run through the numbers and show that nothing indicates socialize medicine is better.

    • IdarkphoenixI If you got out of your trailer park, acquired a passport and visited these countries you would realise that socialised medicine works well. Start thinking for yourself, ffs.

    • Net Hoser I’m a woman.
      Wait till your sick bud.. not just having a cold or a sprained ankle.
      Recently during Kathleen Wynnes town hall a man described having part of his foot amputated due to lack of care, babies have died due to “not enough beds.”
      Shame on you for wishing our garbage system on anyone else.
      Just wait till someone you love gets ill and needs a test and is forced to wait then it turns out they have cancer.
      And wow amazing argument. I disagree with you and all of a sudden I’m not a real Canadian? You’re probably a Trudeau fan.
      Probably only watch cbc.
      You’ll learn to regret this hopefully.

    • Joe Scirrotto We can cut our military budget spending by 50% and *STILL* have the largest and most powerful military on the planet while also saving trillions of dollars for medicare for all, our unfrastructure, free college, etc, so there’s no excuse that we shouldn’t.

    • I agree who need 20 carriers, 70 destroyers, 22 cruiser, and 67 submarine and where build more we don’t need more we need to spend that money on infrastructure, education, healthcare

    • Also why do we have cruiser nobody have them expect the us why have them when destroyer now have the capability to do the same job the cruiser have and can do more that waste of money right there

    • Joe Scirrotto America’s war machine is little more than a racket that creates profit for the wealthy. Stop supporting those that dump on you daily, start supporting common sense measure and laws that help America grow stronger.

  2. Medicare for All would Mean Republicans would have to pay their fair share the same as the Affordable Care Act, but Republicans Will strip the Program just like they have done with the ACA because the Republicans would rather the Working Poor or the Middleclass Die from No Medical care if it Meant the Wealthy pay a Dime! The Republicans proved that last year when they tried to pass Trump don’tcare if you have pre- existing
    Condition or you are the Elderly and have to pay 3 times the premiums for coverage! The Democrats have tried to give back our Tax dollars in Safety net Programs, The Republicans love to take our Money and give Us Nothing in return! Vote these Traitorous, Greedy, disgusting, Don’t care if Trump is A CRIMINAL

    • Republicans would actually end up paying less if the USA went to a med4all system. But they are too stupid to see that.

  3. Medicare for all and Bachelor’s for all.

    We do not need to be spending all that money on wars. Enough. We need TRUE peacetime. GAH

    • advocatus diaboli how about we give free education and than get a massive return on investment, like the 700% return we saw from the GI Bill recipients? Your defense of big government and corporate rule is the same old weak lies and BS. Also, universal healthcare is shown to be better and cost half a much, we are paying the tab regardless, why do you want to pay double, unless your a soulless big government goon?

    • Mr Scirotto, Apart from US military personnel and journalists in Syria and Iraq, can you name an American who has been killed by ISIS? And what are these ideals to which ISIS is opposed?

    • Christopher Dunne Chris he can’t name a one because Isis and the Taliban never bothered to come to the US to attack anyone but that fact doesn’t play into his ‘imaginarative’ (made it up myself) Why would he let facts like higher educational returns of a lot of 3rd world countries get in the way. India and China are turning out Engineers of all disciplines because schooling is either free or cheaper and we won’t even talk about the Europeans who put use to shame yearly. And I mean us as in North Americans as I am a Canadian our schools are subsidized by the 2 levels of government but they can do better.

  4. Remove the middle man (health insurance). It would eliminating profit incentives and reduce costs.
    Let the government negotiate on prices with the drug companies (Dubya and the Republicans made it illegal).
    Public option/Medicare for all.

    • Private insurance plays an important role in almost every universal coverage system in the world. Nations like Switzerland use purely private insurance, whereas others like Germany are a combination of public/private. Even in Canada, private insurance plays a vital role. And Medicare patients also purchase private insurance to fill gaps in their Medicare coverage. It is a necessary component in a healthcare system.

    • AR R You are wrong simple as a Canadian I do not pay nor my elder parents or children pay ANY private insurance. Private insurance plays NO ROLE IN CANADA. You can by it and go to the Mayo Clinic, a private Clinic but The Health Care System is Universal . Hospitals are Public Institutions.

    • eatmorenachos I have never seen any private health care help any one thats poor or even help those who have the right health care because they need money up FRONT thats like a d rug deal money first snd maybe we will see you. I did not say help you.

    • I didn’t know the insurance companies sent out trolls too lol.. Are there private options in other countries? Yes. Are those necessary, or even a major player in their HC? Hell no. In our country, we have just let profit seeking run amok

  5. Princeton did a whole study about this.

    “The preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

    • what about the people want to work only a part of their lifes and enjoy a decent life with health insurance, decent homes, recreation time and education..why deprive this standard of living from the majority so a very smaill minority can accumulate without ever satisfying its greed..who are you to determine what a fair society is all about and who is gioing to set the standards for it..Solon legislated hard against austeriry and private debt considering that there is no real democracy in the presense of these stone in the middle of the fields..and redistrubuted the land..a few years later we had the classic athenian era that made us who we are today..FDR gave us the new deal and what the planet loved about USA..what do you have now..what do you have now that the few decide 100 percent about the economy and political system you buffon..perpetual war and the caligula like roman era..

    • Francisco…so you want oligarchal rule? that’s what you’re advocating for though you may not realize it.

    • I cannot believe all of these comments! Um obviously this quote is pointing out that special interests have the power over policy, not normal Americans. Wtf are people going on about mob rule for lol. This is supposed to be a democracy?!

    • See, the reason so many people on the right/far right are starting to come out against the idea of a democracy as they see democracy as a threat to their right-wing ideologies. They don’t like the idea of getting their politics challenged and are trying to demonize democracy as some great evil cause someone might vote against what they want done. First they’ll go after democracy, then install a right-wing dictator(Either trump or worse than trump), then it’s game over for all political opponents. That is their wet dream come true-

  6. The fact that there are people against universal healthcare is such a wild concept to me. I live in the most conservative part of the province nicknamed “the Texas of Canada” and even the biggest redneck hillbillies agree that the system should be _expanded_ to cover _more_ ailments, such as prescription meds and glasses.

    • ivan Montalco you vote in the progressives and Justice Democrats, if they don’t work for us, than we vote them out and start over.

    • DrgnFlys You got it! It can’t be solved overnight…or even “overyear.” If Obama voters and Trump voters would get together….leave the nut jobs on the Left and Right fringes out….if middle America would get together, within ten to fifteen years we could change the country.

  7. I live in Montreal, my dad had cancer twice, a quadruple bypass, and many various other health issues. WE DIDN’T PAY A DIME!
    That’s where our tax dollars go, not to the war machine, or the banks, or the corporations.
    Is our system flawless? No. But, tell me what would have happened to a working class American had he gone through what my dad did?
    Keep in mind, my family is in the lower end of working class…. the working poor!

    • Fred Simmons Where’s that info coming from?
      And what do you mean “taxed 60%”? Is that federal? Property? Income? Is that overall yearly?
      Your question has so little substance to go on I’m not sure how he’s supposed to answer it.

    • Andrew Mildenberg As a Canadian American when I left. Do you also know we don’t have freedom of speech? Also you can look up the numbers on google..

    • Fred Simmons None of that answered my question and freedom of speech has nothing to do with taxes. Freedom of speech is different in every country. Obviously.

      I asked specifically what you meant by your statements and where *you* got that info.

      I know how to use google, but I’m asking *you* what you meant by your own statement. I’m not asking google, I’m asking you.
      Surely you can answer me since you’re the one making the claim, yes?

    • Canada’s laws concerning freedom of speech definitely falls short of 1st Amendment rights south of the border.

      Be that as it may, I’m confident that countless American citizens would gladly trade it for a chance to receive the healthcare coverage Canadians do. Am I wrong about that? Considering that Baby Boomers are retiring, I don’t believe I am, but I digress.

      In addition, the amount of people from around the world who’d literally murder someone out of sheer desperation and despair for a chance to become a Canadian citizen is likely beyond counting. And they would probably suggest that Canucks be grateful for what they have, because it’s sorely missing in the majority of other nations around the world. If you’ve been to 2nd and/or 3rd world nations for humanitarian work, you’ll know what I mean.

  8. Dental, Pharmacare, Mental Health and Reproductive healthcare also need to all be under the umbrella of Medicare For All.

    • Nageva Agree on dental, mental, and reproductive concerns shoukd be part of medicare for all but not sure that most prescription should be covered. A lot of medicines are for conditions caused by things like obesity and cigarette smoke both of which are caused by poor lifestyle choices. But reform needs to happen on prescription drugs and the prices drop because why should American have to pay more for the exact same drug available in another country.

    • In Canada ( Ontario) dental has just been added to our health care in last budget, pharma care prescription drugs covered for everyone under 25, seniors drugs covered too, soon all prescription drugs will be covered, and yes reproductive healthcare is covered and a lot more money added to combat mental health. Yes we pay for health care for all through our taxes but we pay 0 out of pocket, no deductibles or co-pays, never see a bill for hospital or doctor visits, no caps on amount of coverage either. No Canadian will ever go bankrupt or have to get a loan on their house because of health care. You will never find a Canadian who would prefer the American way too health care, never lol, they would laugh at the question lol.

    • In the UK, they are for the most part. Repro isn’t seen as a separate healthcare issue. It’s just a healthcare issue like any other. Mental health support is free. Dental is free for some but more expensive treatments are capped at £250. Prescriptions are free in Wales and Scotland. In England they’re capped at around £7.50 each.

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