DCCC Gets Cash From Healthcare Lobbyist To Fight Medicare For All

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"Campaign finance disclosures show that one of the DCCC’s biggest fundraisers is a lobbyist whose firm, Subject Matter, has been working for UnitedHealth Group, a health insurance giant that supports further privatizing Medicare. Subject Matter’s founder and top lobbyist, veteran Democratic staffer-turned-lobbyist Steve Elmendorf, has been bundling contributions for the DCCC, and in the current election cycle he’s raised at least $164,000. In total, bundlers have brought in close to $1.6 million to the DCCC in 2017 and 2018, making Elmendorf single-handedly responsible for more than ten percent of the DCCC’s bundled donations."

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DCCC Gets Cash From Healthcare Lobbyist To Fight Medicare For All

37 thoughts on “DCCC Gets Cash From Healthcare Lobbyist To Fight Medicare For All

  1. The DCCC, the DNC and corporate dems have been liberals in name only for quite some time. The blue wave will have no mercy, we will vote them all out!!

    • chdreturns I have a question for you, asked out of ignorance. Here in Denmark we are all AUTOMATICALLY registered to vote, when we turn 18. How is it even possible for your parents, or anyone else, to decide, whether you are “allowed” to vote??

  2. Going to a progressive candidate fund raiser this coming month. Not voting for any super PAC recipients that I don’t have to (only candidate). Get big corp. money out of politics!

    • Your vote doesn’t count. You’re not being an “optimist”, you are being willfully blind. At least investigate election fraud if their other evils are too frightening. These candidates are not elected, they are selected. We literally have nazis running the country. There is only one treasonous party up there and they put on theater 24/7 and it is really time to wake up, or you will find out much too late that you’ve been tricked. It’s pretty damn obvious so there is no excuse other than thinking you are smarter than everybody else and that pride is going to kill or enslave your own children – AND MINE – so I resent the ignorance. Paper ballots will do NOTHING. All you are doing now is stroking their egos while they mock you. There is no reason to believe we don’t get 100% propaganda except they have told you all your life that you don’t. Go check for once instead of buying into the bullshit. These evil clowns literally do NOTHING other than THEATER while they rob and control us and arrange death and destruction through war. We are not going to win the WWIII they are orchestrating that they’ve planned for decades. It doesn’t matter how you vote, they have an agenda and a script. You are patting yourself on the back and not providing any solution at all. Get educated and THEN plan a solution, but working within this rigged system at the moment is not it. There is one treasonous party up there and the corporations, the media, and our military are their tools and we supply them with the fruits of our labor and blind consent.

    • American J – A bit over the top on reply. But let me alleviate a few of your concerns, at least about me. I do extensive research, read anything I can find about their behavior in previous positions, look at who they get money from and how they voted. Which is why I did not vote for trump, history of lying, cheating, racist statements and actions, stiffing people out of money owed. I did not know about the extensive loans from Russia, but can see where that fits in. If we all remain pessimists without getting off our butts and supporting some candidates then we are the problem.

    • In New York State, you don’t have to vote for a candidate if you don’t support them. just leave that line blank. I don’t know if it’s true in other states, but, I’ve done it here.

    • Carol S – Yes, in any state you do not have to vote for every item. But not voting for anyone or a long shot third person cuts down the chance of getting the lesser of two evils being elected. As you can see from my original comment, I want big money out of politics. Observation: 99.9% of the third party votes comes out of the democratic voter pool. You just have to make your own choice, but I do not pass up my chance to vote. I do not vote for a write in as that just pulls votes away from at least the party that cares minimally about the people.

    • Make campaign funding more specific. Stop Trump and Cambridge Analytica, and SCL type funding and tactics!

  3. Are there any other policies that TYT want other than Medicare for all? It seems that this is the only policy I hear. I want the ACA and feel that it will be made better. I don’t want anything that is going to diminish President Obama’s legacy. This is exactly what Republicans want.

  4. Incremental change will not be tolerated. I kick myself everyday for not supporting Bernie, even though I 100% agreed with all his policies, well not 100% otherwise I would have voted a different way. Regardless, the Plutocrats include Democrats who are paid by Healthcare lobbyist and Healthcare insurance industries not to so away with the status quo. Yes numerous jobs would be lost in the Health care industry if we moved to single payer, yes, people in work for healthcare insurer by in large would be a risk for being unemployed. However, the Healthcare crisis is reaching fever pitch levels that are going to be quite unsustainable. I pay 670 just for healthcare, if I include dental vision, I pay about 705/month. That’s a mortgage or rent for some people. Worse, I still have to meet a deductible and pay co payments. Then when you get a bill, you can negotiate the bill because it was inflated anyway. You never know what the upfront cost is until services are rendered, and this is by design to keep your from dictating upfront what your going to pay. This is now changing though with POS (Point of sale) implementation by Doctors because they aren’t getting paid, because people are defaulting because the damn services is too expensive to begin with. We need to get rid of the insurance industry, or at the very least only pay for insurance for catastrophic needs, costs that exceed more the 10k out of pocket for two adult working families. I don’t know what the solution is, but I know this cannot continue. As the dollar falls in value and costs of goods and services continue to rise, and homes become unaffordable, we are going to reach a point where people just stop caring about paying medical altogether. We are almost there!!

    • 705/month just for healthcare??!! That is not far from the totality of taxes the middle class pay each month in my Nordic “socialist hell hole”.

    • Just remember: you cannot possibly change a corrupt system by continuing to do _exactly_ what said system wants you to do (i.e. only ever vote for one of the mediocre-to-shitty candidates the 2 main parties impose on us).

  5. Honestly, none of us progressives should be surprised in the slightest. I thought this was common knowledge that DCCC are worse then republicans in some regards.

  6. I just got my newest DNC survey in the mail yesterday. Was a big checklist asking about what my priorities were in 2018. The framing was awful, especially about the ACA. They wouldn’t even list Medicaid/Medicare for all. only listed improving ACA. I will not donate 1 red cent to DNC. Only to individual progressive Dem campaigns. I am so done with this bullshit. And plan to tell them exactly that on the survey. Screw Tom Perez.

  7. Sounds about right for this disgusting administration and the sell out democrat’s most of the republican party are against we the people

  8. This guy needs to grow his hair and go full Kramer, ur surrounded by Koolaid drinking zombies, here take these glasses and follow me?

  9. UGH! You make it sound as though a few thousand bucks have changed the minds of Dem pols. You have it backwards! They receive these donations bc they already hold those positions.

  10. The military industrial complex would fight against medicare for all because it would greatly affect their budgets.

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