Medicare For All Is Now Wildly Popular (& Getting More Popular)

The healthcare system supported by Bernie Sanders and many liberal-leaning Democrats has begun gaining steam with more Americans, according to a new poll.

The poll, from the Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonpartisan health policy think tank, found that:

59% of respondents supported a Medicare-for-all healthcare system in which all Americans would get coverage through a government program like Medicare or Medicaid.
Moving to a public-option model, under which people could sign up for the Medicare-like program, would be even more popular.
About 75% of the public would favor a program framed as a public option for anyone who wants it…

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Medicare For All Is Now Wildly Popular (& Getting More Popular)

78 thoughts on “Medicare For All Is Now Wildly Popular (& Getting More Popular)

    • Mij The Hacker #1 i have my chanell name as a character i like from a movie becuase hes an interessting charactor not because i agree with the fictional charactor politically 2. Bernie sanders isnt a communist hes a democratic socialist , those are two widley different idologies.

    • Gny. Sgt. Hartman Yeah. Bernie calls himself a demsoc, but I don’t think that’s a good label. Social democrat is the best label for him, since he wants something similar to the Nordic Model to be implemented in the US. Basically capitalism with a welfare state.

    • ThatKidWhoLiesAboutHisAge OnTheInternet yes i agree , im from canada and bernie sanders would be considered center left here, its just the political spectrum in america is so far right that things like universal healthcare , getting money out of politics, a living wage ect. are considered far left and socialist

    • They’re paid to represent hedge fund managers and silicon valley nerds who are moderate on social issues and crony capitalist on economic issues, a combo that is deeply unpopular everywhere.

  1. I’m glad the American people are realizing this. Even my conservative friends see the major flaws in the healthcare system, and it isn’t just blind hatred of Obamacare. I think average people on both sides of the aisle agree on a lot of the biggest issues in the country, and healthcare is probably the biggest one.

    • Praxis now hold on though i do not agree with his point he is not trolling and is giving a diffeewnt point of view and is important to listening to everyone and compramise with them to provide people with a plan that can have every angle looked at

    • Royal We Countries with public funded healthcare has differencies in how the people working in healthcare are “employed”. Here in Denmark we have both private and public hospitals, and almost ALL doctors outside of hospitals are “private entities” (clinics etc), that hires their nurses etc. But people who go to those clinics do not pay out of pocket for that. The bill is payed over our taxes, according to the prize negotiated between unionized doctors organization and “Government”.
      The prices for medical supplies is also WAY LOWER, when negotiated on a national level.

    • Patrick Barrett That still doesn’t make Bernie a communist. At best, his policies are social democratic in that they mirror European and Japanese systems.

    • obnoxiousoboe – Don’t waste your time. If someone seriously believes that Bernie is a Communist, no amount of argument is going to change their ignorance! Their world view tells them that if someone doesn’t share their belief, then that person holds the exact opposite belief! Ex…far right conservatives believe liberals to be far left communists! There is no in-between and no two things can be true! It’s political tribalism.

    • By vision you me free stuff stolen from others for me! Taxation from them and representation for me!! Wooo hoooo… I’m an unamerican loser!!! There is no way you celebrate INDEPENDENCE day right?

  2. The more corporate America screws over its employees on medical benefits the more people will view Medicare for all favorably.

  3. why can’t you talk about the important issues Kyle? I want updates on stormy daniels and Russian Twitter trolls!

    • How about updates on Obama having sex and doing cocaine with a male prostitute or Hillary raping and mutilating Cathy O’brien in a satanic ritual.Cathy still has the scares as proof.

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    • Great sarcasm, I turn on the MSM for a few moments just to get a laugh, I wager myself, what will it be ? 80% chance Russia, 20% Stormy and 0% an issue that affects my life, not there’s any other important issues out there.

    • Heath George Socialized healthcare is actually good though, bud. Having a social service that benefits for your people and the economy shouldn’t be bad or portrayed as “evil socialism” because these countries in reality are capitalist, just with a welfare state.

    • Will you elaborate why it is bad from your perspective? I think France is far left on a lot of issues but I actually think on this issue it would benefit everyone. Thank you.

  4. Wow! Who would’ve thought that a system that blanket covers everyone in America with basic healthcare as a right to all Americans regardless of income instead of intentionally price gouging with co-pay fees and loans would be popular?

    • Yes Patrick Clinton was your leader, bush was your leader, obama was your leader and donald trump is your leader. It doesn’t matter if you support them or agree with them they are your leaders.

      There hasn’t been a candidate that has prevented the military industrial complex from profiting off of state murder. There hasn’t been a president that has stopped the israeli influence on your nation. There hasn’t been a president that has stopped the counterfitting federal reserve. All your leaders are neutral on those fronts regardless of democrat or republican. Sure trump may have lied about a few of those topics but only to bamboozle morons into supporting him.

    • Israel gives TERRORISTS healthcare LMFAO

      America funds israel to the tune of 10 million us tax dollars a day. I bet that goes toward their healthcare over there LOL

    • Ok why not canada not the develop country that has Medicare. There are others. Medicare should be right not something only the privledge should have

    • The US is not only accumulating debt that’s relatively close to pacing growth. It also has a lot of economic friction, such as personal debt and the remaining burden on many (fewer, but still many) employers to help cover healthcare. And life expectancy has stalled. But these are reasons to have a sense of urgency to switch to single payer. As Warren Buffet said, healthcare is the tapeworm of the US economy. It’ll enable a majority to have more money (less to spend on healthcare), employers to have reduced overhead costs, and potentially more people to survive longer. (Life expectancy may not go up by a large number, but with more access fewer people will die from treatable diseases, and fewer will die at a younger age.) Also, waiting room times may decrease, as currently up to 1/3 of a doctor’s time is spent dealing with paperwork and insurance. (That time spent won’t vanish with single payer, but it will certainly decrease.)

    • Single payer is actually cheaper. The US spends more per person on healthcare than several other developed countries with extensive universal coverage.

  5. Canada does have supplemental health care. I have basic health insurance from the province. But if I wanted or could afford it, I can have supplemental private care… which I am seriously considering for next year if it supports organ creation via stem cells 😀

  6. I love markets. I think capitalism is great, but health is one of those things where profit motive should simply not be involved. It leads to over diagnosis, over medication, etc. Healthcare should be as unbiased and objective as possible. The market has bias. Also, it’s just unfair to say to somebody “We’re draining your bank account because you randomly got cancer”. Just socialize it. It makes everything more simple. And the insurance system is unbelievably corrupt.

    • The Rational The idea sounds fine in theory, but even if the US can institute some sort of universal healthcare system its highly unlikely it will be socialised. Given how intrinsically linked private companies are to the US healthcare system removing them would highly impractical

    • Gage Acosta
      I’m obviously not talking about feudalism or mercantilism. I mean ‘capitalism’ colloquially.

      Lennie Godber
      Good point. Switzerland has an interesting system that apparently works very well. Switzerland’s hospitals and doctors work in a private manner but it’s mandatory that you buy insurance from the government. Keeps the market involved but everyone’s covered. Maybe the US should pursue that..

    • The Rational
      Does anyone CONSIDER the AMA in these discussions.
      They limit doctors, universities accredited etc. For fucks sake.

  7. The rest of the Western World has had socialized medicare, so why are Americans so afraid of change? ou guys should have had that 40 years ago! Canada has had it my whole life and I am so thankful for it!

    • I live in Germany and for me personally nothing has changed since the 2015 refugee crisis. Nothing at all! And more people does not equal less benefits, because more people means that more money is going to be paid into the system.

    • Real American It goes both ways. USA “depends” just as much on medical supplies from abroad. Germany has many huge pharma and chemical companies. And my little country Denmark has several pharma-companies. One of those – Novo Nordisk – covers 45% of insulin market worldwide, and 30% of US-market (2017), and diabetes is a growing problem, because China and India is becoming richer, and more people get diabetes there.

    • no dude, you cited a dude at a wedding, crowder, your father in law and ben shapiro. you talked about how you would love private police LMFAO you’re an imbecile who has no idea what the real world is like… I dissected your comments point by point but it was never ending the idiocy you spew so I just gave up. You’re not worth my time. You have right wing talking points and think you’re genius LOL

    • Here is a good starting point for you to step outside your right wing indoctrination.

      There were many cures to cancer but the predatory health industry you love so much suppresses it. Cures to cancer are NOT allowed to be mainstream for a reason. The reason is simple, people like you cheerlead for their existence despite the inhumane savagery demonstrated by the crooks. People in America have developed an industry that profits off sick and dieing. That’s so fucking radical, but what’s worse is propagandists have bamboozled dip shits like yourself. Now we have generations of dip shits parroting nonsense they hear from right wing hacks such as crowder and shapiro LOL

      Are there any other right wing propagandist you idolize? How often do you watch sean hannity?

    • ScorpionXII because Canadians dont have their heads up their asses! I do have hope for Americans because as of now the majority to support our Medicare System to be Universal to all Americans even self procclaimed Conservatives have come around.

  8. As a French socialist (supporter of Mélenchon) tired of the American government, Bernie Sanders literally is the only hope I have left to trust the United States as a superpower. I seriously hope he gets to win someday

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