Can I get a Medicare Supplement under age 65

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Can I get a Medicare Supplement before age 65? Generally Medicare Supplements are available for folks 65 & older with a few exceptions. If you’re under 65 you can be eligible for a Supplement if you are disabled or if you have Lou Gehrig’s disease or End stage renal disease. You might be eligible for Original Medicare but Insurance companies are not required by law to provide you with a Medicare supplement. That’s on the Federal level. With a Medicare Supplement you have the freedom to choose your doctor & hospital. You can travel & you have no copays or network restrictions. You pay a stable monthly premium. The Supplement will come right behind Original Medicare and pick up all the medically necessary & doctor required costs. As of 2017, the 2 most popular plans Plan F & Plan G have either a zero deductible or a $183 annual deductible.
There are 30 states in the United States that do have the ability to offer you a Medicare Supplement. So then the question comes in “Do they offer it just for disabled people or just End-stage renal disease people?” It’s best to speak with an agent to find out what are the laws in your specific state because we can’t offer you the same answer for all the states. This information comes from Kaiser Family Foundation.
Most people will get a Medicare Supplement when they’re first turning 65 in their open enrollment period. You have that 7month window to get involved in Medicare which generally starts on the 1st day of your birthday month. This is the 3 months before your birthday, your birthday month and 3 months after your birthday. If you were born on the 1st of the month then you can have the Supplement start the month prior on the first of the month.
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