Medicare Part D Penalty (What They Aren’t Telling You)

The Medicare Part D Penalty, it's more than the small fine!
Do I need Part D? What happens if I need Part D and don't have it?

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Do I really need a Medicare Part D plan even if I take no prescription?
I am asked this question every week. This video is my answer. I explain why and how the financial penalty for not having a Medicare Part D drug plan should not be the real reason you consider when make the decision.
Make sure your insurance broker is a true independent insurance broker able to offer you unbiased advice. When it comes to Medicare, experience counts.

Medicare Part D Penalty (What They Aren't Telling You)

One thought on “Medicare Part D Penalty (What They Aren’t Telling You)

  1. Thank you. I was weighing the pros and cons of enduring a ‘penalty’ for late enrollment in a Part D (Prescription Drug Plan). Right now, I find that my annual costs with existing prescriptions (not many) are cheaper with a GoodRx pharmacy discount card than they would be for a year or two with the lowest-annual-cost Part D plan I could find by researching on the site. I see that the criterion for deciding WHEN to purchase a Part D Prescription Drug Plan is determining whether you can absorb the risk of suddenly developing a serious disease or condition that would require unsustainable, disruptive financial expenditures, rather than considering smaller factors like ‘avoiding late enrollment penalties,’ or banking on a GoodRx card based on current prescriptions (that may not be as stable as one would like to think; life and health are unpredictable, obviously, and an unforeseen illness can devastate one’s financial situation — even to the point of bankruptcy or loss of real estate property (possibly including one’s home, although I haven’t verified this last terrifying scenario). Anyway, I find your videos to be some of the most detailed, honest, and clear available on YouTube … by far.

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