Rant by Christopher Westfall about Medicare Agents Who Choose to Fail

Please excuse this long-overdue rant, that comes along about every six months, when a new agent presents to me a list of excuses as to why this industry, helping seniors, is not working for them.

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Rant by Christopher Westfall about Medicare Agents Who Choose to Fail

17 thoughts on “Rant by Christopher Westfall about Medicare Agents Who Choose to Fail

  1. Excellent points Chris.  You are soooooooooooooooooooooo right about number of presentations vs. number of sales.  You have to have them.  Doesnt matter what you are selling.

    • +residentzombie Well you’re wrong on two fronts. First, no, he absolutely meant that he had a grand total of 100 humans on the other end of a phone in two week’s time. Also, we absolutely do not have to make time to drive to a prospect’s house in order to write an application. I’ve done 15 applications in a day and that’s what I show how to do at http://MedicareAgentTraining.com, all over the telephone. This is 2015, and seniors expect to not have to entertain a sales agent and are fully confident in conducting business over the telephone.If you are having to take time out of each day to drive to someone’s house, you’re losing money. That might be why you believe that it takes 2 to 3 years to become profitable. It absolutely does not, and I have over 1,000 test case agents that prove otherwise.Thanks for commenting.- CW

    • +residentzombie You said, ” I would laugh if a telemarketer only made 100 calls in 2 weeks as any telemarketer would. ” And that’s precisely why I made this video.

  2. Good video. Although I am not any kind of salesman ,  I do know that selling is convincing people you have something to offer them to make their lives better in some way. Honesty and competence are two traits people can almost immediately sense in the person they are considering doing business with. Without them , then forget it.

  3. Wow. I was browsing videos (self improvement quest) and saw one of yours and thought “I think I like this guy” and then watched this one. Now I know “I love you, man!” I would love to work with you, come to Oregon! I remain confident that effort will equal excellence. Just made it to a year, but my mentors jumped ship so here I am finding ways to learn and improve on my own. Thanks for the video!

  4. Thank you for this. I really needed this rally support as a recently licensed agent just entering the field. I hope I can report back on how successful I’ve been in about a month

  5. I will be turning 65 in 6 short months. I am glad to have found your site and appreciate your emphasis on helping seniors navigate Medicare supplemental plans. Many seniors (including my husband) I have spoken with are being bombarded with Medicare Advantage agents who just want to make a sale. There is still much confusion about original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. Your videos have been very informative. Thank you.

    • Thank you for taking the time to write this! I am licensed in 46 states and it’s likely I’m licensed where you are. You can lock in a Medicare Supplement plan rate SIX months before you are turning 65. This, then, keeps that rate locked in for a full 18 months, as the premiums are locked from the day of application through one year past the plan’s actual start date. If we can help, please let me know. Thanks again for writing. Chris 1-800-729-9590

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