CNN Keeps Fearmongering About The Cost Of Medicare For All

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CNN Keeps Fearmongering About The Cost Of Medicare For All


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92 thoughts on “CNN Keeps Fearmongering About The Cost Of Medicare For All

  1. Of course they’re fear mongering. They see the blue wave on the horizon and that hurts their centrist, corporatist feelings.

    • +whyamimrpink78 taxes is not a simple 2+2=4 type of question and answer. You have to think about the overall money saved from things like preventative medicine, negotiating prices, and removing administrative costs.

    • Did you not see the explanation given in the video as to why that wasn’t a good idea? The corporate media will turn “yes i will raise taxes” into a headline/story in which to smear his candidature like they did bernie sanders — so in order to answer that question he wanted to make sure they couldn’t misquote him by giving the additional contextual information

    • I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard the way Dana bash tried to corner Gollum when in fairness. I never see her ask any republicans how they would pay for anything.oh by the way since Florida doesn’t pay any state tax why dont.they start utilizing it as a source of revenue.

    • Alexander Adams When corrupt criminals who say “the government does not work” run for office and get elected is the reason the “Government doesn’t work”…

      Only those whose IQ tests came back negative miss the obvious corruption of the GOP.

    • Alexander Adams Is the typical functioning illiterate imbecile fooled by the corrupt GOP politicians to support people who work to destroy the government, instead of making it work BETTER for the people.

    • Jebus Hypocristos LoL it’s hard to take you seriously with a name like Jebus Hypocristos. Have you ever experienced Canadian healthcare? Or do you just believe it is perfect and “free”

  2. I’m impressed with Andrew Gillum’s appearances in the media thus far. He knows how to avoid the traps these corporate hosts throw at him. He also didn’t take the bait with the DeSantis “money this up” line and went straight to the issues. I think he has a great chance!

    • + 295Phonenix + Typically those in favor of this patently unworkable, and truly un-american scheme, are unwilling, or unable to discuss it’s merits, and drawbacks, in anything resembling a rational way. Congratulations! You are leftist-wingbat.# 1,208, to use the “not wasting/worth my time,” escape clause. I wish you had enough faith in your radical proposal, to explain the basics of it, and discuss any possible shortcomings, but why buck the trend, or break the mold, right?
      It ts ironic that your posture is shared by THE leading NATIONAL political figure, proposing such a system, who is currently running for a position, Governor of New York, where it could be implemented.

      Campaigning as an admitted socialist, Ms.Nixon, is contesting the democratic primary election, with incumbent N.Y. Governor Cuomo. Her attitude is similarly evasive, dismissive, and childlike, as your own position. Just yesterday, Ms. Nixon refined her position on the single-payer healthcare system, she plans to implement, should she become Governor. She released a statement stating that she would install a single-payer system, and her administration, would determine how to fund it, after it was in place.

      I’m sure you will be as petulant, and childlike as Ms. Nixon, when I ask you where your figures come from,? What they represent, other than incredibly large numbers? What time frame they cover? And how detailed are these, … well, just numbers. What do they consist of, besides 2 digits, followed by lots of zeroes? As someone who is unconvinced as to it’s merits, and undecided as to it’s feasibility, you would think that a brief description of how it all works, and what those meaningless numbers reference, might be your contribution, to popularise such a healthcare system. Trying to impose your proposed solution, by fiat, or revolution, seems like a frightening, and likely unsuccessful method to introduce such a change. I hope you can get your wish before the existing Medicare system is completely insolvent, in the next few years. It will be near impossible, to give folks a program that is bankrupt from the get go, no matter how many people you plan to give their share of nothing. President Trump recenty said he intended to RESCUE the system, so there is reason to expect he will succeed. So far he has an unprecedented record of fulfilling his promises. I certainly never thought I would see a politician, try to actually keep the campaign pledges they make, in my life, but he is a surprising man, & even more so, as a President. Good Luck! Any answers will be graciously accepted.but you may keep any insults,& personal attacks for someone you know.


    • Yeah I loved how he handled that comment. I think the tactical reason DeSantis made that comment was not to dog-whistle to racists (racists were already on his side), but to try and create a scenario where he can say ‘All they are talking about is PC-bullshit, while I am actually talking about the issues’ Gillum did not give him that opportunity

    • +SickRedApple Well every cable news puppet did as soon as the evening puppet shows stated. So then the few normal folks left in the media, explain what mirage the mainstem media maniacs, were chasing around in the desert, that used to be informative evening news, after, and what the faux OUTRAGE was this time. The beginning of a general.election campaign is when you move to the middle, but those MSM puppets don’t waste a lot of logic
      on these conspiracy theories, when they create so many, that a dime a dozen
      seems like price gouging. Just like that scandal-plagued, Socialist mayor isn’t gonna drop clues about Chavez, Maduro, or Venezuela’s recent brush with the mayor’s favored economic system, into his speeches, to get the die hard commie VOTE. This media Lie, is the typical democratic tactic, and virtually the only way they no how to conduct politics these days, and is just more Fake
      News, for the MSM puppets, to perform on their various panels, & shows. There is nothing new to see here, just more embittered, divisive, identity politics, and expect to see more of it. That, open borders, and more, & more Socialism is the Democratic Party platform, and has been for almost a decade. When you can’t run an economy, run it in to the ground, babt! Is the new slogan for them, and it does make a catchy bumper sticker, if your Uber driver, will let you put it on HIS car. KOut

    • Andrew Gillum sure has a chance. My vote for him on November 6th will help bring him and the real left progressive ideas a little closer. Establishment Dems. Are corrupt and not the answer. Republicans are sure as hell never the answer. They are liars. They push for policies that are bad for the American people. They play you on your feelings of Patriotism/Jingoism. They use Religion as a guise to make you believe they are moral by default which is a load of crap. No more corporatism. Money shouldn’t be calling the shots for our nation. We need real lasting peace. No more Imperialism. Let’s change that grade of D on our infrastructure to an A. Let’s put taxes that the people are already paying for into the system for the people. Education, healthcare, research and development. The people want a system that supports them. And not primarily the rich and powerful.

  3. *People:* Hey we are literally dying and drowning in debt over here! Be nice if we’d have… a single payer healthcare?
    *CNN Headline:* _Socialists Attempting to Bankrupt the Government_

    • Nathan Fielure über is working on an ambulance program specifically designed because they noticed people don’t like paying thousands for an ambulance
      this is an example of competition and the “free” market at work

    • You have a hammer and think every problem is a nail. It’s basic economics that free market doesn’t work where there isn’t price elasticity, that’s why emergency services and military are run by the government. Free market is not the answer to every problem. Not all service require a profit motive or benefit from the innovation of competition. Personal insults show you are aware of your weak argument.

  4. Sick and tired of CNN and other outlets concern trolling about the ‘enormous cost’ of Medicare for all. Next time someone asks that question ask them about the ‘enormous moral cost’ of our current system and the tens of thousands that die every year because of it. Ask them that and see if they sleep at night.

    • +Ant Man

      Why don’t they ask this question for military spending, foreign aid, corporate welfare or keeping Gitmo open?

      Yes its 100% concern trolling on the basis of it not being even REMOTELY consistent.

    • Ant Man Thank you, I can always count on you to make completely asinine statements. It’s clear that you’re either well-off and the status quo benefits you, or you’ve had a taste of the Ayn Rand Kool-Aid, and it tickled your fancy. Please do keep on coming down to this comments section, because I love seeing you get dunked on.

    • Ask Dana “fuckwad” Bash how much did CNN pay Corey Lewandowski when they helped astroturf an authoritarian narcissist into the White House

    • I see you voted for Mediocre. Why go to college when you slave at Burger King 15 bucks an hour. That doesn’t sound progressive to me.

    • +Marlon White and space force is a good idea? By the way in the Nordic countries those two things you point out. When the military wants a bigger budget they write it like we have unlimited money but when you want something that everyone can benefit they say how you going to pay for it. Come on man stop drinking the kool-aid.

    • I voted for him too! I dont think I can get my parents to vote for him though, even though they would stand to benefit from medicare for all.

    • Marlon White Maybe because you don’t want to flip burgers? Maybe because you have more ambitions beyond working at Burger King? It’s possible to want more out of life when you’re making enough at the moment.

    • Did you not see the explanation given in the video as to why that wasn’t a good idea? The corporate media will turn “yes i will raise taxes” into a headline/story in which to smear his candidature like they did bernie sanders — so in order to answer that question he wanted to make sure they couldn’t misquote him by giving the additional contextual information

    • Exactly, it’s simple reallocation of tax revenue. It’s not like the state of Florida has no money. If you want to add something to the budget, you don’t just leave the same amounts in the budget for other initiatives, you prioritize!!

    • +jidf32 > progressive propaganda
      Yeah those progressives with their propaganda of.. helping poor people and.. not blowing up innocent civilians.. That will help them achieve their evil agenda of.. equality.. and.. wait.

    • +seeibe, that is the liberal agenda too. Progressives are the guys who get hard-ons every time they hear the word “corporations”. And propaganda is meant to mislead, like Gillum when he claimed he would only raise taxes on corporations and the rich… that is patently untrue. Even Bernie admitted that taxes would be raised even on the working class but the overall cost of healthcare would go down which would ultimately save taxpayers. Kyle didn’t even check Gillum on that bullshit. Actually, the progressives ideal of equality is highly hypocritical and leads progressives to have to defend the indefensible in the name of progressivism

    • jidf32 Yes, technically taxes would have to go up to pay for single payer healthcare. But people would save money because they would no longer pay for their healthcare using their own wages or out-of-pocket money, so it’s a net savings to the taxpayers (the ones who would lose the most are for-profit private health insurers). How do conservatives not understand that?

    • jidf32 Did you not watch the video? Asking for a friend. And liberalism and progressivism in this context are the exact same thing. Progressivism goes AGAINST corporate interests.

  5. I actually saw this segment, and thanks to all the critical thinking power I gained from SecularTalk I saw right through it!!! Thanks Kyle!!

    • Miguel Zurita “Now I will never oppose food stamps, or anyways the government can help feed people but anything more is just making people dependent on them and making them less productive.”

      What is it with America and its hyper-focus on productivity and being productive? You do know Americans work far more than any other modern country, right? America is more productive than ever! And what’s really sick about it is that your average American doesn’t see the benefits from such high productivity, but this is another discussion entirely so I’ll hold there.

      Anyway, have tax-payed universal healthcare would not make people “less productive.” People want things, and you need money to buy and pay for things so people will stay productive so they can make money. Though, even if it did make people “less productive,” that’s not automatically a bad thing because, as I previously stated (you can look it up too if you want), America is one of the most productive countries in the world. So Karen can go back to working just a full time, 40 hours per week job instead of pushing 60-70 hours cause she doesn’t have to worry about paying off ridiculously price-gouged healthcare bills? Why is that such a bad thing? There’s more to living than working a job. People should be able to enjoy their lives instead of working to their grave, as a lot of people do right now.

    • No, Kyle, everyone in this segment, including yourself, did a terrible job covering this! By obfuscating the truth, as clearly laid out by Bernie, Andrew Gillum just ends up giving the right a valid point of attack, that he’s deliberately concealing the fact that yes, you will pay more in taxes, of course omitting the crucial point that YOU END UP OVERALL PAYING LESS FOR healthcare, because you no longer pay private healthcare premiums. We need, above all else, politicians like Bernie, WHO TELL IT LIKE IT IS, and screw the likes of CNN if they spin what he says. CNN’s ratings are in the toilet anyway, and as Kyle does, he should instead continue to point out when they effectively lie by omission.

      As a thought experiment, is there anyway Andrew Gillum could have both provided the full truth, but without giving CNN a talking point? I would have said something like this “The way Medicare for All would be funded is instead of paying private healthcare insurance premiums, you would pay a “smaller” amount as an insurance tax, and Dana, when you quote me, make sure you mention that you end up paying less under a Medicare for All system, and the fact the government is collecting the smaller insurance premiums, instead of the insurance industry, is academic to the participants.”.

  6. No actually Dana, I want to tax the wealthy at 90 percent to pay for all my “free stuff” cause I’ve been giving the elite ruling class free stuff for 40 years and you guys owe me a crapload of free stuff. And for the record, when you steal money from the working classes taxes, it doesn’t become “yours” because you have some fantasy that 90 days after you commit a robbery somehow the money you stole becomes “your money.”. Feckless inglorious bastards! ( I don’t really know what that last sentence meant but I used it because it sounded powerful).

    • But they *earned* it. By gaming the system, robbing from the poor, and using the legal system to enforce it.

      Most people are clueless sheeple. Thank you for being a thinking human being! 🙂

    • Awesome post, awesome response. It helps ease my frustration and anxiety I have for my paranoia that I’m the only one out here with the same thinking. Too many fucking sheep.

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