Obama Publicly Endorses Medicare-For-All

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Obama Publicly Endorses Medicare-For-All

71 thoughts on “Obama Publicly Endorses Medicare-For-All


    • +Jr new
      Uh, no….Obama’s approach HAS NEVER WORKED IN OUR POLITICAL SYSTEM!
      In practice, he CAVED INTO THE REPUBLICANS on every economic program of substance to the working and middle class. HE OFFERED the Republicans dratic cuts to medicare and social security . HE obstructed inclusion of the public option in the ACA. health care reforms.

      The BEST THING Obama could do for the political well being of the American people IS TO GO AWAY and exile himself .

    • Unfortunately the rest of his party was bought by the health industry. He had great vision but was stifled by the opposing and his his own party. We need to get money out of politics period. That’s the only way we get real change.

  1. Climate change is real, is that why he opened the Arctic up to drilling twice? Or when he didn’t ban fracking? I forget, pardon my memory.

    • Maybe this is Obama genuinely trying to turn over a new leaf, but I don’t think we can take that chance. The US is heading to a tipping point in 2020 and while our enemies on the right are obvious to see we have to be aware of enemies trying to infiltrate the Progressive Wing and distort our message. Maybe two years ago we could afford the luxury to be open minded about Establishment allies but that time has run out. If we repeat 2008 and put our faith in the wrong people, if we fail in 2020, there won’t be a 2024. 1) Litmus tests 2) Civil disobedience 3) Take over the media, take over the narrative. Never before have we been this close to victory and as long as we stick together and keep our eyes open we will win. Obama may seem like a great ally and MSNBC and Joy Reid adopting the Progressive message may seem like a victory, but they can just as easily destroy us in a way the GOP never could.

    • For those who fell into discouragement mode,,,don’t get stuck in the past to what had happened or what Obama do or didn’t do… focus on the future and move forward. like Obama said,,,Don’t Do Great. DO BETTER.

    • Trilldaddy w/ Carter, What we’re seeing now in our government is total destruction of the peoples voice and if we’re going to get anything it will be by the democrats. Even though Obama care has it’s problems, we did get something and the republicans had every opportunity to give us health care for all, they didn’t even try. In Obama’s defense his whole presidency was fighting with the republicans to get things done. No matter what it was, it was a fight, they were determine to shut him done whether he was right or wrong.

    • Fatlittle Kid, what people fail to understand is this, by putting out the most money, gave us the most power and show some proof of what your saying, these all sound like Rumps talking point, that also have no facts to back it.

  2. I was okay with Barack Obama, but I would still rather have Bernie Sanders.

    Edit: Hey guys, I never meant to cause a fight in the reply section. I only said Obama was okay, not good. My favorite candidate is Bernie by far.

    • Sean Lamont – the only thing on here that is stupid is you and you’re the one with a selective memory. The “Cowardly Mulatto” didn’t want single payer; he backed away from it right away. He filled his cabinet with the Clintonites and his presidency was really being led by them. Its in any of the books written about his presidency – try reading “Listen, Liberal” by Thomas Frank about Obama and his infatuation with the Clintons.. Read or listen to what Noam Chomsky had to say about Obama and his cabinet. Bernie Sanders brought up single payer Obama and the Clintons said there never will be single payer in this country. The Clintonites , like Obama, are just jumping on the band wagon because they see where the wind is blowing . Obama adopted a republican idea, the ACA, and called it his own. I don’t judge a man by the color of his skin, I judge him by his deeds and Obama is the most disappointing president of this generation. The others ran on screwing the American people and did it, he ran on being a progressive and started to screw the American people as soon as he was elected.

    • blamtasticful  it’s only reich(right) wingers who consider Obama a radical leftist
      Obama is a typical centre reich(right) winger

    • +henry dicarlo
      The term mulatto has been retired. I haven’t actually heard that term since the 80s. And your application was derogatory. See? This is why some folks need to take social etiquette classes.

    • Who says it is retired? You? It is still in the dictionary. It was meant to be derogatory. I don’t bend to the will of petulant children who demand that they can do no wrong.

    • He would’ve totally did but the idea wasn’t conceived yet. It’s not like he had a clue that you could do that even tho every other modernised country has had it for decades.

  3. They don’t actually support these progressive policies. Obama campaigned on single payer, being pro union, cleaning up the environment, and ending the middle eastern wars. Once he got in we got Romneycare, right to work, more war, and an “all of the above” energy policy. This is simply a ploy to take the wind out of our sails. Once they regain power they will stab us in the back all over again.

    • I am thinking that is what is going on as well. The Democrats are seeing that they over played their hand and that -people would vote on issues not the fact a woman was running, so they are going to say that they want medical for all, when they get into office it will be a different story.

    • Karma Fride  This the same song and dance both parties been playing since forever. It has only got worse since the Supreme Court gave the go ahead for allowing corporations to be seen as a person, with the Citizens United ruling. The battle of republicans vs democrats is just a lie to make us think we have a say in how we our governed. The rich have both these players in their pocket book, and most of the american people are the fools that keep falling for it election after election.

      The only real hope we have is if more people start giving small dollar donations to groups that support candidates that stand behind taking no corporate pack money. Just imagine if 50% of the people in this country gave 10 dollars a month to say the Justice Democrats. That would be a crazy amount of money that could really push back against this oligarchy.

      The real problem is that the corporate, and rich have been buying out our congressmen, and making rules so that we can’t stop it. There is only one party, and it is the corporate business party against the non corporate people of this country party. The greed in this country is out of control.

    • torchlord11 So true….two wings of the same bird, and they use the divide and conquer on us constantly. Many are waking up and seeing through the BS as “We The People” are the only way any changes will be brought about. I’m excited about a lot of the comments I’ve read, so many Red Pilled individuals. No more slumber! I hope we can stop fighting each other and turn our collective attention on the real problem, the entrenched corruption. They think we’re stupid! TY great comment….

    • I think we should do two major things, (1) is religious organizations pay taxes. (2) is that the positions of governing become a civic duty and no pay. A person wants to be a member of congress they still have their outside job, they pay the same taxes as the majority, have the same Social Security and healthcare as everyone else. Then you would see a change made to better the masses not the few. It will never happen because greed is to powerful.

  4. Until the corporate Democrats stop taking Big Pharma & insurance cash, I will _never_ believe folks like Fmr. Pres. Obama or Joy Ann Reid are supportive of M4A. More likely, the “moderate” [corporate] Dems are doing the bidding of their donors to co-op the progressive message (they see the shift with voters in these mid-terms and their declining base donations for the past couple years) so they can _control the message_ and proceed to do what Obama pulled on those of us who voted for him in ‘08: promise one thing only to deliver another.

    I sincerely hope I am wrong, but you know how the saying goes: _”Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”_

    • You’re reading my mind. This is exactly the dems without a platform providing empty promises. As #NancyLosingSeatsPelosi has already promised the Pay-go system to be in place after the midterm elections. Thereby squashing any Progressive reforms like #MedicareForAll or #tuitionfreecollege as the necessary funding must be provided through #taxhikes The #despicabledemocrats are playing rt into the #repulsivecans hands…Fear of additional taxation drives the #gopbase to vote in record turnout while the lack of a platform offering any real gains for the middle & working class suppresses dem voters…#corruptcorporatists #twowingsofthesameparty #despicabledemsAndthievinggop

    • No the problem is people like you not standing up and demanding Universal healthcare (Medicare for all). The US government already pays double per capita healthcare than Denmark, Canada and the UK who have universal healthcare.
      Get out a start protesting and get people more involved. To many people sit back and complain but do nothing about it.

    • The problem is all the detrimental impact these corporations have had on society as a whole as well as the rise of alternative media which do speak truth to power and more people are realising this now makes a position supporting corporations untenable with their constituents as the charade that propped them up for so long has disintegrated. Hard to hide your wrong doings when people you are lying to are dealing with the consequences of said wrong doings.

      progressive movement is also matching the legwork unlimited money could buy through volunteers etc that money in smaller elections at least isn’t as viable and since the endorsments on progressive side are more populist and popular as well corporatists can’t win their either since a politician with a sub 50% approval rating won’t do much against bernie sanders.

  5. Aww thanks Obama! That’s sorta like how he constantly talked about supporting a raise in the minimum wage yet never did it (minus government workers). Sure he didn’t have control to implement it but he sure as hell had enough time to push through a joke of a healthcare bill that won’t even hold up for 10 years….

    Thanks Obama! Now go get more speaking fees like Emperor Palp….. I mean Hillary.

  6. A bit late for that Obama? I mean mind the endorsement just to put the corp dems in a tizzy, but it doesnt mean much coming from you at this point man.

  7. Obama and his people knows where the real energy and future of the party is and they are finally openly acknowledging it. It is with the Berniecrats not the with the Clintonistas. This is good b/c it says to older black voters (and the black political establishment) it is okay to vote and support these young Social Democrats over the old tired Third Way Republican Lite Democrats.

    • +Mingchao Shi
      They formed the TEA MOB. Lol. And now they call themselves the “Freedom Caucus” which is basically the congressional branch of the Klan.

    • +Cheydinal
      Ummm how many paid public events has Obama done since leaving office? We’ve barely even seen him. And how many of them were paid with PAC money? Lol. I’m wondering where you get your information. And as he is now a private citizen who needs to put his daughters through college, I don’t have a problem with student unions giving him a speakers fee. If he wanted to be a corporate multi millionaire, he could just do consultant work for unscrupulous enterprises like every retired Republican official. News flash! Obama was the one they accused of regulating the hell out of them. They hate him. How can they be tossing him bribes while cursing his name at the same time?

  8. I cannot thank you enough for your optimism David. It keeps me sane! We need more of that and less negativity right now.

  9. Sure it may be good in some ways if Obama says it. But it’s NOT good when it’s said just to get votes and then just the opposite is done. You know, like Obama’s campaign!!

  10. Obama was supporting Single Payer as far back as 2003 (the video is on YouTube). I suspect he’s supported it all along, but after being run through the establishment ringer, he became another vanilla Democrat. Now that he doesn’t have to worry about re-election, he can support it again. I suspect he still owes 1,000 favors to the DNC so I doubt we’ll see him go full Berniecrat, but at least he’s opening up a bit.

    • Surrounded By Idiots it’s funny how Trump has had no issues forcing through his agenda using the expanded powers of the office post Bush 2 but somehow Obama was an unassuming victim of obstruction and obfuscation at every turn and owns no part in the lack of a push for Medicare for All under his watch

    • +jbcomics – Well, the votes weren’t there in Congress. He barely got the crappy compromise that Hillary actually ran on through Congress, and that was after making some serious concessions. Could he have abused his executive powers the way Trump has been doing? I suppose, but I think that’s a pretty terrible bar to set. OTH, maybe that’s a competitive advantage Republicans/Conservatives have. They’re willing to burn the house down in order to get what they want.

    • jbcomics+ “He had multiple opportunities to get single payer done when the Democrats held a supermajority in Congress” That would make sense if Congressional Democrats had a hive mind that all connected to Obama. In reality, they are a disparate group and many of them barely hold onto their seats in red areas by being Republican-lite. At least that’s the old way of thinking. I think Bernie is proving that conventional wisdom to be flawed.

    • What do you want to bet Michelle is sitting on the BOD for the Clinton Fun Fest???   Time to call those foundations what they are, a slush fund fest for the 1%….

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