You’ve been targeted: fight the Medicare freeze


The Federal Government has extended the freeze on patient Medicare rebates to 2020, meaning patients will pay more to see their GP.

This attack on Medicare funding has the potential to lead to significantly worse health outcomes for Australians, because it means those who can least afford it will delay seeing their GP. The freeze threatens the viability and sustainability of quality general practice and is bad for the health of Australians.

The RACGP You've been targeted campaign aims to unite patients and GPs in calling for an end to the freeze.

Display the campaign materials in your practice today, and talk to your patients so they understand the true impact the freeze will have.

2 thoughts on “You’ve been targeted: fight the Medicare freeze

  1. Doctors in general are greedy grubs that care more about money and power
    than caring, some are plain flat out dangerous.Doctors need to start living
    in the real world and stop being so selfish, power hungry grubs that see
    patients as their gravy trains.(This is not every doctor, some are just
    plain dangerous!)

  2. Expect politicians to repeatedly direct the focus on doctor incomes.
    Greedy, rich doctors will be the mantra.

    This is not about incomes it is about equity of access and sustainable
    primary health care to those who need it most.

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