Naturopaths Try to Get Medicare to Pay For Their ‘Natural’ Cures

Naturopaths, who practice a form of alternative medicine heavy on herbal supplements, may have just found a way to make Medicare reimburse them for their natural cures with the help of Big Vitamin. Should naturopathic medicine be recognized and regulated, or are naturopaths quacks? We look at their push to go mainstream on the Lip News with Margaret Howell and Jo Ankier.

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30 thoughts on “Naturopaths Try to Get Medicare to Pay For Their ‘Natural’ Cures

    • +Bert Minor That is not naturopathy. What you speak of is homeopathy. I
      agree, I still can not wrap my head around the latter either.

    • I’m not disputing natural. There are lots of amazing natural cures. I’m
      disputing the concept of deluding a compound to one parts per billion and
      considering that a cure. Actually, the most amazing cure is a vegetarian
      diet and an exercise regimen.

  1. It is Long Overdue~!! These herbal meds are far better than the crap we are
    fed through the medical/pharma field and Margaret— research how long they
    have been around!!!

  2. naturopathy is not relatively young, it’s older than the “traditional
    medicine’ that you speak of. most of the drugs that are prescribed are
    derived from active ingredients found in natural herbs. a naturopath
    studies diagnostics, herbal remedies and treatments for as long or longer
    as/than “traditional” doctors do.

    after i spent a fortune on prescribed antibiotics for my daughter who, for
    a year had a chronic resistant strep that eventually turned into rheumatic
    fever, i took her to a naturopath who told me how to treat her and dietary
    restrictions for her and what to use… the strep was gone.

    my sister had a few cancerous lumps in her breast that had metastasized to
    her lymph and she refused chemo and surgery, she used a topical herbal
    preparation that contained bloodroot that i had to help her administer to
    her tumors over a month (it was painful and she could feel it drawing) she
    went to her oncologist who checked her blood chemistry, her scans and he
    confirmed that her tumors had calcified and it was no longer in her lymph.
    a few years later when it came back and had metastasized into her bones,
    she decided to try chemo and she, with the knowledge of her oncologist,
    decided she would use an herbalist’s help in prescribing different roots
    and herbs that would strengthen her liver and build her blood. chemo made
    her horribly sick but when she was using the herbal teas and preparations
    her red and white blood levels stayed high but when she refused to take the
    herbals (they were bitter and bad tasting on top of her chemo induced
    sickness) her blood count became too low to administer the chemo those
    days. her oncologist was impressed that the herbals had made such a
    difference and surprised that her cancer was again in remission. the last
    time she had cancer she chose to move in with me so i could take care of
    her for her last months as she was tired of the pain and of being sick and
    didn’t want to do anything anymore.

    there is a place for naturopathy,… perhaps a better one than relying on
    greedy businessmen running big pharma whose only interest is the bottom

  3. Lip is losing me. This is something that should outrage you. There is
    plenty of data. It predominately shows that this is not medicine. Many will

    • +Merlijn Dorgelo I think you make excellent points and agree with you that
      preventative and natural methods could be of great benefit. However, the
      way this is presented, it looks very much like a push for profit and not a
      method for healing. I am sorry to say that I have little confidence in a US
      company’s ability to put anything above the acquisition of profit. I wish
      we had had a model more like Europe for our health care.

    • The pharmaceutical industry is running into drug resistant bugs….people
      die in hospitals. Herbal medicine is ages old and a lot of it actually
      works. I know that in Germany “traditional medicine” and “snake oil
      medicine” work side by side and are both supported and recognized by the
      state. I’m happy that we have antibiotics and hospitals but don’t stare
      myself blind at it.

    • Agreed. Chemo is like nuking your home to get of termites. If chemo and
      other radiation therapies were free to both the patients and the insurance
      companies then I might consider them in a worst case scenario but as it
      stands I will die quietly before I go that route.

  4. You can’t say that natural cures are unproven and simultaneously say that
    pharmaceutical routes are proven. Neither are tested by the FDA and
    considering that the testing of natural cures are generally more accessible
    and transparent due to the lack of patents I’d prefer to ingest something
    that has actual unbiased data behind it.

  5. The whole concept is idiotic. True herbalists do not try to copywrite
    simple vitamins and minerals. Just a bunch of losers who could not get
    their M.D.s unless they studied in Karachi.

  6. There are so many levels of misunderstanding in most people’s minds, that
    it’s hard to even know where to begin.

    Pharma companies are being protected from liability, subsidized,and just a
    monopoly created by government intervention, Cause they can lobby because
    the whole statist fallacy is illegitimate and immoral to begin with.

    All mainstream political discussion—all debate about what should be “legal”
    and “illegal,” who should be put into power, what “national policy” should
    be, how “government” should handle various issues—all of it is utterly
    irrational and a complete waste of time, as it is all based upon the false
    premise that one person can have the right to rule another, that
    “authority” can even exist. The entire debate about how “authority” should
    be used, and what “government” should do, is exactly as useful as debating
    how Santa Claus should handle Christmas. But it is infinitely more

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    defies logic to say, “I give my consent for you to be robbed.” Yet that is
    the basis of the cult of “democracy”: the notion that a majority can give
    consent on behalf of a minority. That is not “consent of the governed”; it
    is forcible control of the governed, with the “consent” of a third party.

    Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the
    American public believes is false.”

    William Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987

    Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


    • +E N O O N
      I apreciate it but….

      Many have been able to recognize and oppose specific acts of tyranny by
      specific regimes, but very few have recognized that the underlying problem
      is not who sits on the throne; the problem is that there is a throne to sit

      Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

      The sad irony is that the American ruling class, because of the legitimacy
      its victims imagine it to have, is the only gang actually capable of
      conquering and subjugating the American people.

      Larken Rose, The Most Dangerous Superstition

      But all ʻlegal’ means is that the government told you to do it. The way
      people view law these days, whether something is ʻlegal’ or not depends
      only on who gave the order. If the people who call themselves ʻgovernment’
      do it, it’s legal. If anyone else does, it’s not. But whether the order
      itself is good or evil, and whether anyone should obey it, has nothing to
      do with who gave the order.

      Larken Rose, The Iron Web

  7. Naturopathy healed my cervical dysplasia. It was a plant that was highly
    antiviral. It was years ago and I do not remember the name. It kept me from
    going under the knife. Now I am not saying all cures work, but it seems
    kind of wrong to label the whole profession as snake oil sales. Many of our
    pharmacuils that we have today were based and mimic plants and organisms in
    the natural environment. Why are ALL natropaths condemned?? There is lots
    of scientific research out there about natural cures. I would have never
    searched for an alternative or believed it, if I had not been faced with a
    problem a main stream doctor could not fix without a knife.

  8. This gal reporting that says there needs to be “more research”, that
    naturopathy is ” relatively young” doesn’t know naturopathy proceeded
    pharmacology. Most of today’s medicines are based on naturopathic remedies,
    “cures” are a myth with both medications, weather they are natural or
    created in a lab… The body needs help curing. Medicine helps, yet in most
    cases, with s VERY few exceptions, does any medicine cute anything.
    Additionally, chemotherapy often kills cancer patients, who we are
    politically correctly told the person “lost their battle” with cancer… No
    the radiation & chemo is often far too toxic for the body to survive.
    The pharmaceutical industry, MDs & medical schools, by & large have been
    fighting this for over a century!
    Look up the history of the AMA. It’s an eye-opener! They were loosing the
    battle that naturopath’s were winning, called them “dangerous”, sued them
    with a lotta $ behind them, and sold us a lotta pills… Some that work,
    some don’t, some make it worse & over 100,000/year die from taking
    medications as directed in the US (not including hospital deaths or

  9. I understand that peoples opinions about naturopathy are different, but
    that aside, without equal funding there isn’t actual freedom.

  10. Airhead logic…

    GMO and drungs good because it makes loads of money.

    Nature bad because cannot patent it and cannot make loads of money.

    Totally biased report.

    Even scientists can have preconditioned biases by what they were taught by
    their “smarter than them” professors.

  11. Naturopaths are a gray area. Some are quacks, most don’t do much, but some
    can also help a little bit just like ordinary drugs (with the same problems
    as regular drugs though). Because of this, it’s difficult to say much about
    “naturopathy” in general. What is possible to say is that almost all of it
    is currently unproven though.

    Naturopaths frequently are into things like homeopathy, or even something
    like healing chi/energy or spirit or such. Any practitioners that follow
    that sort of thing should not be trusted for medicine.

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