Why We Need Medicare for All

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Why We Need Medicare for All

50 thoughts on “Why We Need Medicare for All

  1. In the Netherlands, we pay a set amount every month, which insures us for most stuff. Most medication, all hospital visits, doctor appointments and so on, all insured. And that’s just the basic deal. We can expand our insurance as we need, tailor for our needs. I could never believe it, when my American friends needed to pay with cash at a hospital visit…

    • Linda van Kollenburg
      I cited an article about healthcare in the Netherlands elsewhere here, and I’ve heard some recent talks from doctors there talking about cultural differences leading to more affordable care. It’s actually something I’ve noticed for years. People in America are babies when it comes to healthcare. They want drugs for everything. They waste thousands of dollars for tests they don’t need. They always want a new procedure when an older one works fine. We spend billions on the old and infirm, and let young, generally healthy and productive people die from bad teeth and appendicitis. And the doctors accommodate out of fear of lawsuit or simply being labeled a bad doctor.

  2. Well said. It’s great when you can look at what others are doing successfully, choose the best of what they’re doing, implement it in your country, and have better outcomes, better coverage, and a healthier population. It’s worth it in the long run. Obviously there will be problems. This isn’t utopia, it’s healthcare, but the data speaks for itself. Let’s do it already and fix this mess we have allowed to fester.

  3. Everyone realizes how things should be, yet does anything ever change? No. People think tweeting something or being upset on the internet actually makes a difference. The people with power are keeping things the same for a reason, because it benefits them. If you want something different then you have to actually take action.

    • true but the rule makers are owned by the people ripping us to death. notice almost all politicians are lawyers, kinda say something how its hard to find courageous and ethical people to do whats right

  4. I saw that video earlier called “Trump Hilariously Claims Republicans Want to Save Medicare. LOL!”
    Republicans act like they don’t want healthcare for anyone. Look at how they try to destroy the Affordable Care Act with no replacement and view Medicare For All like it’s the fall of society, even though like every other developed country has something similar and many runs circles around us concerning health. I saw a video a while back called “Obamacare in Trump country” that has over two million views. And a Republican wants to try and make us believe that Republicans want to save healthcare. lol

  5. Exactly this is what we need. I cant believe the way this country has turned. If you don’t got money you die its messed up health care is a human right and one of the things a country should be doing… taking care of its citizens

    • milk milk u Healthcare itself isn’t a human right. Having the access to healthcare is. Just like we aren’t required to have weapons to protect ourselves, but we can if we want to. I’d rather be able to choose bad healthcare than be forced to pay way over my budget for a plan they force on me.

    • Tony B
      that’s the problem, we are the only country that doesn’t treat the health of it’s citizens as a basic human right. That’s why we can’t call our-self the best country on earth, we aren’t even in the top 40 best countries

    • Zucchinna – i don’t agree with that assessment… and i don’t think you do either. otherwise, why would you live here? and why do so many risk their lives and even their own children’s lives to come here? many, many people even come here from the other “top 40” countries as you put it. why would they do that? i’ll tell you why… because there’s more opportunity and more freedom here than anywhere else in the world. government paid healthcare won’t make us a better country.

    • Should crack be legal? Great, and the taxpayer has to pay to raise the crack babies. Wonderful, thanks for infringing on our rights as taxpayers. Thanks for taking away our liberty.

    • But what of the immigration issue? Like I said most of them are coming not for safety reasons, but economic reasons. How can we be expected to pay for medicare for all, PLUS ALL OF THE MIGRANTS? Ana skips that part…

    • +Patrick Barrett then i ask again do you support the failed war on drugs pushed by Jeff “I dont recall” Sessions and this administration which has created room for the drug cartels and their vicious gangs to breed thereby leading to the migration of the populace?
      Do you support putting an end to the cause of the migration or do you think we shld just keep building walls until they cant climb over them any more?

      Are you serious about stopping immigration or not?
      You cant have it both ways i’m afraid

  6. How is Medicare for all too expensive when I am already paying for Medicare over 20 yrs thru my taxes? It’s not gimme, gimme, gimme…I deserve it and so do you when you pay taxes most of your life. Government keep raising our tax to benefit their luxurious health benefits and they know everything for them is covered in full.

  7. My mum once got sick when in America (we live in Australia) and could’ve died but couldn’t go to the hospital since she didn’t have insurance and it would cost something like $50,000 to treat. Luckily she was okay.
    My dad got his gal bladder out because it was causing serious health problems for him for free.
    My brother with a mental illness gets major cost reductions on his prescription medication.
    The expenses of my glasses is totally covered and the price of my braces was vastly reduced.
    This is because I have Medicare.
    For Americans who are so patriotic, you really are willing to see your country’s people die when their life could so easily have been saved. Those who believe that they are more deserving of their health than another person who is in an unfortunate situation are disgusting. Medicare is an amazing thing, take it from an Australian citizen who experiences it’s beneficial effects every day.

  8. One thing Ana missed in this, although I have seen her mention it in the past, is the difference preventative care makes. It is far cheaper in the long run to prevent serious medical issues than it is to treat them. It also means a healthier work force, which also means higher productivity. Employers in the US should have been DEMANDING medicare-for-all for decades now. Instead they’ve been demanding tax cuts. They are so stupid.

  9. Just imagine if at *your kids age,* your introduction to politics was *threats, violence, and calls to incivility* by political candidates! *Vote the mobsters out* this November 6, for your kids sake.

  10. Ana didn’t mention it, but big pharma isn’t using their money on research, they’re using it on ads. You have to look to the government and universities for research into new drugs. The research big pharma does is in making new delivery systems for already existing and profitable drugs (i.e. a capsule of heroin rather than an injection).

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