Which is better: Plan F or Plan G Medicare Supplement?

What is Medigap Plan G? I'll show you.
What is Medigap Plan F? Come watch and see!
This video shows the difference between Plan F and Plan G, and why Plan G is always the better value.

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31 thoughts on “Which is better: Plan F or Plan G Medicare Supplement?

  1. I am turning 65 in July, I am about to sign up for Medicare & a supplement.
    I currently do not have employer provided I am unemployed & my husband is
    semiretired and self employed. Do I qualify for Plan G? I really don’t want
    an “Advantage Plan”, or PPO.

  2. Hey Chris! YOU ROCK! I have subscribed to your channel and am SO impressed
    with your videos and how great you are explaining everything! You are a

  3. well presented and explain. articulate explanation.
    I am also wondering about plan N if you have any comments on that option.

    • +Catherine n Martin Seybold Thank you, Catherine. Yes, will be doing a
      video on Plan N very soon. It is a decent solution if you’re in one of the
      MOM states (Medicare Overcharge Measure.) Those are only nine states. If
      not, you are subject to the overcharges (15%) that doctors can charge you
      if they do not accept Medicare as payment in full. This could add 15% to
      all of your bills, on top of the co-payments Plan N requires and the Part B
      deductible. Would be happy to show you what’s available.
      Reach out to us at 1-800-729-9590 or at http://SeniorSavingsNetwork.org

  4. It is very difficult to get Plan F this year.I was denied due to having (3)
    blood pressure medications and (2)Diabetes Medications. I now have Plan G.I
    am thankful for it.

  5. This has been a valuable video to watch and is SOOO informative. Thank you.
    My agent said he has all of his clients on Plan F and only 6 people on plan
    G. Hmmm??!!! I had read on the internet several opinions on Plan F versus
    Plan G. I did my own math and agree Plan G is a savings of a lot of money.
    Your video confirms my findings.

  6. This is great information. Do you know a local agent to Louisville, KY that
    can help me. I want to go in and sit down with someone.

    • +Peggy Smith We “sit down” with each of our clients, too. The only
      difference is you don’t have to go anywhere. We use screen share technology
      where you can see us, see the companies, the rates, and the plans right on
      your screen, on your timetable, LIVE.
      I have been licensed in KY for a long time and have hundreds of clients
      there and know the best plans.
      See, sometimes when you have an agent have to drive to your house, they
      sometimes don’t give you the lowest price because their commission is a
      percentage of the premium. The fact that they have to come to you, or have
      a brick and mortar building that you can come to, leads some to have
      different loyalties.

      Since I can tell you have a computer, give our method a try. You will find
      ALL of the companies compared and all of your questions answered easily.
      And, you can check my license with the Kentucky Dept. of Insurance. As a
      matter of fact, you can see my license at this direct link on their site:

      Call us at 1-800-729-9590 and get the information many folks won’t tell you.
      And BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING.. please watch this:

    • +Patricia Douglas Ms. Douglas, we’re happy to give you an unbiased second
      opinion if you’ll call my office at 1-800-729-9590. It will take about 2
      minutes to let you know. – Chris

  7. EVERY person who is on Medicare should see this video. I will be 65 in
    January. I signed up for AETNA Medicare Supplement plan G. It sounded
    too good to be true, but now I feel CONFIDENT that I made the right
    decision. This period of time is very stressful for many folks, including
    myself, as insurance shopping is never easy. I was contacted by an agent
    (which made me very nervous) but they recommended Plan G, explaining the
    only difference is the $147. deductible. Now I know they really wanted to
    HELP me, which they did! YOUR voice is so soothing and reassuring! THANK

  8. well said Mr Westfall – I work in an Internal Medicine office and many of
    our patients are so overwhelmed by this – I will refer them to your video!
    Very easy to understand – thank you so much !!

  9. The other difference between G and F…….F pays the difference between
    the BILLED and APPROVED amount. Meaning if you go to a doctor who accepts
    Medicare Assignment your plan G and F pay in full. If you go to a doctor
    who DOES NOT accept assignment Plan F pays the difference. Most ALL
    doctors accept assignment. Plan G is the better plan.

    • +barbiec323 Not correct. Plan F and Plan G both pay 100% of Excess Charges
      (from doctors that do not accept full assignment). Prior to Medicare
      Modernization in 2010, Plan G only paid 80% of these Excess Charges. After
      2010, F and G are exactly the same in every single respect, except that F
      pays the deductible (and charges a lot more for it) and G allows YOU to pay
      the deductible and save a considerable amount, NET.

    • +Joe Lent Thanks for making the comment on my Plan G Medicare video.
      We would be happy to find the best rates for you if you’ll call my office
      with your zip code and age.. 1-800-729-9590. Thank you. Chris Westfall

  10. Our insurance company charges about $3 more for Plan G than for F. IS IT
    STILL WORTH TO GET G? They say we can change plans any month, with no
    pre-existing penalty. I am totally confused. Just turned 65 and this is
    first choice.

    • +Mountain Cabin You are DEFINITELY with the wrong insurance company. I
      suggest calling our office for the best quote on Plan G at 1-800-729-9590.
      Remember, with Medicare Supplements, you can change ANY time of the year,
      not just during the end of the year.

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