Medicare 101 Explained – 2016 – Alvin Parra of Strategic Choices Financial

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Financial Advisor Alvin Parra (626-441-2284) helps you understand how to qualify for Medicare, Parts A-D, Supplement vs Advantage, Enrollment periods and more, all in 25 min. Updated for 2015

Alvin Parra, President
Strategic Choices Financial

1445 Huntington Drive, Suite 325
South Pasadena, CA 91030
(626) 441-2284

25 thoughts on “Medicare 101 Explained – 2016 – Alvin Parra of Strategic Choices Financial

    • +C. Schmidt If you are in CA, I might have some recommendations. Otherwise,
      if you have no sources to call, searching online for an agent in your
      county can work, although I can not vouch for their experience.

  1. Ditto to what the other guy said! You broke this down very succinctly,
    Alvin. Now, hubby and I have to sift through the many, many plans available
    in AZ.

    • +K. Hendrickson Thank you. I am glad I was able to help explain some
      things. Please subscribe to my channel if you liked this vide. I am putting
      out more videos on a weekly basis!

  2. In my case, my doctors and local hospitals were already accepting the
    medicare plan I was thinking about, so the choice was easy, I took the
    Advantage plan. it was much cheaper. Check with your doctors and find which
    hospitals in your area accept the plan you are thinking about before
    choosing. This can also be done online by checking the Providers list of
    the plan your considering

  3. Very informative and clear. Thank you very much! I did not mind at all
    that you were referring to the children of seniors throughout the video
    because I am actually doing all the research and taking care of everything
    for my senior mother so your wonderful video was customized for me 🙂
    Thank you very much for all of the information Alvin.

  4. I receive ssdi due to a work related injury. Social security automatically
    takes $104.00 every month from my check for medicare red,white,blue card /
    whenever I pull out my medicare card at the hospital
    the receptionist at the front desk looks at me like medicare isn’t good

  5. Thank You Mr. Parra for a most informative video on Medicare options. I
    will be 65 in June and need to get the ball rolling, After watching your
    video I;m leaning towards an Advantage plan for several reasons, primarily
    the cost factor. Thanks again.

  6. very helpful i will be 65 in 6 months and am looking forward to paying less
    for my insurance; i liked the fast food analogy and will remember that.

  7. Stop the Aetna-Humana merger/sale! Thousands of Humana employees will lose
    their jobs and there will be a monopoly on Medicare in many states! This
    merger is all about money $$$$$ and Humana executives are banking on making
    MILLIONS from it even if it means leaving THOUSANDS jobless. Senior
    citizens in many states will have little to no choice on Medicare plans.

    Please sign the petition and stop the greed!

  8. TONI CLINTON : I have company benefits, do I do anything during Medicare
    Open Enrollment?

    After speaking with you yesterday, I received a call from my deceased
    husband’s office and was advised that my medical insurance would expire
    March 31, 2016. I am taking the paper which goes to Social Security back to
    their office to get the form filled out correctly. I need some
    clarification on when and what parts of Medicare do I need to apply for.
    I know you have dealt with this for years and know the ins and outs, but
    this is all new to me. It’s confusing and intimidating and yes, I’m
    stressed right now. Losing my husband of 50 years is very stressful and
    upsetting. I just want to make sure that I’m doing what I need to do
    correctly, in a timely manner. That is why I asked for your assistance.
    Does this need to be done before Dec. 7 Medicare Enrollment Period? Thanks,
    Sue from Champion Forest
    Hello Sue:
    No. The Dec. 7 deadline does not apply to you because you have company
    benefits. This time is for those that want to change or enroll in a
    Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or wants to change or enroll their
    Medicare Advantage plan.
    I know that this is a very stressful time for you because your dear husband
    handled all of your insurance and financial affairs and you now have to
    handle life’s curves by yourself.
    We have been advising those confused by a complicated system on how to
    enroll in Medicare for those turning 65,past 65 who have either lost their
    job because they retired, been laid off or have had the “working spouse”
    pass away and now have lost company benefits.
    When we perform a Medicare planning consultation at the Toni Says office
    for someone whether just laid off, retiring or have a loved one who was the
    “working spouse” pass away, I always advise them to make sure that they
    have their Part B in place when leaving their employment and/or group
    benefits. The process to enroll in Part B, when you are past 65 should be
    done correctly.
    Call Social Security at 1-844-890-5286 and advise them that you have left
    your company or are retiring and need to enroll in Medicare Part B because
    you had delayed it.
    A “Special Enrollment Period” (SEP) lasts for an 8 month period without
    receiving a Part B penalty. Enroll after the 8 month window and you will
    receive a Part B penalty which goes all the way back to the day you turn
    65. If you get sick and have not enrolled in Part B, you may not have any
    of the benefits Medicare Part B provides.
    2 forms that Social Security will send you (#1 Form #QMB No0938-0787
    Request for Employment Information and #2 Form HCFA-40B Application for
    Enrollment in Medicare).
    Answers to your questions:
    1) Once the employment form is signed by your company and you are ready to
    get off your company benefits. Take both forms to your local Social
    Security office for your Medicare to begin.
    2) Once you have Parts A and B in place, then you can make your choice for
    a Medicare Supplement and a Part D prescription drug plan or a Medicare
    Advantage plan.

    Toni Clinton, author of the Medicap Senior .For a personal consultation,
    please Click Here or call 1-844-890-5286 .

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