What Does Medicare Part A Cover?

A question we hear often from folks who call in is, What does Medicare Part A cover?

Great question.

Part A (hospital insurance) generally covers you when you’re admitted to a hospital, skilled nursing or nursing home facility or when you receive hospice care or covered home health services.

Part A Benefits include:

Inpatient Hospital Care – This has a deductible that can reset

Skilled Nursing Care – For the first 20 days there is no cost-sharing. From days 21 through 100 you pay a co-insurance amount for each day, and that amount can change every year.

Part A also covers care in a Long Term Care Hospital – In some instances, you may be charged a deductible if you’re admitted to a long-term care hospital.

Part A also covers certain Home Health Care Services – If you’re unable to leave your home and require Home Health Services from a nurse, you’re typically not charged any additional cost-sharing.

And, Part A also covers Hospice care – Most hospice services are covered without any additional cost sharing.

Medicare has neither reviewed nor endorsed this information.
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What Does Medicare Part A Cover?

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