Battle Field 1: B!tch Im Medicare

We are a new YouTube production team called We Tryed and we will post videos of us The Goat, The HornyPorkyPine and the Tree Child playing games , vlogs, music, all of the etc.

Hello this is hpp here. the first part was boring asf. so tbh we three crazy a$$ mother f*ckers doing what we do. being terrible at games, be dumb, and being smexy all at the same time ok bye deuces.

HOla there this Goat from we tryed production an im here to say like our videos and sub spread the word of We tryed to your mother or your dad and yo grandma then to all yo mother milf friends

What is up guys? My name is TreeChild, yo momma's FAVOURITE HIPPIE!!!! We Tryed is a production team made up of three brothers that wants to have a great future….hahahahahahahaha nahhhhh we're just three dumbass brothers that want to share our dumbassness with the rest of the world. Like and subscribe and tell your friends about me. Peace, Love and Tranquility to all.


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