Voters Want Medicare For All, Republicans Want To Deny You Coverage

There’s a very clear and easy choice to make in this year’s midterm elections – The choice is between a Party that wants to actually improve healthcare and work towards a Medicare for All system, or the Party that wants to deny you coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. That seems like a pretty easy decision considering the fact that a majority of American voters from all parties want Medicare for All. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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There's a lot at stake in this year's mid-term elections, but there's a lot more at stake than just getting Trump out of office. What's more important at this point is making sure that we can get these anti-consumer, anti-human being Republicans, out of office.

One of the biggest issues that's not necessarily on the ballot this year, but it is on the ballot, is healthcare. Republicans for the last few years have been trying to strip Americans of their current coverage under Obamacare, that says that you cannot be dropped or denied health insurance based on a pre-existing condition. They have been trying to kill that and replace it with something that says maybe you can get coverage with a pre-existing condition, but even if you do, you're gonna have to pay a lot more money which is what Obamacare was trying to prevent, and it had prevented, and it was helping people.

Under the Republican plan, people with pre-existing conditions would either be priced out of the program or they could, in fact, be outright denied insurance all together, leading to yet another insurance crisis, which is why we needed Obamacare in the first place.

Republicans still have no plan. They don't know how to cover people with pre-existing conditions. So now as we inch closer to the mid-terms, they're trying to avoid the issue of healthcare all together, even though 75 percent of respondents in a recent poll said that healthcare is a major factor on who they're gonna vote for this year. And a majority of people also said they trust the Democrats more on the issue of healthcare than they do Republicans.

For the month of August, 50 percent of the ads that Democrats ran on the national level, 50 percent of 'em, were on the issue of healthcare. So Democrats are running more ads on healthcare than Republicans are on how great the economy is and how great their tax cuts were. Probably because Americans understand at this point, they're not getting anything from those tax cuts, that all went to the wealthy elite.

Democrats actually have a winning message right now and it's not just, we're not gonna destroy your healthcare, it's we're gonna make it better. Medicare for all has officially become a mainstream view in the United States. A majority of Republicans, Independents and Democrats all support a Medicare for all system here in the United States. So a majority of every party. Everyone wants Medicare for all.

So you have a very clear choice when you go to the polls this year. Do you want to vote for the party that may kick you off your insurance if you have a pre-existing condition, or at the very least make you pay more? Or are you gonna vote for the party that says, "You know what, we're finally open to Medicare for all and we think that this is the natural evolution of healthcare here in the United States?" That is a very clear distinction. It is a very easy choice to make for anyone who happens to have a pre-existing condition, anyone who has a family member with a pre-existing condition. You know what choice to make on that issue. The only question is, can Democrats keep this up?

Voters Want Medicare For All, Republicans Want To Deny You Coverage

59 thoughts on “Voters Want Medicare For All, Republicans Want To Deny You Coverage

  1. The only things that the Greedy Old Pricks have ever cared about and ever _will_ care about are themselves. Their own personal power, wealth, and prosperity. They couldn’t care less if the rest of us live or die. They have proven this time and time again through their many horrible policies. So if you want to help make a better future…well, you know which party _not_ to vote for come the midterms. I admit that corporate Democrats aren’t much of an improvement, but we’ve seen that they can be pressured, especially with the increase in progressive candidates like Justice Democrats. RethuglieKKKlans only care about that money money money. And they will gladly ignore our suffering, sickness, and deaths in the name of getting more of it.

    • Andrew Gillum said he was part of that blue wave with Medicare for all, then changed to AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE! Who put that mountain in florida to stop the blue wave?

    • Billy, President Trumps tax cuts jobs act HAS SAVED ME 50 DOLLARS combined on my utilities .
      George Bush gave me 1,200 dollars coming into office and 1,200 dollars leaving office.

    • don’t just vote blue. vote for real progressives who will support for the people.
      Go Justice Democrats! don’t fall for Corporate Democrats!

  2. mr t just gave a speech that Dems are trying to take away Medicare and raise taxes. WTH, why aren’t the Dems screaming from the rooftops? mr t has sooooooo many scandals, that the Reps just keep spinning and this goofy guy just goes out there and screams at the people how awful Dems are… unfortunately, people don’t listen to these Progressive channels, but just to the regular news media. And, since the regular stations stand on their heads trying to Prove that they are unbiased, while FOX keeps up the propaganda, who really is representing the people????

  3. Remember, don’t believe the lies that say Democrats want to cut Medicare. (Now, not all of them want to push it as far as it needs to go, but they don’t want to cut it). The Republicans have made it as clear as day that they think certain insurances need to be cut to “save money” and the like. That’s why we need to vote in HUGE numbers if we really want to show Republicans that if you push us too hard we’ll push back. So get out and vote, get out and get someone else to vote, get out and get that person to get someone else to vote; etc. The ballot box is our greatest weapon, never take it for granted. Remember to vote and keep track of you ability to vote.

  4. I hope that every single seat in Congress (or at least 90% of them) are filled with pro-medicare Democrats. Make the Republicans afraid. Make them _very_ afraid that they’ll lose power and never get it back. Because in all honesty; they don’t deserve it. Not anymore. If they’re not going to hold people with power responsible for their actions, then they shouldn’t have any responsibility for anything involving the American people.

    • dudebladeX I don’t think you can fill the entire congress with only one party. There always need to be an opposition because if there would not be any. Those democrats them selfs would just make everything worse…
      But eh i don’t know anything about it i’m just a silly European 😀

  5. I had surgery recently, I was only able to do it because of the ACA. While I was recovering at home, I had a complication and started hemorrhaging at home and was rushed to the hospit and had to go back under the knife. If Republicans had it there way I would still be sick or qould have bled to death at home. Remember that there are lives at stake when you vote. Medicare for all is the way of the future.

    • Being from a country with free healthcare for all the UK (well it’s not entirely free it is included in our taxes)I find it sad to see a developed country treating it’s citizens with such scorn with medical services. this last year and a half I broke my wrist mountainbiking an ambulance was called it arrived took me hospital had x-rays then surgery and a cast put on.
      8 weeks later had cast off then several weeks of physio,also a few months ago I had a hernia op, plus recovery and I didn’t have to pay a single thing for any of it.

    • Lord Almighty. You are amazing for having been able to fight through that. And I hope anyone who knows your story, knows that voting republican is only going to put people who went through your situation in more danger.

    • +Alicia Maxwell Thank you so much. I’m recovering. It sucked to start back from zero after the second surgery but I’m thinking positive. Not counting this setback, this surgery wiped out one of my longest lasting medical issues. The worst part is having to be on bedrest for 6 weeks! Good thing books and my trusty PS4 will keep me from climbing the walls. That and arguing with people in YT comments. 😉

    • +Jack lad I’m happy that you got such great care. Hopefully someday people here will experience the same type of healthcare. Had your wrist healed well? I blew out my knee several years ago and it still gives me issues, especially when it rains. Hope you don’t have that kind of residual pain. Btw, if you don’t mind me asking, what country do you live in? (And are they open to snarky, semi skilled floridians emigrating there? ;p)

    • @Emily I’m from the UK and yeah my wrist is perfect now, it breaks my heart that I see a developed country treat it’s citizens so badly with a basic human right as healthcare, lets hope my American cousins get a good healthcare system for all.

      PS: you are all welcome 🙂

    • +Ladibug4422 Actually, I do! Sorry if your paycheck isn’t. I’m sure we’re not making the same money. But let’s argue tomorrow. I’m watching crazy Korean beauty trends and the girls are wearing clay noses and neck tape.

  6. Republicans – I should have tax payer paid healthcare and no one else.

    Thank God I live in Canada. Yes we have issues, but at least I won’t go bankrupt cause I got a sliver

  7. These crony politicians only care about money and power. They likely have so little self-respect, and when their money and power get threatened, these types of people start doing really irrational actions just to try to hold onto this power. Once power abandons them, we can see the immature child side of these cronies.

  8. The thought of investing into the health, wealth, welfare, security, future and joy of “the people” is what qualifies as pain and suffering to America’s greedy leadership. But the thought of sanctioning, starving, punishing, torturing, murdering, bombing and separating children from their parents, brings them great joy. The acrobatics and somersaults performed by these greedy monsters to steal America from “the people” isn’t pretty.

  9. They need to fund the private jet loophole for the wealthy somehow. We can’t have healthcare because the wealthy need a new private jet.

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