Jake Tapper Concern Trolls Ocasio-Cortez Over Medicare for All Cost

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The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.

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Jake Tapper Concern Trolls Ocasio-Cortez Over Medicare for All Cost

45 thoughts on “Jake Tapper Concern Trolls Ocasio-Cortez Over Medicare for All Cost

  1. Why do establishment shills keep asking how America will pay for things. Progressives and even other countries have already answered this. Why do they keep trying to rehash it? Do they really have no other arguments to make?

    • +Masuta Black Cat anarchy means without rulers. Who are you gunna take a definition from? An actual anarchist or a dictionary? No anarchist believes in chaos we believe in rules just no rulers.

    • +Masuta Black Cat belief in the abolition of all government and the organization of society on a voluntary, cooperative basis without recourse to force or compulsion.

      There the google definition of anarchism

    • +mark navarro

      It has lasted in the UK for many decades and UK is still strong. How you can spout such bullshit while America is falling apart is beyond me. Are you blind to the fact the middle class is almost all poor/lower class now in America?

    • +Joshua LoCicero, all governments have their flaws. Some are more dubious, than others, but if you want to observe real live unfettered low to no taxed anarchies in effect, watch the situation in Libya, Sudan or Somalia, or maybe Chiago 1910s-’30s …

      Left with anarchy you wouldn’t be able to prevent gangs from taking over and harassing citizens, and if Big Leorey stopped by your home, and decided to stick it up yours, because he would be able to do so with impunity, then you would just get F’ed.

      You are advocating for leaving people to die by themselves. You might need intensive care one day (accident, serious contagious disease, etc), but if the system isn’t being keept alive and fully functioning, it will not be there, when you need it. Medical modern medical facilities depend on other well functioning institutions and non could exist without accumulated funds from the masses. Taxes are the fee you have to pay to live in a society, where stuff, which you might take for granted, works. Its not theft. You are free to leave for some tax free dump without infrastructure. Besides, there’s a correlation between high taxes and high wages.

      A healthy country needs  organized infrastucture, well funded educational and heathcare systems, but of course, it’s not gonna work without harsh regulations on corruption, and in a country divided in to many states, in which corruption simply occurs, not only with impunity, but with official approval … well, dude, I agree, it’s uphill!

  2. Medicare will be paid for by taxes which we already do. If the rich would pay there fair share of taxes. Somehow one of the richest corporation like amazon paid zero taxes. The government just want people to die for they can put money in there pocket and never use.

  3. She disappointed me again.She didn’t fight back, but she started to give him some some story about ppl struggling.She endorsed Cuomo. I am so disappointed.Gillum from Florida I a also one big sell out. I give up on this toxic Democratic Party. I can’t sit and wait for a change another 10 or 20 years.

    • I support the greenparty and voted for Jill stein. You tell me how much coverage Jill has gotten. Cortez is playingng the game. She’s a Justice Democrat. If you don’t know what that is Kyle Kluinski wrote her platform. You have to be able to get on screen to state your message to further fuel this hostile takeover of the Democratic Party. Progressives are taking down the corporate dems

    • Sit and wait for change?! Obama was right! If you’re waiting for change, don’t! Get out there and make changes in your own life and fucking work. The government will not save you, not Democrats or Republicans… and certainly not socialists.

  4. Honestly at this point it has been well-known that the establishment are a group of self-centered, ignorant monsters that value money over the lives of others. They can’t even be called human beings because they have abandoned their humanity for money.

    • +will N

      You’re kidding right? Most countries in the world would never use atom bombs or nuclear arms because we’re not savage idiots. Even Russia under Putin spares civilians in war times. Don’t compare other civilized countries to American savagery. And no slaughtering CIVILIANS didn’t end in WW2 America has continued doing so in every war since including Iraq and Syria.

    • +Masuta Black Cat ooohhhhkay, so I see you’re just an unhinged, uninformed hater of the U.S. and blinded by hatred, with no sense of historical reality. So pretty much not worth much more conversation on this. But thanks for the input anyway. Have a great day.

    • How about the French high paying government job guarantee for all citizens? Oh wait… no country has ever done that successfully, but that is exactly what she is pushing for.

    • +will N

      You wanna talk history? Let’s talk about how the founder of the US, George Washington, was against political parties and the two party system that America uses today. 🙂

  5. She should just say, “What are you talking about Jake? We are behind the times. It’s like we have landlines and the rest of the world is using cell phones, and you’re asking me how we’re going to pay to not be living in the past. Your question is ridiculous and so are you for asking it.”

    • She should have asked him how anyone thinks we should pay MORE to cover FEWER people! That’s the question because M4A saves us 2 trillion over 10 years (conservatively) and covers everyone.

    • No! MMT explains how economics really works. The US government bank can issue new money out of thin air, just like private banks. But they talk pre-1971 gold standard, limited commodity language, while THEY are fully enjoying fiat currency for themselves all these decades.

      “Three assertions:

      There is no such thing as “taxpayer money.”

      Taxes do not pay for government spending. (Nor does debt. No revenue is needed.)

      Leftists who continue to talk as if “taxpayer dollars” must be collected to “pay for” government programs are undermining Medicare-for-all and every other progressive policy initiative.

      I know these assertions run counter to an economic ideology that has been ingrained in us as obvious and irrefutable, known for sure. And I know how easy and seemingly effective it is to say things like: “Look at all the taxpayer dollars going to the military. We should spend some of those taxpayer dollars on healthcare instead.” But I want to show, with specific examples, why using this language is a bad idea—a really bad idea.”


  6. Mike…she is done. This isn’t the problem that came from this interview…SHE ENDORSED CUOMO FOR NEW YORK GOVERNOR! Along with Gillum being buddy buddy with Corey Booker, the Progressive movement took a devastating hit! I feel sick…

  7. The Conservatives in the UK are not in favour of our National Health Service, they have been dismantling it for years. If they are in power for another term they will destroy it. They pretend to support it because it would be political suicide not to. We are hoping that Brexit fails because the American health companies have been salivating over the NHS, in the hope that it will be completely privatised. We currently have the loathsome Richard Branson being gifted parts of the NHS. We need a socialist government led by Jeremy Corbyn so we can send Branson to the Virgin Islands and never see him again.

  8. This is frustrating! It’s no secret Tapper is pro establishment. The real problem is that progressives don’t know how to answer the damn questions. Why is it so hard to say, This is how much our current system costs. This is how much single payer costs. Ths is how much the American people saves! We should be able to answer these questions in our sleep. Get it together

  9. Mike is wrong about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez doing a good job here. She was placid in her approach, and calm in her Responses. However, Jake Tapper seemed to have a Rocket up his Posterior. Because he was on the front foot, pushing for answers. And, he doesn’t usually Question his “Guest” with such fervour. Kyle Kullinsky or Mike Figueredo Himself would have put in a more combative reply, and would’ve pushed back forcibly against Tappers hot air Questioning. Still, Alexandria is Improving her Debating skills, and she is going need it against these Mainstream Television Talking Heads. Because she now has a Bullseye on her Back, and they’re gunning for her.

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