Voters Confront Senator About ‘Medicare For All’ and REFUSE to Back Down

Senator Catherine Cortez Masto held a town hall with constituents in Las Vegas, and wanted to know whether or not she would support Bernie Sanders' upcoming 'Medicare For All' bill, and her answers were less than satisfactory. As a result, her constituents refused to accept her question dodges and decided to repeatedly ask why she hasn't come out in support of a 'Medicare For All' system, and it was awesome!

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Voters Confront Senator About ‘Medicare For All’ and REFUSE to Back Down

63 thoughts on “Voters Confront Senator About ‘Medicare For All’ and REFUSE to Back Down

  1. Watching these people line up person after person and NOT let this go… Wow. Gives me so much HOPE that we will. win. this. Get on board to save our lives or GET OUT. Mike this is such an amazing show- thank you for helping us see how WE can make a difference by pressing the issue.

    PS: I took my 7 year old daughter to watch me vote for Jill Stein- if I get an opportunity, I will also take her to watch me vote for President Tulsi Gabbard in 2020.

    • the op kingdom I don’t mean this rudely, Jill Stein is a good person but she didn’t have the thought out policies that Bernie had. She couldn’t explain how her proposals would work. She didn’t understand/ couldn’t explain how the student debt payoff would work. I get the vote. Hillary and Trump is no choice but no politician is perfect. Tulsi is great but not perfect either. She likes Assad and Sisi, is against gun control and against same sex relationships. America needs to demand human rights and stop looking for a hero to save them.

    • Um, Tulsi does not “like” Assad and she is NOT against “same sex relationships.” She is pro-peace and pro-gay marriage. She’s also for basic gun control measures like background checks, but she’s NOT for a gun ban. Sensible, since gun ownership as interpreted by the SCOTUS is a right.

    • don’t you want to read the bill first? medicare for all might just mean subsidised healthcare, which means prices are going to hit the roof in the long run again…. kinda like the free college bit. (Price Inflation)

    • The real subsidy is the billions the govt throws at health insurers. Medicare uses three percent for administration – insurers use twenty percent – and deny coverage more. They have the Real death panels. Whenever you hear objections to single payer, they’re floated by paid insurance company flacks.

  2. This is the real start to the revolution. This is the movement we can all unite behind. Democrat, Republican, all outside and in between; Medicare for all.

    • +The Carstard The Brookings institute , a very liberal think tank did a study in 05 looking for institutional racism , because they just knew it existed . What they actually found was , if you do not want to be permanently poor in America today , there are three rules you have to adhere to , regardless of race , religion or sexual preferences . One , graduate high school . Two get a job and go to work . Three do not have children out of wedlock . That’s all . You would be absolutely astounded at the numbers of people who find this impossible in America today . Until the Democrats started the war on poverty by creating the welfare state , poverty levels across all racial lines were on a steady decline every year . When the government declared war on poverty in 62 or 63 , despite the budget for this war doubling every 3 to 4 years the poverty level has remained a flat line since . The government declared a war on drugs in the 70s , despite the budget doubling every 3 to four years, no appreciable effects have been realized . The department of Veteran affairs health system , despite the budget doubling every 3 to four years is still the worst health care system in any civilized nation . So pardon me if I do not believe that the government is good at anything except spending money . And I believe that I know best how the results of my labor will best benifet me . I have no problem with people on social security disability , or social security retirement drawing a check and receiving a health care stipend . Or the mentally ill , however because someone decided to drop out of school and start dropping kids because they don’t understand the word no or know how to keep their legs closed I do not believe they should get a welfare check every month , housing assistance , ebt card to buy food with , or free medical care all provided by the federal and state government with money they took from me .

    • +The Carstard Also every year we hear about how the social security system is going broke . And yet the welfare system doesn’t seem to have that problem and the difference in the two systems is , people worked their entire lives and paid money into the social security system , and not one person worked for their welfare check and the other subsides the government hands out .

    • Dennis Walker The problem with that study is that people who graduate high school, get a job and have a stable marriage are highly likely to be intelligent.

      I do not need government assistance, but many people do. I’d rather pay a little more taxes to not be stepping over people in the street, or getting mugged by the starving unemployed.

      Don’t forget, welfare money goes back into the economy, which increases the velocity of money.

      Money sitting in a billionaire’s bank account does not create jobs.

    • +The Carstard Yeah I’ve heard that silliness quite a few times . The problem with it is every cent of welfare , ebt , housing assistance and medical care was already headed into the economy from the people it was taken from . So the net increase in the economy is zero from what it would be if it was left in the hands of the people who earned it .

  3. if you want somebody who will fight these corporate bought whores and stand up for what the majority of ppl want like single payer, please give me a chance and check out my first 2 videos about why I’m running for POTUS! !

    • ___ I understand you’re saying but sometimes you have to stand up and fight for what you believe in regardless if you think you’re going to win or not because even if I can change one person’s mind then I did something

    • Anthony Rock what isnyour resume, what have you done in politics or community to show youve done and accomolished somthing tangent to show you arent all talk? and how old are you? im realistic, i know you aremyoung, and inexperienced so ill accept something small on the resume to show uouve done something. it just feels like you started following politics in the past year and are now like imma run for potus. you spout of your platform, and what youll do but never detail how youll do it as if accomplishing anything in politics is done immediately with a wave of a wand.

      you sound like trump with blanket statements and no substance.

    • Sanders ran as Independent with a small left leaning party 4 times in Vermont – for Governor, Senate, Congress 1 – 4 % of the vote (I do not think he expected to win, just talk the issues, and get his name out). Then he gave up, moved to Burlington. There they had a Corporate Democrat as mayor and were not too happy with him. – Someone thought this Sanders guy had experience with runing for office and he aligned with the issues (gentrification, help low income folks and single parents, and do something for the youth of the city, etc.) so HE could trry to challenge the 4 term mayor – he unexpectedly won that race in the 80s – with whopping 10 votes more. (He stayed in politics from then on, mayor, Congress, Senator)

      You never know what an experience is good for.

    • Anthony, I’m not trying to dissuade you, but I think it would be important to build a resume before running for POTUS. I certainly agree with fighting back, and I’m sure you have our full support in that. It’s encouraging to see our generation entering into the sphere of politics, and I hope that we can start gaining a foothold against both parties, neither of who represents the will of the people.

  4. Everyone call Denny Heck again. I wanna pin him to the wall. His #1 donor is the insurance industry so if we can move him then we can move anyone. 202-225-9740

  5. Mike– Please do report on Rep Kurt Schrader, who was AWOL in April recess–no town halls. Says he is not in favor of bill as worried about compensation to health providers (and/or insurers, which would be out of business)? Somewhat legit concern, as current Medicare underpays for care, but no reason not to support bill which would take billions from insurance industry that could be redirected to actual care providers.

    • I’ve written re HR 676 to his site and normally get acknowledgements–crickets now. Attempting to step up postcards/calls.

    • Rob Gilmore – Medicare uses private insurance industries and there’s no prescription drug negotiating. HR 676 is just using the tagline Medicare for all, if done right, it could be cheaper and better than anything in the world. Our representatives just need to do their job, open their ears and eyes and not listen to self-interested corporate lobbyists.

    • If done right? These are the same clowns telling us how great the ACA was going to be, and I’m talking about the Progressive Caucus. Why are you still listening to them?

    • the progressives were always for single payer or having the public option included in ACA.  What do you stand for. Trumpcare?

    • Medicare underpays…lol. They are often pay 3 times what an insurance company pays since Medicare can’t negotiate drug prices and often insurance companies try to pay as little as possible for care when it comes to hospital care and have extremely high deductibles in most cases.

  6. Don’t mistake insurance industry care for health care. Romneycare/Obamacare/Trumpcare is not health care, it’s insurance industry care written by the insurance industry.

  7. BRAVO LAS VEGAS ~ Citizens! DEMAND MEDICARE FOR ALL…. We The People – stand in solidarity with you ~ from AZ

  8. “I demxited and am now a Green Party member because they do support this.” Give this lady a fucking gold medal. Finally people are realizing that the Democratics are a center right Party and that the Greens are the true Party of the American left.

    • Benito Mussolini thank you for mention Prop Rep. Shows you have some knowledge. I am not sure of the difference between that and Rank Choice voting. As for your name, Benito was like Hitler’s twin brother practically. They were both equally fascist. I see you do not have his views though.

    • Don’t want to agree with Benito Mussolini, but he’s right on this one. Any party that is taking corporate money is center right at best.

  9. 8:00 … Why is a Senator asking a member of the public about this? Shouldn’t she know about this stuff already????

    • Not really. Even in Canada, which has single payer, insurance co.’s do a thriving business, offering “Cadillac” plans to cover frills, like a private room if you are hospitalized, that the single payer system may not cover.

    • Megarational Which is fine. Here they try and get out of paying as much as possible and its almost pointless to have health insurance unless you’re rich or your job pays for it.

  10. “Every dictator would love to have this level of complicity among his own state press like it is the case in the US with the private media.” – Noam Chomsky

  11. * Majority of the American people * “Hey we want this thing”

    * Senators * “Nah”

    Why do these fuckers keep getting elected I don’t get it.

    • * Guy Running Against the Senators * “Also naw.”

      There’s your answer. Every election has turned into a lesser of two evils election where neither choice seems notably better than the other.

    • “Why do these fuckers keep getting elected I don’t get it.”

      Fraud, redistricting, lobbyism and voter suppression.

    • M A Labombard And don’t forget all of the fuckers who don’t vote because “it’s only one vote” and their “voice doesn’t matter”! European countries have over 90% voter turnout and we barely squeak by 50%. Fucking pathetic.

    • Because the “nah” means Fat Corporate Bribes and money gets you elected. The Dems are still lusting for those bribes as they curse progressives like their masters want – Howard Dean trashes Tulsi on a regular basis.

  12. this is clinton’s talking point

    she said that sanders wanted to get rid of medicaid.

    didnt mention that he wanted to replace it with medicare for all.

    • And her vile spawn Chelsea was on the campaign trail saying Bernie wanted to get rid of Medicare, get rid of the VA health care system and not mentioning that they would be replaced by single payer that covers everyone.

      Dogs bark. Birds chirp. Clinton’s lie. It’s just the nature of the beast.

  13. We need Medicare for All. Especially since we have let our infrastructure rot and more people are getting sick from poisonous water and other contaminants in our food supply. We need to totally rebuild the infrastructure in this country and quit spending over 50% of our discretionary income on the military. We need infrastructure, not starting wars and killing other people when we are killing our own people from neglect. We need a revolution in the streets. The electoral process is broken.

    • Hoodoo Man Absolutely. I could barely watch this or believe that someones child could die because her parents could not afford treatment is unthinkable evil. Your neighbour Canada has healthcare for all when people are dying like a third world country. You must not give up.

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