Dianne Feinstein: I Won’t Support Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All Bill

TYT Politics Reporter Michael Tracey ( ) attended Senator Dianne Feinstein's town hall, where constituents asked her tough questions on a range of topics, including universal healthcare, Syria, and immigration.

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Dianne Feinstein: I Won't Support Bernie Sanders' Medicare For All Bill

46 thoughts on “Dianne Feinstein: I Won’t Support Bernie Sanders’ Medicare For All Bill

    • And to the Asian woman re: the criminal elf lol… you can impeach any cabinet member, just as you can any judge or president, vp.

    • When folks who were originally prescribed pain medications, get addicted under MD supervision, and then cut off by same MD after increasing dosages until addicted, they are victimized. The addict then turns to illegal ways to treat their pain including illegal oxy or even heroin. This is why so many people, especially women, of a certain age are addicted. And the poor do not have the resources to private pay for addiction treatment. This is not a problem created by the addicts; it is one created by our system. Addiction should not be a crime even if the addicted are forced by their addiction to buy illegal drugs. The money spent to prosecute and imprison addicts would be much better used to treat addiction and chronic pain without addictive drugs. Legalize marijuana. Decriminalize drugs.

    • They often prescribe medication based on the patients self-diagnosing themselves… They also get a kickback from pharma as an incentive.

    • Yes, that happens. But as frequently, MDs just do not know how to treat chronic pain. There are folks with legitimate pain problems whose MDs prescribe highly addictive pain meds. As the patient’s tolerance increases the MD increases the dosage. The patient will try to wean down but the drugs often cause a rebound of even more pain than the beginning. The patient cannot get off the drug. The MD then acknowledges that the patient will be on the med for life. Big pharma has patients for life either for the pain med or for other meds, to supposedly help the patient get off drugs. Oh, but then they are habituated to the new drug. This occurs if the patient has access to treatment. What happens if the patient loses access to insurance and has to cold turkey a prescription drug they are addicted or habituated to. This happens even with antidepressants. A friend had such a rebound effect of pain and depression that that person tried to committ suicide. The point is that this is not mainly a problem of low lifes. This is a problem of regular people who do not have many resources. These problems should not be criminalized. The system is the problem.

    • It’s funny how taking ungodly sums of money from special interests can sway someone’s opinion/stance on an issue. #GoFigure.

    • The Real do you even know what a corporatocracy is or is your head that far up your arse? You should really know since you live in one.

    • +krazyknva78 I’ll start by calling her office and threatening to not vote for her in the next election if she doesn’t change her stance. Too many right wing Democrats in so called “left coast” California…

    • bobwps3 she has has the chance to prove herself a corporatist unconcerned about lives. take her out now! everything she thinks is wrong and bad for humanity….

    • +Carina24 One possible positive outcome is if this will pressure her to retire, then we can get someone better in a special election.

      Thanks for the support.

      I’ve always wondered why Barbara Boxer retired, who was younger and much more progressive, but right-wing Dianne Feinstein is older than Sanders, is also somewhat unpopular, but won’t back down or adapt to change.

    • “We don’t have the numbers”…well you did in 2009 and wtf did u do to show for it? The right wing’s wet dream of a healthcare bill.

    • I had a good laugh – clickbait, sour grapes or the scared establishment paying for a hit piece ? I noted the “author” … professor at Mercer University – is it THAT Mercer ? – the one that financed Trump from summer 2016 on, delivered staff incl. Conway and Bannon and got him into office ?

  1. 9:43 – “Yes”!?!? Is that a fucking joke? Her FEC filings show OFFICIAL disclosures from her most recent election cycle, claiming she’s accepted 60k from general dynamics, 54k from northrop, 38k from bae, 35k from raytheon, etc. – she’s a damned liar

    • And those are only the defense contractors, which I used to highlight the hypocrisy after she stated she didnt believe in regime change – she gets money from all of the other usual suspect industries as well. Overall, she raised $12.7M for the most recent cycle

  2. How can that be the Senator of California of all places? She’s riding the center rail worse than fucking Joe Manchin in West Virginia. What a spineless, hypocritical coward

  3. Shame on her! Ppl accuse bernie of causing division , when it’s her and if others of her democratic ilk! She supports Trump’s missile strikes, but not Bernie’s healthcare bill.

  4. As a Californian, I have tried to vote this horrible woman out several times. Californian’s need to stop voting for the D and start voting for the integrity of the person in question. She is a conservative, not a liberal. She has happily given up many of our freedoms and voted for our illegal wars and supports our illegal incursions into other countries. Please, Californians, stop voting strictly for the D and start looking for real people who care about this country and not just their pocketbook and control of the American population.

  5. we are tired of you all protecting the pharmacutical companies and insurance companies to profit from human suffering instead of us

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