Uh-Oh: Trump Doesn’t Know Difference Between Medicare & Medicaid

–Donald Trump demonstrates a total lack of understanding on the topic of health care, not even knowing the difference between Medicare and Medicaid

–On the Bonus Show: Teen YouTuber kills her boyfriend in video stunt, woman faints after breaking a $44,000 bracelet, DHS delays plans to impose further airline laptop bans, and much more…

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Broadcast on June 29, 2017

Uh-Oh: Trump Doesn't Know Difference Between Medicare & Medicaid

61 thoughts on “Uh-Oh: Trump Doesn’t Know Difference Between Medicare & Medicaid

    • Which should worry us all…..the shock IS wearing off, and that’s a problem.
      As David Frum so aptly put it, “If Trump were half as bad as he is….he would seem worse.”
      Think about it…..

    • avedic I would prefer if the shock over his stupidity wore off already, I don’t want to hear anymore about how he doesn’t know how to read, he has the attention span of a toddler or, the word that replaced at least half the democrat’s dictionary, Russia, I want democrats and journalists to talk about how he is screwing the poor and the middle class to give it all to the rich, but that isn’t likely to happen, they won’t go against their sugar daddies, that’s why they rather lose running republican-lite candidates than win with progresives

    • When I think that it just can’t get even deeper, someone adds more crap to the pile. GOP uses this stuff as a distraction to execute their devious legislation.

    • DashaAZ vln He is not qualified to clean toilets at Mc Donalds and besides Mc Donalds has higher standards and would have fired him months ago.

    • sorry for typos
      …i just….i get too worked up for my own good n it isnt ez to see or think thru all the tears…
      i just wish we could all have common sense n love for our fellow man n woman regardless of tbeir beliefs, profession, stature, what they wear or who they love. none of that defines who we really are…
      need to stop the surface scan n dig deep…we need to care as a society as a nation. America wasnt built w selfsih pride or ignorance. if we ever hope to continue growing as nation, a powerhouse, our people need to be one, to see that we can all live equally, happily & peacefully the way ea of us wants…
      ok. sorry. im done rambling….
      God bless America and ea person in this great big amazn World….

    • Idenia Najera

      They shouldn’t be!! it’s not like he hasn’t been saying it for years! But I have no real comment on this guy… because no one WHO SAYS “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN…” can explain to me exactly what they mean when they say that! Yet, I have my views of when America was great… and it surely wasn’t called America during those times!

    • steve edwards I have had exactly the same experience. No one can explain to me what that slogan means. But it sure must sound great to them. Sad.

  1. I am Canadian and am starting to rage on Americans because of Trump. I find this to be so unfair. Some of them deserve it for sure but it’s so hard to tell which, so I just lump them together. Why did Trump lovers have to be born? Why? God help us. That goof stands for everything that is Wrong with the World.

    • +Daniel Appleton I was going to suggest, he appears to be as sharp as a racquet ball. However, your assessment seems more accurate; an old, shriveled up, worm infested, pus-filled avocado with a rotting pit. And that’s just his numb skull. We don’t even want to go discuss other shriveled up and smelly body parts.

  2. How can anything be the Democrats fault? The Republican have the majority EVERYWHERE.
    They are just as disorganized now as the have been since they won the majority. Now they are the hockey team with all the players on the ice and still can’t score.
    Sorry, blaming Democrats won’t fly right now.

    • Merri Cat You and Cheryl Ernst made excellent points! Team Trump and Republicans are desperate to blame anyone they can for their failures. The funniest scapegoat is the investigation into Russian collusion. Any rational person understands that collusion with Russia is treason, which is something even conservatives won’t tolerate.

      Fortunately, I suspect conservatives are getting sick of watching their leader bungle everything. George W had terrible approval ratings at the end because even conservatives lost faith in him. Trump is at record lows already, so I don’t think the blame game is working for him. I also suspect that Americans are getting tired of Trump making up distractions (like the non-existent Comey “tapes”). The current distraction is the idea of Trump working with Putin to increase cyber security (that would be funny if it weren’t so crazy).

  3. Medicare is not just for ‘seniors’. It is also for people (like myself) who have worked much of their adult lives – but became unable to work because of some type of disability. In these situations, the person must have been an SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance) recipient for two years!

    • because he has a cabinet of people behind him, who are just as bad if not worse. Trump is worse than all of them in the sense that he is not qualified to be president (doesn’t have proper education), and doesn’t seem to care about the country as much as any president should. but the people behind him can do more harm since they are more familiar with their power and the legal system. it’s more of a pick your posion kind of thing. if he was impeached, all of his policies would stay with his replacement, Pence, and Pence would continue what Trump started in a more cautious and educated way (meaning he could manipulate the legal system for his personal views that just so happen to sync with Trump)
      it’s also one thing to hate a president and another to hate his policies, Trump’s half thought out policies seem to line up with a lot of Republicans

    • Because a bunch of dumbbutts voted for him, and unfortunately he has a 4 year term, and a Republican congress is unlikely to impeach him. Sad!

  4. a female Congresswoman on Joe and Mika talking about Healthcare this morning said “Trump is engaged but he doesnt get involved in the minutia”


    Im thinking “Is that ur final answer lady”?

    • Ryan Reed they make excuses for his incompetence by saying he is not a politician and he’s learning. BS, a high school student has more knowledge about how the government works and more manners than this man. I should probably say a junior high student

  5. it’s not that trump supports don’t care that he doesn’t know anything. most are so dumb they don’t know he doesn’t know anything.

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