Medicare for All

As the latest Republican attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act stalls in the Senate, we need to keep up the pressure. Healthcare is a right that should be guaranteed for all Americans. Robert Reich explains why moving towards a Medicare for all system would deliver better healthcare at a lower cost. Please watch and share:

Robert Reich: Medicare for All Explained

6 thoughts on “Medicare for All

  1. Thank you, Mr. Reich. I have long resented the idea that we (and our taxes) are “all in this together” when it comes to spending more on military than the next 15 or so countries combined, but we’re completely “on our own” when it comes to our health. If the government insists on taking money from taxpayers to buy yet another goddam tank that’s just going to sit in the desert so that a senator can claim “hey, jobs!” and get re-elected, then it can damn well pay for some sick kid’s cerebral palsy. Why is killing people from other countries more of a priority than taking care of our own citizens?

  2. Only together can we get Medicare for all. The people are divided so we have no power. So we are about to get royally screwed again.

  3. Single Payer Health Care works in Canada as I type this comment, is the USA mature enough to do the same?

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