11 thoughts on “Turning 65 Open Enrollment – Choosing a Medicare Policy

  1. Thanks I just turned 65 and on Medigap when I recently had a physical my doctor advised me that she was giving me the Medicare physical I ask her the different in what my group insurance physical she said Medicare does not allow for all of the labs that group insurance. I am learning so many rules that applied for Medicare does not covered so am I correct that Medicareis not going to cover what my group insurance did cover

    • No, there is no special election period to get off of Plan F onto another plan because Plan F is not going away. The rates will be horrendous, but it is not going anywhere. You could keep it if you wanted to. I cover this in great detail here: https://PlanNMedicare.org

  2. My understanding is open enrolment period for a Medigap plan is 6 months after I have been accepted into Medicare. My acceptance date into Medicare will depend on when I signed up for Medicare during my open enrolment period for Medicare Part B, (3 mo prior, mo of, and 3 mo after I turn 65. Correct?
    According to Medicare’s website, it could take 3 months to get enrolled into Medicare if I waited 3 months after my 65th birthday to sign up for Medicare. Thanks

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