Tulsi Gabbard Schools Dianne Feinstein on ‘Medicare For All’

Some Democrats have been taking a lot of heat at town halls because they refuse to get behind a ‘Medicare For All’ system. And it’s not just that they’re getting booed; their constituents are literally calling for them to retire. Dianne Feinstein has been one of the recipients of this outrage. Tulsi Gabbard, however, had overwhelming support from enthusiastic constituents at her town hall because she actually pledged to support a 'Medicare For All' system. In this segment, we juxtapose Feinstein's town halls with Gabbard's to illustrate EXACTLY how you talk with your constituents about healthcare.

Tulsi Town Hall (Full Video):

Feinstein Comes Out Against Single-Payer (Full Video):

Feinstein Town Hall – TYT (Full Video):

Feinstein Asked to Retire:

Feinstein’s Donors:

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Tulsi Gabbard Schools Dianne Feinstein on ‘Medicare For All’

73 thoughts on “Tulsi Gabbard Schools Dianne Feinstein on ‘Medicare For All’

  1. Designating Feinstein as being a “Conservative” democrat is exceedingly nice. Reactionary hypocrite seems more appropriate.

    • SocialEthicalCapitalist53 she’s equivalent to a rotting carcass covered with maggots. probably smells like it too.

    • thenotorious ong let’s comment only on her policies and not attack her personally. If you don’t agree with her politically, talk and comment on that. What she smells like is not relevant.

  2. I am so freaking happy to see Tulsi has come on board with co-sponsoring HR 676. For a while there I was worried, but I have no problem with her signing on to the bill and also being critical of the details- that’s leadership. Go Tulsi!! #Tulsi2020

  3. EDIT: if you want to know how it’s going to be paid for just watch the videos on my channel!! Hello. I know this is going to sound a little crazy but I’ve decided that I can no longer be silent while our country carries out mass murder against people in 3rd world countries and allows so much suffering to happen. Since President Trump has taken office we have increased drone strikes by 432%!!! In the month of March alone are airstrikes have killed 1400 innocent civilians.



    • Pat Hacker thank you I appreciate it. I’ll have more videos coming out today or tomorrow describing how Malcolm X warned us about European and American colonization of third world countries and how the media covers it all up

    • I wear hearing aids and wearing headphones over them can have unpredictable results to say the least. I cranked my speakers as loud as I could but the echo in the background just caused my hearing aids to squeal. I’ll keep an eye out for future videos. GL to you, we need as many progressive voices running for office as possible.

    • Anthony Rock “Invest in small business… End corporate socialism… End wealth inequality”
      -It is obvious that you are confused

  4. The sad thing is that you have a majority of democrats supporting a Republican health care plan, but they say that Bernie isn’t really a Democrat. REALLY

    • You’re right about them saying Bernie isn’t a real Democrat, but I beg to differ on them supporting Republican health care. They previously supported Obamacare, which would have been better if it wasn’t tarnished by GOP compromises, but it was a step in the right direction, and now just over a quarter of the House of Representatives (all of them Dems, which is to say a majority of the Dems in the house) support Berniecare a.k.a. Medicare for all, which John Conyers introduced for Bernie as H.R. 676. Look it up on house.gov.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not happy with many of the Dems on a lot of issues, but they’re trying to get some things done despite Republicans in control of congress, and that’s difficult to do without compromise. I hate seeing them compromise, but are the Republicans any better? And do the Greens stand a chance right now? There’s a reason Bernie ran as a Dem and REFUSED to take Stein’s place on the Green party ticket. That said, if Hillary gets the nomination again in 2020, perhaps I’ll vote for the Green party.

    • No. There are looking like they’re trying to get progressive stuff done because they know none of it has any chance of passing.

    • sorry, the way to unite people in the party would have been to have a candidate who has policy proposals addressing things people care about. To say that Hillary Clinton was the solution to the lack of unity, and i include Warren who i used to have hope for and who can’t support now, based on learning the limited nature of her commitments to positions she says she advocates, to say that people should suck it up and support Clinton in order to defeat Trump is to be part of the problem of what’s wrong with the US political system, exactly what lead enough people to support Trump that he won. Those who can’t see that Hillary Clinton is not a viable or quality leadership choice will continue to lose ground. Blaming these people for the Trump presidency is blaming the victims of a political system that offers no good representative choices to voters, so that most, a majority, don’t vote at all. To turn around and blame those people because those who control the determination of choices don’t give them choices who represent their interests, is to be missing the bigger picture and the trends in where things are going politically in the US.

  5. All the politicians supporting medicare for all/single payer HAVE TO mention numbers and how it’s going to affect their paychecks. The other side says “we can’t afford it”(which isn’t true). Explain that medicare for all would eliminate our 100-300 dollar monthly insurance deduction. I think I pay like 20.00 a paycheck into the medicare bracket right now. I’d rather pay 40 or 50 more bucks into that and not a shitty insurance plan if it means every citizen is covered.

    • Nate Brown Bernie during the campaign mentioned something to the affect of a 5% increase in the payroll tax for everyone under a certain tax bracket, but that is still less than most insurance premiums unless you make way more than the average yearly income. I forgot most of the details.

    • C. Venom. It’s not negativity, it’s honestly. You can’t want something into reality.

      As long as Tom Perez is head of the DNC, Tulsi Gabbard will not be the Dem nominee.

      As long as the Clintons hold a lot of power, and they still do, Tulsi Gabbard will not be the Dem nominee.

      As long as Tulsi Gabbard remains the in House, she will not be the Dem nominee for President.

      As long as we have a 270-to-win requirement, we’re stuck with a two-party system, no independents can be President (at best they split the EC and the House picks the prez).

      I like Tulsi Gabbard, but she is 36 years old. Give her time to grow into the position.

    • I agree with much of what you say but just imagine if Bernie announced that he was starting an independent party with intentions of making a run in 2020 and inviting any and all to join….the internet would catch on fire.

    • ben dunn I was just thinking this the other day..it could easily happen. The people are tired of the big money sellouts on both sides. An independent party led by Sanders would easily win a majority of votes in my opinion. The problem is with all the blockades the two party duopoly has set up to stop third party candidates from being able to break in. Unless we address these loopholes and laws, it’s still a very long shot. But it can happen.

    • “independent party” is an oxymoron, but he could start a party. But our current system is designed to prevent third parties due to the fact that they have to win at least half the electoral college. Thus, the Third Party candidate would have to have immense appeal to win–but that is unlikely given Republican and Dem strongholds, which would both be fighting the third-party candidate. So, in that scenario, the best you get is a third-party that prevents anyone from reaching 270 … and then the House gets to choose the President and we default back to the two-party system.

      Going to a popular vote would make third parties viable, which is why Dem leaders will use the popular vote to bash Trump but they don’t actually want to change the rules

    • Zucchina the problem isn’t money, it is power.
      When a politician has the power to either make a law that will help your business succeed or make it fail, you would logically try to convince them to pass the law that helps you. They give money, land, stock, even their daughters to try to get favorable laws passed. Even without money, unchecked power still corrupts.

    • Only as long as people love money. When the people cease to love money more than liberty, there is no longer power in it, only a millstone around your neck.

    • Drop the Chalupa! Keith is the male Rachel Maddow. Seemingly he sounds good while criticising Republican policy, but supports the same policies when Dems are in office.

    • I just follow him for shits and giggles at this point. When he starts taking loons like Louise Mensch seriously, people like him have some major problems.

  6. Tulsi would make a great President period! How about a Tulsi Gabbard/Bernie Sanders ticket for 2020? Sigh, I can only dream 🙂

    • I love the optimism here, but it’s time for a bit of perspective. The Center for American Progress just hosted a private donor event for Dem candidates in 2020 to lay out their policy stances. That’s Neera Tanden’s group, and Neera Tanden hate’s Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders. Neera Tanden and corporatists like Tom Perez control the Dem Party, and they will have more than enough power to make sure Tulsi Gabbard is not a viable candidate in 2020. Tulsi won’t run. She’s not dumb.


      Again, Warren is a bridge to candidates like Tulsi Gabbard, and she’s pretty much the only bridge we’ve got. We can either unite behind her, or we’ll end up with a corporatist like Booker or Gillibrand. Tulsi is young. She will probably make a great President, someday. She’ll still be in her 40s in 2030. There is plenty of time for Tulsi Gabbard, but she is not a realistic candidate in 2020.

    • Would be a good start in progressing our government. But I hope they win it as independents . Because the two party b.s. is the biggest farce in the nation.

    • @robert, Requiring that one candidate get half the electoral votes or else it goes to the house essentially ensures a two-party system.

    • No. Bernie has shown that he will cave when up against the wall. His policies are great but someone younger, stronger and who will not be so nice to the Rethuglicans and corporate Democrats is needed. Run with Bernie in 2020 and he’ll be shafter again and he’ll let himself be shafted, just like he did this year.

    • I think the 2016 Presidential Election was unordinary.

      The corporate Democrats had their anointed candidate, and she lost, BIGLY. I hope I’m not being too optimistic, but I think 2020 will be lot different. If the Democrats do not rally around Bernie, or another progressive candidate with a similar agenda, then they will lose the White House again.

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