Trump’s Pathetic Lies about Social Security and Medicare

Trump was in Montana, telling people that Democrats want to "destroy your Social Security" and are "going to ruin your Medicare." Mr. President, stop the lying. Last I heard, it was your own budget that cut Social Security and Medicare, not the Democrats.

Trump's Pathetic Lies about Social Security and Medicare

51 thoughts on “Trump’s Pathetic Lies about Social Security and Medicare

  1. His agenda (the GOP’s in general), to ultimately do away with new deal policy for social security needs to be forefront in Democrat election promotion, that’s the soft underbelly of red state voters, who need those funds, which are not “entitlements”, we each paid for them every paycheck of our lives, they’re earned.

  2. Thanks goodness Ryan is almost gone, in many ways he was a more malevolent character than Trump. However the GOP has many like him to fill the void, were it not for evangelicals the party could never win an election, what can be done to somehow address the vote by command bible thumpers waiting for the rapture?

  3. The trump promised medical care for everyone…he promised we were going to love it. BIGLY LIE! The lies are endless. Where are the sources for his “great accomplishments “? Where are the jobs? Everything is more expensive! Where are the great wage increases? No sources are given. Just made up numbers. When are the 500 Kidnapped children going to be reunited? What about the families that have no hope because the trump claims the parents are unfit…where is the proof? More made up stuff. Made up numbers/stuff are LIES.

    • Good way of turning your own flaws around Gilmore. Republicans are the ones who want to perpetuate the inherent inequalities of pure capitalism. Also how can someone without a job be “on the plantation” doesn’t that imply they have to be working? Your analogy got a bit mixed up there.

    • Harry, a flat tax is not fair. That’s because capitalism is inherently not fair. Wouldn’t it be nice if medical care was a cheap process yeah, but it’s not. If what Bernie is doing is theft then not doing it is murder, so I’ll go with Bernie.

    • +zymethpwn my own flaws? What? You dont care about equal opportunity. You only care about equal outcome. You democraps will rape and pillage anyone better and more successful than you just to bring them to your level of “equality”. Go watch Dinesh explain the plantation for you. Once you get away from the left and listen to the other side, you might actually learn something.

    • They are also the ones who want YOU to keep most of your money. Unlike Bernie who wants to tax you so high, you won’t see any of your money.

    • Sorry but the tech companies have shut us down. We will never win now. Bernie sold us out for the Democratic party.. Bernie should have taken Jill Stein’s offer to run third party..

    • If he ran as 3rd party and trump won, everyone would be Bernie bashing. Do you think there would be any progress for progressive issues if that happened. I think what Bernie did was selfless and showed dedication to the American people.

    • Our grifter in chief with all the biggest and the best lies. Actually, they’re really pathetic for anyone who’s paying the slightest bit of attention.
      Don the con

  4. We need Laws to protect the people from LIARS like Trump and his GOP buddies. They are nothing but Greedy rich bastards that need to be put on a chopping block and have there head removed and shown to the public on national news. New laws need to be passed to make this happen. Castro did not go far enough in Cuba.

  5. *Trump mooched off the taxpayers all his life by borrowing and going bankrupt.* *Who the hell did you think was paying for his playboy lifestyle?* *You the taxpayers are repaying his loans, fools!* *He doesn’t give a damn about you, so stop listening to his lies!* *He’s a complete failure, don’t let him take you with him!*

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