Top 5 Things We Wish Beneficiaries Knew About Medicare – #4

Medicare Part B has an annual deductible. If you have just Original Medicare, or Original Medicare and a Medigap Plan G or Plan N, then you'll be responsible for paying your own Part B deductible.

You should never pay this at the time of your healthcare service. It is not a copay. Let your doctor or healthcare provider bill Medicare first. Medicare will apply the deductible to the first bill it processes and then pay your provider. The provider will then bill you for the deductible. Always be sure to follow these steps so that you don't accidentally pay your deductible to the wrong provider.

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Top 5 Things We Wish Beneficiaries Knew About Medicare – #4

3 thoughts on “Top 5 Things We Wish Beneficiaries Knew About Medicare – #4

  1. YEAH! That same thing happened to me, but it was with a different part of my bill! I didn’t think it was correct, but I paid it anyway!!!

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