GOP Quietly Passes Bill To Gut Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security

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With the nation's attention rightly fixated on President Donald Trump's horrific treatment of immigrant children, House Republicans on Tuesday quietly unveiled their 2019 budget proposal that calls for $537 billion in cuts to Medicare, $1.5 trillion in cuts to Medicaid, and four billion in cuts to Social Security over the next decade in an effort to pay for their deficit-exploding tax cuts for the wealthy.

"It's morally bankrupt, patently absurd, and grossly un-American," the advocacy group Patriotic Millionaires said of the GOP's budget proposal, which calls for $5.4 trillion in spending cuts from major domestic programs."

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GOP Quietly Passes Bill To Gut Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security

91 thoughts on “GOP Quietly Passes Bill To Gut Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security

  1. Wonderful, what’s it gonna take for real change to occur in this country? Maybe this will be the boot that kicks people into the streets for a real revolution!!

    • Arkinyte 13,heres my answer for you assholes,Do not involves the boots or world with your problems assholes,whatever the problems in the mafia government stay in the mafia government did you understand that,the boots the world doesn’t work in the mafia government in actual life,make your fact straight assholes.the truth is,you are feed up by thier lies evil jews,and had nothing to do with the boots or the world,are you the losers? Seek the truth assholes and the truth will set you free assholes,you are purely blind ignorant yeah! If theres anything collapse are the America because of No money,would you surprise this I am not are you? you are truly embarrassing yeah! I think you are illiterates like them yeah! out of my life you are No part of my life assholes.and whatever your problems solves your problems assholes that is your problems not mind.I am out of your life completely assholes,and mind your own business.did you understand that or not.thats all and thanks.

  2. be sure to thank the G.O.P. in november, people. ballots are bullets. use them!
    stay current on your voting status. those bastards will do anything for their donors and for power.

    • Exactly.. Someone has to pay for that 5+ trillion tax cut for the rich,so the middle class,the elderly on programs like Social Security, Medicare,Medicaid,those who of the working poor will pay..People are card carrying fools,who think that any Repug gives a damn about YOUR LIFE AND YOUR SURVIVAL..NONE..

    • Randy Swails
      It certainly does. People dont want to believe that it pertains to now. But if a,person studied it. They couldn’t deny it.

  3. So while in the news he’s screwing the children and behind the scenes screwing the poor and elderly. Cool. Right wingers must be so proud of this. Smh.

    • Yes, Thanks Obama for the 10 trillion in new debt you added. Thanks for the great food
      stamp give away. Thanks for low wages.. Thanks for lower home sales. Thanks for
      ignoring blacks. Thanks for turning your back on our vets. Thanks for a crooked DA. Thanks
      for Hillary Sec of State. Thanks for higher health ins premiums.

    • The deflection game. But Obama!, but Obama! Like a broken record. Never mind the training programs he put in place, never mind giving protected status to famous landmarks, never mind dodd frank, never mind banning off shore drilling. All of which trump has undone. So while your busy yapping about a former president the current one is screwing us over. And FYI your buddy trump just added to that national debt so ponder that while you’re still whining about Obama.

  4. Who cares Poor People keep Voting for Republicans because they’ve been told don’t worry we’ll take care of you before them People! The Rich get Richer….Sneaky deflections screwing us Americans and laughing all the way to the Bank!

    • Zach Davis Deficit is real but Geriactric Trump just screams and spits and forgets what he’s talking about but his base base love the ol’ codger. He needs help.

    • Geriactric Trump just screams and spits and forgets what he’s talking about but his base base love the ol’ codger.

    • I bet trump is collecting his social security- even though he pretend that he is giving his salary( presidential) to charity……BS-he is fleecing US…..

    • That tax cut for the rich is way past 1+ trillion…It’s closer to 5+ trillion on the backs of those not wealthy..

  5. Social security is not an entitlement since we pay into it. I have been paying into it for 45 years and I and many more like myself are not one of the uber rich that can afford to have benefits cut when my time to collect comes up. The present GOP and their leaders are so corrupt and greedy and could care less about the average American citizen. Because of their greed and sanctimonious approach there will be a special place in hell waiting for them.

    • Pam Kimmons
      Absolutely PAM; sad. Donal Trump does not know what it is to have a need. I don’t see how Democrats will let this happen. !!! People need to get off their bits & vote. Maybe this will cause an uprising !!!



    • You don’t have to care bout me. But someone you know depends on it.Maybe when they die you can care then.Creep

  6. We the people need to take our government back it’s about time we run the country and we can run it a heck of a lot better than they could ever do we know how it is to work hard all day and scrape money to pay our bills and feed our family but we do it not like these people that get paid off by rich people that don’t care damn about the Working Class People

    • aaron g lol why are you folks still so hung up on Obama. He isnt in office anymore. He isnt making these completely ignorant policy decisions. He isnt turning the U.S. into a fascist oligarchy. He’s gone man. Idk why thats so hard for you guys to comprehend. Blaming obama for the current problems does nothing to fix them. I dont care for him much myself but at this point he doesnt matter. Neither does hillary so lets quit with the “whataboutism” bullshit.

    • It’s dismaying to see that most of the country does not know what is going on. Our real government was usurped back in 1871 buy a group of slicksters. Read and understand the act of 1871 and you will begin to see. Ch. 62 sec 28 will show the big picture . Also read and understand the Federal Reserve Act. Did you know the Federal Reserve is owned privately by a group of banksters( gangsters)?Research who owns the Federal Reserve. The banksters conspired secretly on Jekyll Island.

    • Robert Stovall • Oh, it goes back a little further than that, sir. 1865 did my country in and paved the way for future likes of Obama — check his presidential record; worst in U.S. history — to wreck the Republic.

  7. Sure seems like this bill was timed for the child separation crisis. Either the administration/GOP had it planned this way, or they rushed the bill while everyone was rightly outraged over Trump holding children as hostages.Everytjing this administration and the GOP are doing now is sick.

    • Yes Sharon Laughing. All these comments from people that have no idea what goes on at the
      border. Just what you hear from media. I have been to the border many times.. Do not live too far from border. If you want to know the truth come on down.. Learn something . Or you continue
      to listen to Cnn and their agenda.

    • Fred Davis. My entire family has lived in Texas for eons now. Waco , Laredo, Mt PLeasant, Houston, and others. My sister and I spent all school vacations in TX. My uncle’s parents had slaves who were treated like family, and carried their name, which I believe might have symbolized who ‘owned’ them, I hate to say, but we loved old Sam, especially. I remember poorer people taken care of medically by my uncle , who couldn’t pay,, leaving 100 lb bags of potatoes on his doorstep. I remember that Sam’s family loved our family, too. So even tho the slaves were freed by Abe Lincoln, they existed well into last century. I only guess that at that point they had no where else to go, being uneducated, and actually feeling security and even love by many. I forget now what you posted, but it did annoy me. Of course this was back in mid-fifties and forward until it sort of got a ‘little ‘ better. TINY BIT. But, I do remember when growing up in St.Louis , my mother took my sister and I to Chicago on the Greyhound to see a friend of hers. We boarded, but instead of the good seats at the very front, she kept walking to the very back. I asked why we were there, and she said, no reason, I just like it. But, as people
      boarded I saw black people come to the back, and whites in front and middle. My first remembered experience of segregation. I grew up in a rural area until my parents divorced. I had never known there were any other colors. No one’s prejudice, this is just where we lived. I moved to St. Louis when I was in 5th grade. It was nice, but I missed the country. So, Mexicans have been in my life for my lifetime. I have played in the dirt wither, ate muddied with them, was best friends with a Mexican girl for 60 years now, etc., etc. I understand them, too, and of course, why they want to be here. So don’t dump on me, pal. Just tell me how anyone can keep track of or take care of everyone at once? Are you going to? Because I am well known for taking people in, but am just too old now. So, r u going 2 do it?

    • Aquatic Borealis Republicans have been doing this,why aren’t Democrats doing ANYTHING, instead of laying around with their eyes shut

  8. I worked my whole life putting into SS and I expect to get it. I would bet others do to. This will be a fight.

    • The proposal cuts supplement social security, not normal social security. That being said, social security has been a problem for a long time that no one has wanted to touch. Keep pushing back full retirement age by a few months at a time does nothing long term. Unlike private pensions that require actuarial calculations and maintain a specified funding level, social security is not. They do not adjust the income social security is taxed or the benefit amount as life expectancies have increased. Social security is set to fail because of its lack of projecting future cost to current tax revenue.

    • Roberta Pierce if you had been paying attention, you would have known 15 years ago that she was going broke! You forget LBJ financed the Vietnam war with our S.S.I.!

    • Roberta Pierce, I concur. They keep labeling this as entitlements., like it’s free. It’s not free, we paid for it. Now their trying to rob us to pay for that corporate tax cut.

    • baron v Q … so right. most of us on “the bottom” hate Ryan who has no sense of conscience for the “little people”. and as for the question, how does he sleep at night? the answer is simply … most comfortably on his $5000 mattress … while there’s homeless veterans and other discards of the capitalist system living in boxes below the bridges in LA and other cities. what a sick society … of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich … just as the rich founding fathers planned it out. just my spin.

  9. I like how they took money out of my check for 30 years whether I liked it or not and now they’re going to tell me it’s a damn entitlement how the hell is that

    • Judy Vaughn
      I never thought of it that way. You are 100% right. They took our money and now call it entitlement?
      They are criminals!
      Thank you Judy.
      God bless

    • Did you sign an SS-5 ? to register for Social Security ? What you signed/agreed to was a POA allowing the gov’t to withold social security/medicare TAXES from your paycheck… why would anyone agree to that???

    • I am not understanding how someone like you can ask such a stupid question? How do you prove something does not exist? She is asking for some information so she can research his claim????? That is a legitimate request, where did you get facts? He is claiming this bill exists?? Provide the evidence!!!

    • Elizabeth Aragon,

      ALL the info presented in this video is accurate…..

      it takes 60 votes in Senate to pass a NEW LAW…. but passing a policy related to the “BUDGET”, only requires 50+ votes in Senate. that’s why the Repuds are CONSTANTLY using Budget policy changes to cut & defund all the many things in America, that the Repuds want to take away from the American people.

      ALL of these recent policy changes by Repuds, cutting future Medicaid, Medicare, & Social Security, were achieved totally partisan by the Repuds, by them gaining only their 50 to 51 votes.

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