Tennessee CEOs BUSTED For Medicare Kickback Scheme

Two CEO’s got caught stealing $4 million from Medicare and both are facing years behind bars. Filling in for Mike Papantonio today, Farron Cousins discusses the case.

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Tennessee CEOs BUSTED For Medicare Kickback Scheme

29 thoughts on “Tennessee CEOs BUSTED For Medicare Kickback Scheme

  1. They stole from the government what do you expect they should of just stold from middle class and poor people they would be fine

    • Pyroman / Sure you are right about that…But “government” should “mean you… Well in a true democracy/republic anyway, so in a way they stolen from you and your tax dollars…

    • Pyroman / : They, in effect, DID exactly THAT. That’s what’s SO egregious about it, and why it’s good news that they got caught. Being doctors, and only hurting poor people, will probably mean that they have to pay back the money and do a few months at a Country Club Jail, before being back at it again? . . . SMH . . .

  2. I bet they will spend time in a cushy prison if at all. Glad they were caught. That’s alot of money sick people can use.

    • Humble one : I was thinking that. We’ll be LUCKY to see them Struck Off, given that these were financial crimes, so they’ll get a fine, be told to pay back the money, and be BACK OUT, AND AT IT AGAIN, WITHIN A YEAR . . . I don’t know why, but they make me think of that obtuse couple in Better Call Saul, that just weren’t willing to face REALITY, even when Jimmy catches them Red Handed? I mean, HOW MANY TIMES did they have to REPEAT THE PROCESS to get to THAT KIND of life-changing amount of cash? . . . Mean SCUMBAGS, who won’t be able to show their faces in THAT town any more, but will pop up, like a rash, somewhere else . . . SMH . . .

  3. Finally someone caught, many more providers do the same. Need more insurance investigators and auditors. Stop these crooks and lock them up.

  4. Farron: you are confusing Medicare with Medicaid in your last statement. People 65 and older regardless of income are on Medicare. Medicaid is the program for those living in poverty.

    • Gayle: What has that got to do with what I said? Read the first sentence and comprehend. I was commenting on Farron’s last sentence (“your last statement.”). Did you listen to the video? Your comment, while absolutely true, is not relevant in that context..

  5. Let us have a moment of silence, please. Today we mourn the death of two of our nation’s greatest examples…Honesty and Decency. The fish is rotting from the head to tail.

  6. Wow. CEOs actually going to prison? That’s nothing short of astonishing, especially in the age of Agolf Twitler.

  7. Local SWAMP dwellers! Another example of money needed by citizens being funneled into pockets of already wealthy men! I checked! The SWAMP is crowded on every level!

  8. Are you kidding??? Next year they’ll be running for Governor of Tennessee like Rick Scott in Florida, or Trump will appoint them to Cabinet Positions. RESTOCK THE SWAMP!!!!!

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