Medicare Parts Explained 2018 (FAST!)

Medicare Parts Explained by our Forbes Finance Council Medicare expert // Get our New to Medicare checklist and free 6-Day Email Mini-Course here: .

Trying to learn the parts of Medicare when you are first eligible is over bewildering and overwhelming. All our lives we've had our insurance options presented to us by an employer and then we turn 65 and we have four parts of Medicare, 10 Medigap options, and we have to learn about supplemental and Part D options to boot. In this video, you'll find Medicare parts explained easily and simply.

Watch this video if you want to learn:
– The 4 Basic Parts of Medicare
– What each Medicare Part covers
– How Parts and Plans are different!
-Which Parts you may not need

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Medicare Parts Explained 2019 (FAST!)

29 thoughts on “Medicare Parts Explained 2018 (FAST!)

  1. I’m a client of Boomer Benefits and have had a very good experience with this company. They really know the details and they’re relaxed and amiable. I enjoy having an independent agent with a national perspective.

    • Most Medicare Advantage plans – but not all – include a built-in prescription drug plan. Each company sets their own formulary of medications, so its important to check to see if your medications are included in the formulary before you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. All Part D plans must include at least 2 medications in every therapeutic class so that your doctors will always have some choices of medications to treat you with.

  2. I’m a client of Boomer Benefits and was happy to have the company ‘hold my hand’ in helping me to signing up on a timely basis and not miss a beat as Medicare can be confusing and has a lot of moving parts. Renee was incredibly patient with me and fully understood my questions and concerns. We got the job done, and now I’m all set and a fuller understanding in how the different parts work. Great people, great service!

    • Thank you! You’ve got some time but when you turn 64, find us here and we’ll have plenty of videos up by then, plus we have New to Medicare webinars that you can join to learn the basics. 🙂

  3. This is so helpful! I have older parents and becoming more informed about Medicare has been on my list for a while. Thank you for providing an accessible introduction to this program.

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