Supplemental Medicare Insurance – Steps To Choosing The Best Medicare Supplement

To compare supplemental Medicare insurance plans, review the Medicare Supplement Benefits Chart. You can find it here:

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In this video I explain how supplemental Medicare insurance works and the steps you need to take to choose the best Medicare supplement plan.

This video is about Medicare supplement insurance, also known as Medigap… not Medicare Advantage.

Here's a video about Medicare Advantage Plans if you're interested:

Medicare supplement insurance fills the gaps in original Medicare. The gaps are your share of the expenses for Medicare-covered services. These expenses include:

Medicare Part A deductible
Medicare Part B deductible

Steps to choosing the best Medicare supplement:

1. Review the Medicare supplement benefits chart
2. Compare plan premiums from several companies
3. Check the insurance company's financial stability and ask about any discounts.

Your goal is to get the most comprehensive Medigap policy your budget will allow.

Medicare supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive.

Medicare Supplement Plan G is next in line.

Medicare supplement Plan N is a good balance if you want a lower premium and can handle a little more out-of-pocket expense.

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