Does Medicare Cover Dental? What About Dental Crowns And Dentures?

Get Instant Access In this video I answer the question, "Does Medicare cover dental?" I also discuss what dental expenses are covered and which are not. Tips are given on choosing a Medicare Plan to increase dental coverage.

Senior dental insurance is expensive so it's only natural to expect that dental is covered by the Medicare program. After all, routine dental and restorative procedures such as dental crowns, bridges and dentures can put a big dent in your budget.

Medicare was never intended to offer comprehensive coverage. Dental, vision and hearing aides are seen as extras and the focus is on inpatient stays and outpatient procedures, doctor's visits and tests.

Many people think that buying a Medicare supplement will give them dental coverage, but sadly this is not the case.

A Medicare Advantage Plan will often include extra benefits like dental and vision. Medicare Advantage dental benefits can come in one of two ways. Benefits can be as a dental discount or as a dental insurance rider.

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My final answer to, "Does Medicare cover dental?", is sometimes… but not comprehensively.

7 thoughts on “Does Medicare Cover Dental? What About Dental Crowns And Dentures?

  1. Great video and very informative. I was just telling my friend this and she
    did not believe me. Well now she has it. Medicare does not cover Dental
    Bridges or Dentures. Medicare has very limited benefits. Thank you.

  2. I just dropped medicare part b. It’s allot cheaper for me to pay my doctor
    in cash. Don’t believe the hype. And i still get part a fpr free. The
    doctors office says it’s cheaper for me to pay cash then paying the $105
    for medicare. Do the math people. 

  3. More comprehensive coverage would be nice, I agree… but paying for it is
    another matter. Sure… we have all the money we can print! Problem is…
    the only thing behind that money is IOUs. Money from thin air only dilutes
    the value of the money you hold.

  4. Ok video, It really sucks that Medicare will not cover dental. They need to
    cover , dental ,vision and hearing. Medicare needs to end this stupid 20%
    and provide full coverage. We have money to bail out the country Greece,
    but no money to bail out Social Security disability. Congress was talking
    about oh we don’t have money for Social Security. Greece was facing
    financial collapse and all of a sudden the money was available by the U.S.
    Greece had gotten money from EU to help them out.

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