Some Democrats Are Pretending Bernie’s ‘Medicare for All’ Bill Doesn’t Exist

Bernie Sanders finally unveiled his highly anticipated 'Medicare for All' bill (S. 1804); and it's off to a fantastic start, with 16 Democratic senators cosponsoring this legislation. However, there's still some so-called progressive Democrats that are pretending Bernie's bill doesn't exist, and conspicuously, many of these holdouts also took the most cash from the health insurance industry. It's time we give them a call and let them know that they need to do the right thing.


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Some Democrats Are Pretending Bernie's 'Medicare for All' Bill Doesn't Exist

53 thoughts on “Some Democrats Are Pretending Bernie’s ‘Medicare for All’ Bill Doesn’t Exist

    • Hey, hey now, Kimmel at least is calling out Republican Healthcare bullshit. His momentum could be an entry point for Medicare for all to the general public.

    • Not sure why people attack Jimmy Kimmel, he’s not political. His kid got sick and he has an opinion about health care but he is not really political. It’s not like he uses his platform to intentionally play in the political arena like Maher and Colbert do.

    • To anyone living in New York, call Chuck Schumer to cosponsor Bernie’s bill or we’ll vote against Kristen Gillibrand next election if he won’t run for re-election.

    • Andrew Na , the GOP healthcare is worst than the ACA if you have a pre-existing condition then you die…and the ACA isn’t much better. Medicare for all seems would be the best system compared to for profit healthcare insurance companies. The GOP has some really scary plans for healthcare. Seems they want it to go backwards. .. they’re to into for profit healthcare.

    • No we force them into a corner
      They lie and continue the lie to the point where single payer is passed
      And we win
      They lie and stop the lie at any point and they lose any trust they can ask for
      Which means we win.

    • Protemp
      They lost trust years ago and still the status quo remains. They need to be voted out then things will change. If they start seeing their friends losing their jobs then they’ll truly fall in line. It’s all about money. That’s their only motivation.

    • I’ll take their support, but I too don’t trust them. And ideally, I would prefer to have them voted out, with grassroots progressives taking their places.

  1. Damn, I love it when you make those calls, Mike.
    What’s up with Tammy Duckworth? How is it that she isn’t sponsoring it?
    As for Elizabeth Warren, I have no idea what to think about her. She sponsors this bill, but then she just voted for that 700billion for more wars. She’s all over the place, kind of like Obama was.

    • Sammy McFone We need more people like you, we have too many voting for the politician who says the thing they want to hear. We don’t get anything from words though. Their votes are what actually matter.

    • I believe that Tammy will come out in support for the bill, but she’s still a junior senate member. Her views seem pretty well suited for it. I think pressuring one will topple the other and she’s the most likey of the two to care.

    • but I’ve called both offices as well as my piece of crap house member’s office John Shimkus to voice my concerns over this and net neutrality. Hopefully John gets the boot soon.

  2. You’re the man Mike! I love these videos where you call our ‘imposter’ representatives. Your words always cut like a fine blade. You’re one of the rare breeds who has a mastery over your thoughts and words and can lay down a powerful message w/o using profanity. When you do that your words can’t be denied. Bravo for nailing that expensive sellout!

  3. Warren is meeting with Wall Street donors in Martha’s Vineyard this week. I certainly don’t trust her. She’s fundamentally an enemy to progressives who occasionally stands up for the right things.

    • so what? she takes their $ and uses it against them. It was done by FDR, Kennedy and others in the past. It also, disarms them into thinking “they own you”. Every fight is not a straight up brawl, sometimes you have to stick a shank in the back of the bullies!

    • It’s a tactic, not a position. This whole bill had no chance of going through, so all the corporate dems can support it without worrying that their donors will be upset.

  4. I dont buy it. Bunch of fakes, including Warren. She endorsed Clinton and pushes Russiagate then gives speeches for wall street. Yea, the so called “progressives” in California pretended like they were for single payer and look what happened. The only dems id vote for thus far are Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard. I wish Kucinich or Grayson would run too….

    • I’m with you!! I don’t TRUST the ‘democrats’ in office any further than I can throw them! They LIE to get into office and then don’t do what they promised once they get in! Liars all!!

  5. Elizabeth warren also voted for an 80b dollar defense increase to 700b. Fot what liz?! War? If she wanted single payer, why is she not saying we coulda used that 80b for healthcate

  6. DO NOT be fool and stupid, they are talking pretty but they actions says something different . Most of these politicans support wars with too too much money to kill people, right, but they don’t have money for health for citizens. Come on! They speak from both sides of their mouth. like Nancy Pelosi Is one very good example. Just listen to their corruption talk.

    • Lip service means they know we’re stronger than them and their owners.
      It also is fuel for a fire for us to hold them to if they back off.

    • Protemp lol, all bets are off once you vote for them – these are the same players who had a super majority in Obama’s 1st year, and did nothing – they are too corrupt.

    • Protemp, you vote for a democrat to office, then they do nothing for you. So next time, you vote for a democrat again? LOL When will this madness end?

    • Nobody I know trusts these corporate whores. On the contrary, we expect they’ll screw us over. But I’ll take their lip service regardless.

  7. @3:08 biiiiiitch. Sit down. You just voted on further expansion of spending on warfare and military in the thin guise of “defense”.

    • charlie matthew – Now THAT really pissed me off! We, the American voters/tax-payers/citizens should demand a detailed accounting of every single dollar that is given to the military. A week of so ago, I heard John McCain lamenting the fact that many soldiers do not have the equipment, etc. they need to perform their duties completely or safely. Afterwards, I started to wonder why/how that was even possible. The military is the ONE agency/group that consistently gets a revenue increase every single year – but they don’t have enough money to do their jobs properly?? What in the hell is going on?

      Before we give another dollar to the military, we should require that every recipient of this funding give a detailed and verifiable accounting of where/how that money was spent. I cannot shake the thought that something is going on here – something that is neither good, ethical or possibly, legal. I am especially worried that much of this money is going to fat-cat billionaires – like Haliburton – for work either done, undone or never started. After all, how easy would it be for a company like Haliburton to put together a legitimate-looking proposal for something – something that was never real and never intended to be built/constructed/etc.?

      We MUST know how this money is being spent! If we do not require this type of accountability and/or if it is not currently happening, there is no end to the potential for cons, schemes and rip-offs. What bothers me so much is knowing that there are thousands – perhaps millions – of Veterans who have returned to America – only to discover the government that enthusiastically supported them in signing up for – and serving in – the military has virtually abandoned them. Many of our homeless population is comprised of Veterans. Many of them get Food Stamps if/when they can.

      As far as I am concerned, anyone who serves this country in a war should have the red carpet rolled out for them upon their return to America. They should never be without food, shelter, clothing and medical/psychological care. Vocational assistance and/or training should be theirs for the asking. But we all know this is NOT reality.

      And yet – here we go again! Yet another increase in military defense spending. I do not, honestly, believe we need all this money for defense. I believe we are being sold a bill of goods. I believe that many powerful and wealthy people – in government or otherwise – are able to maximize their wealth under the guise of “fighting terrorism”. I believe the actual threat of foreign terrorism to Americans is way over-hyped and untrue. But many of these fat cats and legislators have discovered the financial benefits – to themselves personally – of perpetual wars and will do everything in their power to keep Americans frightened, reactive and to support them in continuing these wars. At last count, America was/is engaged in SEVEN separate wars! HOW did we get here and why do we allow this to continue?

      The reason other countries can afford to give their citizens universal healthcare is because they put the citizens of their countries right up at the top of their list of priorities. They understand the futility of spending a huge chunk of their money on military/defense, while leaving their citizens to somehow manage on their own. They also know that if their people are happy, healthy, educated and secure, they will be far better equipped to fight a war or to fend off terrorists.

      The USA has gradually become a nation filled with selfish, mean-spirited, “every person for him/herself” pathetic shell of a country it was intended to be. Helping your brother, your neighbor or your community? Nah – That is charity! Help myself? Well, of course! And I must be an awesome person; otherwise “god” would not allow me to have become so wealthy”!

      Have you heard about the so-called “Prosperity Gospel Church”? That is the one Trump says he belongs to. They “believe” that their wealth is a sign that god has chosen them to be so fortunate because they are such special and worthy people. Otherwise, they would not be as wealthy as they are! Okay – I admit it! This “church” – and its doctrine actually made me laugh! Talk about the tail wagging the dog!!

  8. This country has turned out to be “The people versus their representation”. We actually elect and PAY the salaries of people who fight tooth and nail against us…how insane is that?

  9. Most media outlets are pretending that the Medicare for all bill doesn’t exist. Even NPR are going out of their way to avoid giving it much attention. Thanks for doing your part to inform Americans, Mike.

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