Rep. Denny Heck Becomes 2nd Democrat Primaried for Not Supporting ‘Medicare for All’

Two Democrats in Congress initially refused to cosponsor John Conyers 'Medicare for All' bill, H.R. 676—Brad Sherman and Denny Heck. After putting pressure on Rep. Sherman, he eventually succumbed to pressure from progressive activists and cosponsored H.R. 676. However, Rep. Denny Heck refused, and consequently, he's now being primaried by a progressive namely due to his refusal to back H.R 676. Let this be a lesson to corporate Democrats; one Democrat saved himself by cosponsoring H.R. 676, the other is getting primaried for not backing it… still think progressives were joking when we told you 'Medicare for All' was a litmus test? Didn't think so.

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Rep. Denny Heck Becomes 2nd Democrat Primaried for Not Supporting 'Medicare for All'

44 thoughts on “Rep. Denny Heck Becomes 2nd Democrat Primaried for Not Supporting ‘Medicare for All’

    • Profit is ok in a well regulated market.  Today’s health insurance is hampered by crony capitalism, broken into many small monopolies and near-monopolies.

    • Yes, I agree, and that aspect of insurance companies is despicable, and consumers need protection from this abuse. However, this is a characteristic of insurers across the globe and it’s down to government too protect the public.

    • 125 years ago, firemen were largely for-profit. You had to pay an annual premium to display the company’s badge outside your home. No badge, no firemen.
      We decided that that model didn’t work well. What happens if your neighbor’s house catches on fire, and he doesn’t have service?

    • Marlyn Get government out of health care.we need a free market health care with competition witch you shop for your plan not big government health care like single payer and obama care where they force it down your throat.

    • For profit – or simply paid? See this is exactly the point. It’s not unreasonable that people are paid for their time. It’s simply price gouging that people are averse to. I imagine firemen are better paid individually now that they ever were in the past.

  1. Alright. I’ll give them credit. They’re taking a play out of the tea party’s book. At least before they got poisoned by Koch brother money. I’m no right winger, but I remember back when I was, they booted out weak republicans.

  2. Nice work!! Stay strong & never give up! There are many battles before winning the war. Suggest activists remain respectful & consistent. Don’t lose the message on delivery. Keep it factual, polite, & unending. Go for the distance. 🙂

  3. I’m glad you guys are pushing this. Even though I want to see both parties completely destroyed, I’m glad you’re doing this.

  4. If Justice Democrats are worth anything, they will put the most money and effort into specifically primarying and winning against congressmen that don’t support Medicare for All.

    • +Kevin Clements I Like Your Pun, I Also Liked That Pun/ # on The Video Lets Get The HECK! Out of Congress. When it Comes To Single Payer I AM A PURIST! As A Voter, I DO Have A Litmus Test For My Elected Representatives, Its Called Being Progressive. on All Issues. Single Payer, $15.00 Min. Wage, Green Energy. Etc.

    • +Jaguar Warrior
      I think we also need to be pragmatic too. Single payer needs to be 1st….then we can work on the others, but Healthcare & rising costs associated with it are the #1 problem and needs to be addressed 1st.

  5. Oh my gosh- I love that her name is Tambourine. How memorable is that? I think she’s awesome- this woman is going to *fight*. ❤

    Americans like this make me have hope for this country. May there be three hundred more like her running…

  6. The number of hacks being primaried for this will only grow. Mark my words. People are tired of being screwed over. Forty years is enough!

  7. Washington vote those liberals out. We need progressive candidates. Oregon as well! I’m working hard in California. We can change a lot in congress by going for progressives.

    • I know you guys have three progressive firebrands going after the most corporate of Corporate Dems; there’s obviously Stephen Jaffe gunning to take out Nancy Pelosi and there’s both David Hildebrand and Topher Brennan gunning for Diane Feinstein’s seat. The corporate era is done for; both liberals and conservatives are getting sick and tired of these goofballs fucking our lives up to benefit their profit margins.

    • WiggleBabies You work hard right you want proggresive communist values then pay more taxes yourself and leave everbody else alone.

  8. Now is the time to Primary Corporate Democrats. The DNC is unable to fund local and state elections since they are bleeding funds. Grassroots candidates stand more a chance now than ever.

  9. Mike, I’m VERY grateful to you for your activism and reports. I’ve been fighting for this since I was 18 (in 1970). I have multiple disabilities, but now I’m on Medicare. But you are getting things done that I only talked about, and giving us the good news, too. Again, thank you!

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