Smug Babbling Fox Hosts Nuance Troll Ocasio-Cortez On Medicare For All

The US could insure 30 million more Americans and virtually eliminate out-of-pocket health care expenses while saving $2 trillion in the process, according to a new report about Medicare for All released by the libertarian Mercatus Center.

In the report, Charles Blahous attempts to roughly score Bernie Sanders’ most recent Medicare for All bill and reaches the somewhat surprising (for Mercatus) conclusion that, if the bill were enacted, the new costs it creates would be more than offset by the new savings it generates through administrative efficiencies and reductions in unit prices…

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Smug Babbling Fox Hosts Nuance Troll Ocasio-Cortez On Medicare For All

63 thoughts on “Smug Babbling Fox Hosts Nuance Troll Ocasio-Cortez On Medicare For All

    • Duron Wise Except her facts were wrong…and, do you even pay attention to political media? FOX has had to apologize for fucking up their stories significantly less than NYT, CNN, or any other mainstream media outlet.

    • JJoe — I don’t know where you get that stat. _If_ that even were true, it’s only because FOX doesn’t own up their mistakes. Because hypocrites on the right somehow hold the non-FOX media to higher standard and if it came out that CNN didn’t own up to a mistake, they would be crucified.

      It also shows you CNN’s and NYT commitment to the truth, instead of simply ignoring mistakes, they own up to them to ensure people have the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

    • +Mc3 First of all the population size doesn’t matter too much since it’s mainly a question of percentages, a good indicator is your GDP. Check out Sweden’s GDP and compare it to yours. We pay 33% in income tax unless we earn below a certain amount at which the tax goes to 0.
      If you really think the US couldn’t handle universal healthcare, free universities, etc. that we do with a significantly weaker GDP you are a certified loon especially since we took in imigrants to the tune of 1-2% of our country’s population in one year. And even with that we were able to sustain it even if it took heavy hits.

      Also before you go around shouting bogus figures you might want to check them up first so that you’re not simply loudly proclaiming your ignorance to the world.
      /A concerned Swede

    • I think it was Denzel Washington who said – “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you do read it, you’re misinformed.”

    • Fact: If you read that previous comment and watch Fox News, you’ll dismiss it as a lie. You also probably think that Trump has never broken the law.

  1. Amazin.. Medicare for All also covers mental health issues. Fox news people would benefit from this help… BETAS!!!!

  2. “OKAYSIO-Cortez doesn’t know what she’s talking about! Next on FOX: How climate change isn’t real; God sent Pat Robertson a message through his toaster; How trickle down economics is the perfect way to avoid a recession.”

    • Harry Mann Jr it’s like you’re too fucking stupid to realize that ALL of us are up to date on her policy positions and don’t jerk off to Sean Hannity all day like you.

    • Matt Rikli
      Wow, Harry Mann Jr folded like a soggy grilled cheese sandwich and deleted all his posts. It’s always so sad (but not surprising) to see Team Dotard members resort to such an extreme level of cowardice. Rather than leave a permanent record of their rhetorical FAILINGS on social media for others to learn from, they put party before country.
      I believe the Red State term for this is “yaller-bellys”?

  3. Brah, get this through your heads. Trump, Palin, Bush… You don’t get to speak about people mis-speaking when those are your party’s top three leaders of the past two decades. You have to pick a different line of attack.

  4. I am a German and pay roughly $380/month for healthcare. Those $800 Kyle mentions, let alone $1.000 are way too much. Healthcare is a basic human right and everybody should have it.

    • +DNC ISKKK Taxed so much, yet the German average income is only 14% lower than the average american income after taxation. That’s about $380.

    • +brippie Sure, The thread is dead, I don’t bother checking your facts, that are wrong. You are dishonestly just accounting incometaxes, not total tax, that is dishonest. I do not belive your numbers either. USA is just about on the top with a big margin to germany on that, I believe my country Norway is between Germany and USA, and we are quite lower than USA on income, despite being a more high cost country. That is also a factor you discount. Norway is high, but we pay twice of what you do on housing, 50% more on gasoline, we even pay 50% more for donald duck comics, and like 200% more for a bar of mars.And most of theese goods are cheaper in the US than germany, so americans have more money in their pocket from that also. Where would you pay for an iphone, or a car? Cheaper in the US than germany. Before Trump, most EU goods has been tariff free, but most US products in the EU has had tariffs of 10-30%, that is a cost you people pay. Trump leveled this now, and the EU has upped their tariffs, making you more poor, Why do you defend it? Do you even understand it?

    • +DNC ISKKK I’m sure you’ll have even more money to spend if you steal your food as well. But in civilized countries we like to have things like healthcare sorted for everyone. If you don’t invest in your country the country will not invest in you. (and vice versa) The problem with skimping on payments is that you will end up with pockets of Somalia in your country. And this is why I defend it. I hate squalor in my country.
      And last time Germany had pockets of Somalia it didn’t end well…But don’t mention the war…

    • Ed Applederry And if folks are going to your country and spending money on restaurants and hotels in order to access basic health care, you can wave a flag high and count that as a point of pride. Meanwhile in the US, the point of pride for us is that despite the poor quality of healthcare for tourists, there are still tourists willing to come here. Bless their souls.

    • +Alice Ying Shan This is a bot from sillygay valley, do not listen to it. Very evil being, who called herself humanbeing before.

  5. I remember when trump genuinely didn’t know what the nuclear triad was… Just sayin.. cause… you know.. He has the launch codes…

  6. The biggest character/personality/ideological flaw of Libertarians and Republicans is that they lack empathy. The biggest problem of our time is that parents hadn’t learned that the most important trait in teaching our children is empathy. Without empathy, everyone is either a psychopath (heartlessness without guilt) or a sociopath (heartlessness with guilt), and Libertarians and Republicans lack this basic personality trait. They can’t understand Progressives b/c the Progressive message **requires** empathy.

    • +Eric Duprey Yep. For those you actually have sympathy, because you could be one of them. But not for the ones that are not similar to you, THAT would be empathy. Don’t confuse one for the other, those terms are not interchangeable.

    • Joy Baker How could they teach their kids empathy? It doesn’t serve their goals of maintaining the status quo. Any change for them would be inconvenient.

    • +Luminita Baboianu All people are similar to me. They’re human beings. I want liberty and prosperity for all of them and we know that free markets and capital investment is what lifts the world out of our natural state of poverty.

    • Some leaders or party members will stand on a sinking ship and fill a life boat to capacity (lives saved) Other leaders stand on a separate ship and tell everyone on the sinking ship to keep filling one life boat while ignoring the screams from people already on it as it sinks. You decide who is who.
      I wish it was as easy as free med for all but you would be asking alot of engineers, scientists, nurses and doctors to work for free full time.

  7. Hilarious to hear Harris talk about getting facts right and then immediately saying that Palestine is not a state. You can’t make up irony that good.

  8. What it is is $21 trillion in “unaccountable spending,” in other words they “can’t tell” where the money went exactly because of like you said the shuffling around. So, in other words they as good as lost $21 trillion because if you were being audited and couldn’t account for $21 trillion dollars they would say you misappropriated that money and you would be responsible for that money.

  9. Randian philosophy appeals mostly to people who are mental teenagers (including actual teenagers) because teenagers are naturally self obsessed, and Rand’s philosophy of radical selfishness appeals to their nature. Thankfully most people grow up

    • +Scott W That doesn’t sound like a Libertarian because a Libertarian throws both positions to the wolves. Yes, Libertarians are relatively agreeable on some aspects of foreign policy and military spending, but Libertarians live under the delusion that the solution to every problem lies with letting huge corporations control the market by the false assumption that supply and demand always fixes everything. There’s a reason that Monopolies were outlawed and busted up, but most of the regulations that protected us from monopolistic manipulation have been removed at this point.

    • +Robert Masengale there are anarcho capitalist libertarians that believe any government intervention in free markets is a bad thing. These are the ones that get the most attention on both right snd left leaning shows because what they have to say is more interesting than everyone else. There are others that look at limited government as a necessary control against the shortcomings of a completely free market. There are libertarians that have a reasonable approach to government, but their first instinct is to try to figure out how more freedom can solve a problem and if the issue is one in which government oversight is necessary, they will support it. I consider myself a libertarian and am 100% against privatizing social security. I believe in medicare and medicaid and support expanded national healthcare program.

    • +Scott W I do tend to view left libertarians/social-libertarianism in a much more positive fashion, but even the minarchists are a bit too far for me

    • +Scott W Just because I can watch youtube videos, I should be able to afford insurance for another family? That’s a bit of a stretch. My own family’s health insurance premiums cost almost 10% of our monthly income, phone/internet bill is like 1%. That doesn’t even include all of the copays you have to pay out of pocket on top of the premiums. So paying directly for someone else’s health insurance isn’t in the cards right now. Good for you that you can do that though. And yes, when it comes to foreign policy, I’m much closer to libertarian than either of the other two major political party positions.

    • +Paul M im going to make some educated guess which i could be wrong about here. I assume your family health insurance is around 10k. At 10% that means your family makes $100k, putting you in the top 25% of earners in the US. I believe that you are responsible with your money and provide and plan for your family. Those assumptions may or may not be right. If this were the case, you can afford to live within means less than what you are and assist other less fortunate people in a more meaningful way than you are now. You dont because your family comes first to you as it does for me. That is along the lines of a libertarian.

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