Ocasio-Cortez Shuts Down Conservative’s Anti-Medicare for All Nonsense

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Ocasio-Cortez Shuts Down Conservative's Anti-Medicare for All Nonsense

80 thoughts on “Ocasio-Cortez Shuts Down Conservative’s Anti-Medicare for All Nonsense

  1. The GOP and corporate Dems can’t argue against the facts. The majority wants medicare for all, and it is also cheaper for society-even according to a Koch brothers study!
    We won’t stand in the way of elites- if they want to keep their expensive private medical insurances! They should stay out of ours!

    • Brash fun fact: the government will not stop people from going to work with a cold. You see Drs. Don’t prevent colds, they treat symptoms. If a cold is what you have visit a pharmacy not a Dr.. Fun fact: Finland has how many citizens? You go ahead and look that up. Fun fact: planes trains and auto mobiles run on fuel that is carbon based. And that electricity you use comes from nuclear reactors and coal fired power plants. Wind and solar power will never provide enough energy for the needs of our economy and taxing people like you and me will not solve the problem but will put a huge burden on your scant resources and that is what a carbon tax is my friend. There is no getting around it. Government wants you to pay for their cheesy and shoddy thoughts on climate. You will pay the bill, not a wealthy person. And finally fun fact: leftists want you to give up your rights not give you more rights. Yes, you will have no say because there are very smart people like Cortez who know what and how much you should consume. You will not be free you will be told what and how you can communicate with others. Just take a look at college campuses, once a bastions n of free speech, now telling students what and how they can say words. You see being groomed for the leftist agenda is all there is today. Liberal Democrats have been pushed aside by socialists, leftists who are out of control and want nothing more but the subjugation of people like you.

    • +Casey Cowley Actually Doctors do work on preventative care, they make sure you have your shots and recommend proper eating habits and living conditions. Yes, they don’t outright end colds altogether but every person who listens to their doctor goes a long way, but for that to happen everyone needs a doctor they can afford to visit.

      Did you know? If every home in Arizona had a solar panel, they could power the United States. If Arizona became one huge solar farm it could power the world. My friend has a solar panel on his house, big screen TV, electric car… Not only is his electricity free, APS pays him $200 at the end of every year. Unfortunately for me my house is in disrepair and can’t support a solar panel on its roof.

      I stand with Jordan Peterson on my thoughts toward college speech. I do not support laws that control what words people say, I don’t even support the Republican law that bans swear words in the congress and senate. If I am asked to use words in a certain way I just might, if I’m required to I may never.

      Finland having so few citizens just means America’s huge population will make free college even more effective.

    • I’ll agree with Medicare for all If its entirely payed for by those who want it and not forced onto everyone. the problem with affordable health care is who is gonna pay for it and dont give me the the rich will pay it because guess how many millionaires and billionaires are in government or give massive donations to government officials. its gonna be payed by the working class like it is in Europe and guess what they are doing now? they are fighting progressive ideas and turning right wing

    • +Willie Cruz A public option is an agreeable idea. Although money in politics is also an issue, a big mistake in left-wing European politics is they’re more focused on changing copyright and speech laws rather than fixing actual problems.

      Taxes are one of my primary concerns in America, which is why I can’t support Democrats or Republicans. You see it a lot where the rich are actually taking tax dollars rather than paying into it. If the rich who do this simply stopped taking that money we’d be able to have medicare for all no problem, then if they started paying their fair share we could have everything progressives want and still have money left over.

  2. Conservative and Establishment Republican mindset: So long as I have mine, why should I care that others don’t have it either?

    • +Jorge Carranza for the middle class American it’s more like 3000+ in taxes. Using canada as an example is a poor choice however as its struggling from underfunding. It’s also to my understanding that it doesnt cover dental, prescription meds, long term care and a few other things for which Canadian have private insurances for. What everyone fails to understand is why our insurance is so expensive. There is little regulation. Why do they tout a single payer system is “cheaper” for the average American? Because if they do happen to cover absolutely everything they sure as hell arent going to be paying out what insurance companies currently do. So they are comparing the cost of a regulated system to one without regulations and the regulated system, if you look at countries that are actually doing it successfully aka Scandinavian countries, you’ll see that they pay a lot more taxes than canadians with strictly regulated borders so that their system isnt bled dry. For a single payer system to be successful in the US at best would just be trading current insurance payments for increased taxes. But wait back to that regulated thing. If the government would actually regulate some of these absurd prices that drugs and treatment cost they could bring down insurance premiums considerably and increase what insurance actually pays for. The drug prices in the US alone are like on average quadruple what say Canada pays and the US Gov certainly isnt going to spend that much on drugs under a single payer system so why not regulate things now to make insurance affordable for all? Increasing my taxes for a single payer system in no way shape or for will save me money compared to a better regulated medical system covered by private insurance

    • I personally feel that politicians in the US and the for profit healthcare system in the US who give money to politicians have successfully brainwashed a lot of Americans into believing that there system is number 1 in the world and every other worldwide system is sub par. How can you feel a system that profits off of you or your loved ones Cancer is a great system. Its Barbaric.

  3. I’m going on Medicare in January and couldn’t be happier. 1/3rd the price of my current plan without the constant bs.

    • Right, it’s 1/3 the cost because the government subsidizes a high percentage of it. But Ocasio-Cortez and Humanist Report imply that it is “free” health care and it most certainly is not. It’s a very average health insurance plan that is subsidized by the government at a fairly high percentage. You still have co-pays and have to pay a monthly premium of at least $135 a month, which is usually taken out of your Social Security. Pretty much everything in this video was wrong. I’m on Medicare and it’s nowhere near as comprehensive as the insurance that I used to get through my employer. So I got a “Medicare Advantage” plan to go along with Medicare to supplement it. That’s an additional $200 a month I pay in health insurance because Medicare has high deductibles and much more limited coverage than what I had with my employer-provided insurance.

    • +jon ward That’s simply not true. You have deductibles that you have to pay for just about every service you get from a healthcare provider. Not to mention the monthly premium that you have to pay.

  4. Theyre saying affordable healthcare to equivocate what she is saying to corporate dems like Nancy Pelosi so it muddies the waters. Not really to turn progressives off from Alexandria but to allow wiggle room for democrats like nancy pelosi so they can turn around and say see theyre both the same. They’re both progressives. They’re trying to ride Alexandria’s populous wave without having to actually contribute like usual.

    • I listen to the conservajerk media for amusement from time to time and they are just foaming at the mouth about Ocasio! I say more power to someone who earnestly wants to improve life for us below the top 5 or 10 percent.

    • Well Pelosi is the one that made all the promises about ACA that didn’t come true, and now they are making you new promises, and you fall for it yet again. Just how gullible are Democrat voters?

    • +yaimavol even though Alexandria takes no campaign contributions from private insurance groups. Crawl back under your rock doofus. The projection from your statement is hafdly worth a real response.

    • +Paul Smith I don’t live under a rock. I travel the world. Have you been to a single payer country? Have you seen how it works or doesn’t?

    • +yaimavol Totally agree The Corporate Dems are really Republicans and have the same big DONORS to please. AOC and other representatives like her want regular people to enjoy the perks only enjoyed by the Elite in DC and their cronies up til now. I stand by AOC no matter what she wears, because she is showing how to break the “but this is how we’ve always done things” cycle!

    • +impalabeeper She has already explained that she is going to defund the military! American soldiers should be saving Americans first, and not the other way around.

    • Carlos Spicyweiner So that means we break the NATO Treaty? That’s why we have military installations around the world, that’s why these utopia countries spend so little in their own small military. Ok so you can’t defund military, so your going to pay for this how?

    • Anyone in Congress voting again “health care for all” should pay for their own and their immediate family’s healthcare with the most expensive healthcare plan in the country without tax payers’ congressional welfare.

    • +SamuraiKage1 any Democrats in Congress should be forced to have illegal immigrants live in their homes. Especially if they have children, undocumented aliens should be forced to stay in all the bedrooms in the houses of liberal congressmen with no background checks. Let’s not be racist or prejudice against illegals. They should pay 100% of the immigrants cost as well, because its so cheap to feed them. (Said the socialist)

    • So…will AOC decline the healthcare she’s offered as a member of Congress? Is she or any of her supporters AWARE of the shortage of medical providers in America? I have a so-called “primary care physician” who is a total waste of space. It’s a large (think bureaucracy) multi medical personnal operation like many. Communicating with them is nearly impossible. If you call with a question, you will either not get an answer, or the answer you get will be to someone else’s question. I am a blank face to this physician. If he walked outside where I was standing 5 minutes after I saw him and he tripped over me, he wouldn’t know he ever saw me in his life. All he does is act like a note taker and type into his computer whatever you tell him. He has NEVER read my records. Medicare for all? Just imaging how long you would wait to see a person who knows NOTHING about you and frankly, doesn’t much care. AOC has NO personal experience with Medicare.

    • yaimavol Doctors only see a certain amount of Medicare patients because they only have a certain amount of Medicare patients.


      And again this is the most comprehensive and economic minded study of Medicare for all to date:


      You see, I keep giving you links of studies and sources to explain what I’m saying.
      All you’ve done is give anecdotal “evidence” of what you “totally saw in other countries” as if that’s a viable source.

      It isn’t. And once again
      70% of Americans support Medicare for All.

    • +Andrew Mildenberg Well, like every other progressive out there, I have to do your research for you. Sanders has already been OBLITERATED by the CBO on his numbers. He’s a lying fraud. Your comment about Medicare rationing is grossly ignorant and totally unacceptable, if you are going to come out here and push this program. Every doctor rations Medicare patients because PRIVATE insurance subsidizes those patients. This is the reality, and you are in denial.

    • yaimavol Oh yes. I was hoping you’d try and debunk it through the CBO because guess what? You’re lying about that. Maybe unknowingly, maybe on purpose, but regardless
      The CBO HASN’T done any number counting on Sanders bill. Yet again you make a statement and provide no source for its claim so once again I’ll do it for you. This time with facts.

      And to your link you provided I have to point out yet again how America isn’t Ireland. I know, it’s a wild concept.

      But if arguing healthcare systems in different parts of the world is your M.O. then how about this fun list?


      And again (and I love repeating this fact that you continually ignore)
      *70% of Americans support Medicare for All*

    • Myra My Right Nut Let me answer your question with another one.
      Do you enjoy having hundreds of dollars taken out of your paychecks every month to pay premiums to your health insurance provider?
      Do you enjoy getting billed whenever you’re sick and need to go to the doctors?

      And remember you lose money twice over in that last scenario. By calling out of work you lose a days worth of pay (or more) and then on top of that you pay again for exorbitant medical fees.

      Do you like those scenarios? Because that’s what’s happening.
      How about the fact that our premiums are always going up because the private system sees you as nothing but a breathing wallet?
      Is that ideal for you?

    • +Siathuan My apologies. I am Canadian and Green Party here, is just starting to make inroads. We only have 3 1/2 Parties with the Greens being the 1/2 sadly at this point.

    • +Todd Stevens No apologies necessary; it was a reasonable assumption to make, and my reaction stemmed mostly from the aforementioned frustration with the political deadlock – three months post-election and we still don’t have a new Prime Minister – on top of the issue of politicians in cahoots with big corporations.
      We don’t have it quite as bad as the US does, but it’s still disturbing to have elected officials betraying the trust of the people.

    • WTF is going to pay for it? Having ins isn’t a right its a fucking privilege that everyone who wants it pays for what they can afford. I’m sick of paying for everyone else that is too lazy to improve their situation. Move your lazy asses to Germany or Canada, just get off the public nipple .

  5. I got a form letter from my senator reminding me to sign up for the ACA, I emailed him saying, “Time to move forward for Medicare for All like all of you in Washington get!”

    • Carlos Spicyweiner …you are a happy person and everyone thinks you are a respectable man. They honor you and look up to you.

    • AND – the mess there, was caused by the USA as usual – meddling in another country’s business.! Nothing new about that though, is there? IF your government & military would look after their own citizens/infrastructure/et al – the world would be a better place, and the USA might finally begin to care for it’s own citizens! Now- THAT would be a logical productive move!

    • Stop drinking the corporate media koolaid. Venezuelan elections are ,by UN standards one of the fairest and hardest to corrupt in the world. Their leadership is democraticly elected and has wide popular support(60%). The CIA and the oligarchy have been fomenting unrest by screwing with their economy for decades. WHY? Follow the money Lebowski. OIL, RARE EARTH MINERALS AND GEMS THAT THE KLEPTOCRACY WANT TO STEAL!!!

    • You mean like every socialist regime there’s ever been… but not if you had totalitarian power right? As someone needs to wield the gun to make sure we all get an equal slice of the pie, regardless of effort or innovation (see – history, USSR, Chine, Afghanistan, Cuba, East Germany – look who’s populations were fleeing to where). Tell any class room that they will get the the class average for the next test they get regardless of effort and see what happens to results. That’s in in a nutshell, unless there’s someone standing over them (the dictator) who forces them to study. There are so many fucking examples in history, either you’re a clueless 13 year old or you’ve been brainwashed and there’s no hope for you.

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