Sherrod Brown Tanks 2020 Chances, Opposes Medicare For All

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Sherrod Brown Tanks 2020 Chances, Opposes Medicare For All

81 thoughts on “Sherrod Brown Tanks 2020 Chances, Opposes Medicare For All

  1. To be fair, I think Sherrod Brown would probably support Medicare For All, but he doesn’t think it has a chance of passing without the removal of the filibuster. Meanwhile, there are candidates like Cory Booker who are completely full of it, saying that he supports Medicare For All in one breath and that he would fight to keep the legislative filibuster in place in another.

    • +Alex Crivellone
      I actually think Sinema would vote for it. Arizona is now a pure swing state and it’s getting bluer by the day.

    • I see the point, but…. one should be for it if one is for it. It’s a separate question as to whether the opposition can be overcome. Imagine Lincoln arguing that slaves should be freed by age 55…

    • Absolutely. Medicare for All means nothing without ending the filibuster. But in the meantime we could get something. Any Democrat who opposes ending the filibuster is extremely suspect (Cory Booker). I give Brown the benefit of the doubt unless he comes out against ending the filibuster.

  2. Neo-liberalism and Neo-conservatism buy into the same economic philosophy, which is that the role of capitalism is to increase shareholder value.

    • Just FYI, as far as neoconservatives go, they subscribe to neoliberal economics. It is the hegemonic ideology. Neoliberalism is in itself an economic system firstly, and has kind of been back translated onto left-wing “liberal” US politicians.

    • +Black Brit it’s ok to say they’re liberal. classical liberalism IS a centrist ideology after all, being in favor of laissez faire

    • And rule the world with regime change wars. Only Tulsi Gabbard has shown the courage to call out both the neolibs and neocons for their wars for profit.

    • +b1bbs g0t h4nds LOL! You are correct in one sense but the American People prefer to be ignorant about economic and financial policies. But also you are incorrect in another sense. because classical liberalism advocated for laissez faire as the way of government to support capitalism, but neoliberal economics calls for active intervention by the government to support and protect capitalism, only they fake label the active intervention by government with the same term “laissez faire.”

  3. Tell it Kyle! Gloves off. At this point in human history, it’s all or nothing.
    Republicans and moderates are dead wrong, and the progressive class is 100% right.

  4. Isn’t it great how Bernie changed the democratic party? In only 2 years the majority of the country is for national $15 minimum wage and Medicare for All.

    • James Lantzke – we should all welcome automation so that we can concentrate on work that needs doing that can’t be automated yet. GND and FJG at $15 will provide 10’s of millions of jobs.

    • @whyamimrpink78 , “velocity of money? Really? You are going to pull that? Also, if the poor spend their money that quickly and that much than they are poor for a reason, they are bad at money management. ”
      Really? because poor people are bad at money management? Our Fed Govt uses poverty and unemployment as a buffer against inflation. It is a choice to keep a certain % of the population unemployed and impoverished. a CHOICE by the Fed Govt.

    • +Barbara Eaton Having had family members on Medicaid it’s not that simple. You not only have to be destitute you have to stay that way. One good month and they kick you to the curb. That’s why they say the GOP plan is if you get sick, better die quick

    • Y+Last Guy Minn es, I get that and am disappointed in brown for this as he is my Senator. But people here seem to be unaware of what they could get right now if you have “no money.”

    • +Jeremy Gregorio Yes, I get that. And I am disappointed in Brown for not pushing for Med4All. He is my Senator and I always thought he was more Progressive and more courageous.

    • +Jeremy Gregorio Exactly, I’m currently on Medicaid because my mom doesn’t get insurance through her work and I’m in college. The moment I were to stop going to school and start even a shitty part time job, I’d lose it, which I can’t afford because I have an illness that would suck me dry.

    • +TheRank king Why is an 8 year old in here? Shouldn’t someone of your incredibly low intelligence level be watching spongebob clips or people falling down or something?

    • +Mitchell klein America isn’t a super power, America spends all it’s money on the military. Super power and evil empire are not the same thing. America is an evil empire. You are just a biased idiot who apparently has no idea how to lol at something from another perspective. What a shill you are.

    • +Mitchell klein What, specifically is the US the greatest in? Anything other than military spending?

      No, America is well outside the top 10 in every metric except military spending. You need to stop being an idiot.

  5. Any argument against Medicare-For-All is an argument that says it’s okay that people go untreated, bankrupt, and/or die due to lack of healthcare coverage. That is a completely indefensible position. It’s as simple as that.

    • +whyamimrpink78
      So in your fantasy world there are no birth defects, cancer, type 1 diabetes, auto accidents, mental illnesses, genetic disorders, gastrointestinal diseases, allergies, asthma, sports injuries, arthritis, leukemia, heat stroke, hypothermia, visual/hearing impairments, etc., etc.? Must be nice.

    • +ari onassis-niarchos
      Wow, you’ve learned copy-and-paste. Next thing you know it, maybe you’ll be writing in complete sentences with appropriate grammar!

    • +Last Guy Minn , yes, there are people born into a bad situation. Maybe if irresponsible people weren’t weighing the system down we would help out those who really need it.

    • +whyamimrpink78
      How do you identify who is not responsible? We all make mistakes and do things that are not optimal for our health. Insurance, whether it’s private or public, is a way to pool resources and help everybody who needs it. And here’s the thing: even if you pay all those premiums and through an incredible stroke of luck you never need that insurance, YOU WON THE BIGGEST PRIZE: A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE! Insurance is the one thing in life you should be happy to never get your money’s worth from.

    • As if the USA follows international law for anything….. If it did, most of your politicians would be rotting in jail somewhere.

    • Article 25 of of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the *health* and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, clothing, housing and *medical* *care* and necessary social services, and the right to security in the event of unemployment, sickness, disability, widowhood, old age or other lack of livelihood in circumstances beyond his control.”

      But obviously this is almost universally ignored by politicians and there doesn’t appear to be an effective enforcement mechanism 🙁

  6. Your healthcare system is a joke. I know people who were never very well off and have faced life threatening illnesses in their lives. They would have died under US system. Here in New Zealand on Monday I felt rather ill so I rang my doctor, got an appointment that afternoon, got a jab and left with a course of anti biotics. All of that cost me nothing.

    • Here we go: Most people in America have health coverage (public or private). Hospitals MUST treat you regardless of ability to pay (yes, they will likely transfer you to a public hospital after you are stabilized, if you in fact don’t have coverage). We have urgent care centers in our cities, along with free clinics, that are cheaper than many doctors (or free) . Even regular doctors will NOT turn you away if you are sick and can’t pay at the desk. Emergency rooms will NEVER turn away someone in pain, bleeding, passing out, heart attack, or any other ailment (thats the law). When people die bc of no insurance, it’s bc they skip appointments and scans or they have a number of illnesses and were likely going to die anyway. Do your research, kiwi boy. And yes, I want Medicare for All but I also want the private option alongside it as a hybrid system. Such a system exists in a number of good countries.

    • raleighman3000 We’re not saying the problem is people getting turned away because of emergencies (although it does happen), We’re saying that If you have an illness or disease or something that requires health insurance and you don’t have it, tough luck for you because you either don’t go or pay the insanely high drug costs that are artificially marked up. Also just as an example, many people who have diabetes have admitted to rationing their medication and that is a leading cause of death in that community. My friend had to pay over 300$ out of pocket for 1 container of insulin when she accidentally worked over the required hours needed to be subsidized. Some people obviously don’t have that luxury of their medication being subsidized. It’s something that keeps people alive. In 2019, in the “greatest country on earth”, I never want to hear we can’t do it because we can. we can afford to keep our citizens alive.

    • +gamerfallout supplementary, or also simply a seperate but equal path. Patient can choose, or maybe all families or singles under X amount of yearly income are on public system (with low deductibles). I lived in Holland awhile and that’s how they did it.

  7. Sherrod Brown voted all three times to massively expand Trumps military spending, I am never voting for him for president. No more warmongers for president.

    • Democrats often vote for increased military spending as defence contractors are based in their states, so it provides jobs. Defence contractors are cunning bastards like that.

  8. Sherrod Brown used to be a champion for universal healthcare and even refused his congressional health plan until the ACA was passed. What the hell happened to him?

    This 55+ Medicare idea is ridiculous. We need to add everybody, particularly younger and healthier individuals, to Medicare to get costs down by spreading out the risk. I looked at Brown as a viable alternative if Bernie couldn’t break through and win the nomination…now I’m even more convinced that Sen. Sanders is our only real hope.

    • +Greg
      I have, and I like her, but I don’t think she has the national recognition to win the nomination. Bernie was in the same boat when he announced in 2015; now he’s the most popular politician in America. I think we need to build on that. Tulsi would make a great VP for Bernie.

  9. As an Ohio resident, I am generally a fan of Sherrod Brown. He is definitely a worrier for the working class, but he’s still under the delusion that you have to water down your ideas to get GOP votes in Congress. It’s astonishing to me that many Dems in Congress STILL don’t understand that the GOP will never support ANY idea from the Dems, even if they previously supported it. The Dem establishment still doesn’t seem to understand that their job is to be the alternative to the GOP’s insanity and FIGHT advocate for the progressive policies that the majority of people want. I’m so tired of the bullshit cop out “we don’t have the votes” excuse.

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