How 1 Direct Mail Lead Turned In to 250 Closed Medsupps and a Lifetime of Referrals – Justin Brock

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Remember, I used this story because FACTS TELL AND STORIES SELL.

Little things lead to big things, even if the leap isn't this big!

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Justin Brock is Partial owner of two Insurance agencies known as Safe Harbor Insurance and Brock and Credille Insurance and Chairman of a Marketing Firm known as Guru Marketing.

Brock and Credille Insurance is bringing in close to $2 Million in annual revenue helping THOUSANDS of Medicare beneficiaries get set up the right way, the first time.

Guru Marketing is a firm Justin started that currently helps over 1700 Insurance Agents service more Medicare Beneficiaries in more ways than ever before. He provides extremely relevant Insurance Agent Training for these new and old producers.

Justin rocketed to fame in the insurance industry when his journey to learn online advertising strategies taught him how to use Facebook leads to personally close 72 policies in one week and to aver 40 plus policies per week during the fall of 2016.

If you are looking for specific information related to how to run Facebook Ads, Justin has made a wildly popular Facebook Advertising Course called the Facebook Blitzkrieg. You can check it out here –

Justin has since been featured on stage at 8 Percent Nation, Senior Marketing Specialists Summit, on the Manhattan Life Advisory Council and many other nationally recognized platforms.

How 1 Direct Mail Lead Turned In to 250 Closed Medsupps and a Lifetime of Referrals – Justin Brock


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