Rand Paul Calls Medicare For All ‘The Gülag’

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Rand Paul Calls Medicare For All 'The Gülag'

89 thoughts on “Rand Paul Calls Medicare For All ‘The Gülag’

  1. Rand Paul is an actual physician who’s worked in the medical field for 20 years, much like his father, the legend Ron Paul.

    Rand Paul is an actual senator, he has a much better idea of how healthcare should operate in the United States better than you do, Kyle

    • Traveler of both Time & Space Well if we wanna do this whole appeal to authority thing (an un-libertarian argument btw), the American Medical Association which is the country’s largest association of doctors and physicians, opposes the republican plan to make the healthcare system more “free market” and instead advocates improvement of the ACA to a universal multi-payer system.

    • Does he know better than most western countries that have universal health care? You know, the system that works best? Your argument diverts from the original discussion.

    • MrJc9600, a couple things. One, site your source on thee AMA. Next, you have to realize what expanding the federal government’s role in healthcare will mean for doctors. It will mean they can increasing their asking prices making them richer. Just like universities did with tuition when the federal government started the student loan program.

      In a free market system doctors will have to compete. In a universal system doctors can just jack up their prices as they have a guarantee paycheck from the government. Also, as in with teachers, they can unionize and create a tenure like program as well.

    • I’m going to be frank, I think the problem pink is you think the government is going to destroy everything, or you have such little faith, that you think the government will become corrupt and evil.

  2. Yes, because most successful western countries have Gulagcare. Sometimes American politics makes me wanna throw up.

    • I see you base a lot of your argument on the fact that he was a doctor. And? Im sorry but him being a doctor is not an end all be all such that everything he proposes on healthcare is by definition suitable and appropriate because simply “he knows it better”. If We are purely looking at the occupational “authority” he has, look at other organisations also involving doctors and nurses. National nurses united, Afl-cio, the hundred and thousands of other doctors calling for single payer?

      Also I understand that you believe that you intend to bring over the case of risk pooling as being an economic justification for private insurance because “lowering prices” and “making it harder for other people to pay for them”. But the very concept of risk pooling does not only apply to private health insurance. It applies to insurance in general. No one has been looking for the abolishment of the concept of insurance. If we took your understanding of risk pooling to its logical conclusion, single payer is in fact the way to pool the risks across the largest population, reducing costs overall?

      Also, the govt subsidises these costs makes it harder for other people to pay for them. Tell me exactly how the mechanisms of that works.

    • What are you talking about the entire concept of insurance has already been removed from the individual market that is what guaranteeing of pre-existing conditions is, a complete reversal in what the definition of insurance means. Right now if health insurance in the US under Obamacare was transferred over to the car insurance market you could literally buy a car, wreck that car into a crowd of people and kill 10+ and then go call an insurance company to pay for it. That is health “insurance” under Obamacare.

    • Except that you would be charged for manslaughter.
      Also, that person who would do that would first be thinking, “oh time to risk my life for a compensation for a car that would totally make it worth it”.
      Please do not use car insurance for healthcare. People do not choose to get sick, especially for pre-existing conditions. This is a false analogy with a basic incentive problem
      It seems like we have a fundamental disagreement on whether healthcare is something everyone is supposed to have access to, despite the size of their wallet. If we were absolutely looking for a system that does not have barriers that restrict access, then single payer would be the system that guarantees healthcare for all, vs the private health insurance structure where they have an incentive to deny healthcare, because thats where the profits come from. That incentive there is a major failure of the private health insurance industry

  3. the sad thing is that some people actually believe him. meanwhile it would save billions in paperwork alone not to mention what would be saved with preventive care. its because these people aren’t like you and me. They’ve never had to suffer the same kind of problems we’ve had to suffer. They don’t know what it’s like to be without money and not able to pay their deductible to go to the doctor and get medication. They’ve never lived pay check to pay check. They live in a privileged, Elite world that is completely separate from the reality you and I face everyday.

    • But Anthony a lot of the California Single Payer Health Care also had things that weren’t going to be revealed to the general public until later on when the people get kicked out.

    • Hi Anthony Rock I have read your comments for a long time on this channel and I agree with almost all of what you say. Keep up your great efforts my friend! You are waking people up and exposing them to good info, even if they attack you they might be considering it anyway

    • philpott kentucky Thats not true. I live in Singapore. The system allows for government run healthcare providers to COMPETE against private ones. Healthcare monies are not taxed from the individual outright, but retained in a special account to be used at the individual’s own discretion. The same monies can be left to beneficiaries if not used upon death.

    • keff, Singapore has two tiers. It guarantees healthcare to citizens. The second tier for private is still subsidized by the gov

    • Not only that but Venezuela’s economy is prone to market crashes due to their only good marketable resource being petroleum.

    • Pridetoons, not to mention the economic warfare by the US. Obama started normalizing relations with Cuba only cuz the Latin Americas were gunna ostracize us. Latins are fed up with “free trade” deals that legally ensure future profit for corps, keeping them as banana republics, and military coups coming from the pentagon. Our strawmanning teenage friend has much to learn

    • Global Warming Skeptic Also there was a 93% aproval rating of the communist party in the ussr during most of stalins period in the us theres literly 8% aproval rating of congress XD yeah people here are force by the police to accept private property.Why do you think that theres no capitalist rebels in socialist countries but theres socialist rebels in capitalist countries the mere fact that at one point half the world was socialist shows your right wing lies.

    • Cisco Blue The only people who are put in front of a barrel of a gun to obey are the property owners who exploit the workers and earn there living trough that means but guess what whos the majority is it the property owners or the workers and thats why the slave owning founding fathers created the idea that we cant allow people to even elect there president cause,muh mob rule with you reactionarys continue to scream out anytime people want change.

    • Global Warming Skeptic next time id advice you to get your info from research instead of memes and propaganda like Fox News.

    • but this guy its so fucking stupid he was saying that the best thing to have a “private” single payer system.

    • Global Warming Skeptic In case you didn’t notice. The government is run by these same corporations. They spend billions every year lobbying to buy off politicians. Most legislation that is passed in congress in regards to healthcare doesn’t get passed unless it’s approved by the insurance/pharmaceutical companies. Politicians are just elected officials who serve their constituents. It’s not them you should be afraid of. It’s the people behind them.

    • @MrJc9600
      Corrupt people run the government. How those people are corrupted isn’t important for the discussion of government’s role. I would LOVE to fix the government so it is not corrupt. Your solutions to the problem suck and have never worked, but we can certainly discuss ways to make government less corrupt.

      But here’s the reality we’re facing. The government is corrupt. That is what we’re dealing with in the present. To say you want to give an entity that is presently corrupt even more power on the hopes that they become less corrupt in the future is moronic.

      If you want to talk about a credible government down the road and then giving it more power because we’ve cleaned it up, I’d be open to future discussions, but in the present day, the government should not get a penny more of anybody’s money, rich or poor, and we need to starve out the government to limit their corrupt influence on our daily lives.

    • Kronus 96 Agreed. I don’t want a national healthcare system for me. I can afford private insurance and it is statistically a bit better quality. If I lived in a county with a national healthcare system there’s a good chance I would still buy private insurance because I can afford it. The reason I want single-payer isn’t for me, but for people who can’t afford private insurance. I don’t like the idea of low-income families suffering medical bankruptcy just for receiving the care that they are already entitled to under the Emergency Medical and Treatment Labor Act. Conservative/libertarians just don’t seems to understand that there are other people besides just them in this country and we want to help those people.

    • MrJc9600 I just figure federal funding should be going towards protecting the lives of the citizens, regardless of wealth. Do you expect people to pay for services from the police department or the fire department? No, of course not! They exist to protect people’s lives! So what makes healthcare different in this instance? Why shouldn’t healthcare be federally funded?

    • MrJc9600 I get your point, I really do, but I really think people’s lives should be above all else and should be defended without a fee.

  4. I live in Canada. Next time I get sick and go to the Doctor I’m gonna tell my parents I’m heading to the Gulag.

    • It’s really not though. If it’s an emergency you get right in. If it’s and elective surgery or procedure then yeah you might have to wait but it’s really not that bad.

  5. Why not market socialism? There would still be a free market but worker controlled companies.
    I wouldn’t apply this to essentials like healthcare for example.

    • Danny Puckett Yes the services will be there, but the quality will be lower and the consumer will no longer be able to choose what care they want. Whoever controls the money controls the health care plan. Thus individual freedom to choose ones healthcare is gone. Read up on the story about the baby in the U.K. and you’ll see.

    • Nick McCune you both are more educated on the subject than I am. I am all about the free market and the American dream but what I do see is a health Care system that is off the chain out of control. It just keeps getting more and more about the bottom line and less about quality of care.

    • Danny Puckett sorry about the confusion. I am not saying a free market system is best in every sutuation. I was in some ways proposing social democracy with the frew market element of it being worker controlled. You would still have things like single payer and universal college.

    • Nick McCune “but the quality will be lower and the consumer will no longer be able to choose what care they want. Whoever controls the money controls the health care plan. Thus individual freedom to choose ones healthcare is gone.”

      Not true. The only instance I can think where this is the case is not being able to go straight to a specialist, you have to get a referral from your GP. But i’ve never been denied referral. You could if the GP said you illness is something else and that specialist would be inapropriate, but you can always get second opinions. Fact is as a patient you lack the medical knowledge to make those sorts of decisions.

      “Read up on the story about the baby in the U.K. and you’ll see.”

      The NHS is being deliberately defunded and dismantled by the conservative government, under the last labour government the service was properly funded and worked pretty well, with faults being rare. I myself have received nothing but top notch care from the NHS. Plus there is still the option to ‘top up’ with private insurance in the UK, if the NHS does not cover a particular treatment. Besides, the perfect healthcare system doesn’t exist, though France’s mixed single payer/social insurance model comes pretty close IMHO.

  6. If had a dollar every time a social democrat skeptic brought up straw man Venezuela, i could fund their education so they could actually know a thing or two about politics.

    • Global Warming Skeptic Middle class isn’t rising because we’ve been under trickle-down economics for the past 40 years. Before then middle class wages were increasing steadily with production output, but then we started tilting the tax codes and regulations towards the rich in the 80s and ever since then wages have remained stagnant.

    • @Danny Puckett
      Well what do you expect corporations to do when you increase regulations as we have since 1970? You expect them to stay in this country when you’re telling them they shouldn’t do business here?

      Yes, the colleges have failed us. It already came out that CEOs, in their meetings with Trump, told him that their biggest problem wasn’t hiring, because they have jobs at skilled position. it’s that people aren’t prepared for those jobs. A Gallup survey said that only 11% of business owners view college graduates as prepared for the workplace.

      They have failed us miserably. They have not produced a qualified workforce of people prepared for 21st century jobs. Hasn’t happened. Vocational schools like ITT are preparing people for work, with very high rates of employment and such, DESPITE getting little to no funding from governments.

      Your colleges have done a shitty job and you need to stop making excuses for poor performance. They haven’t produced a vibrant middle class. Own it.

    • MrJc9600, after WWII federal government spending was 14% of GDP, now it is 20% of GDP. That while defense spending has been dropping for around 50 years. In the 60s and 70s we expanded the payroll tax and created the EPA, OSHA and department of ed. Saying we have been under “trickle down economics” (which is not an economic term by the way) for years means you are either lying or are clueless.

      Tell me, how did we start “tilting regulations” with the creation of the EPA and expanding the federal government?

  7. Kyle is promoting force and violence if you don’t do what the gov makes you do. Rand was promoting a form of volunteerism. Socialism destroys the individual

    • By the way…. The only reason Venezuela is collapsing is because they are embargoed by our country and most other countries that currently have oil stock on lockdown. They are basically being denied entry into the world economy. Of course as you all know not every resource grows in one area. They lack food because of geographical location, They also have to export most of it because of their inability to trade freely with oil on the world market.

    • Myke Cee wow. You’re so misinformed. How about you actually read the history about Venezuela. The country was extremely poor before Chavez. He used the policy of socialism to get elected and then it became a dictatorship. Hmmm. Sound familiar?!? And now the entire country is in ruin because the people fell for the false utopia of socialism. #readabook

    • LOL. You may as well understand the world we live in, where exactly the opposite of what Rand Paul is saying has been demonstrated as the best known solution, and stop trying to force your really bad ideas on everyone else. Rand Paul might as well be saying that bleeding people is the best cure for disease. That is how outdated and backward his ideas are.

    • Forcing what ideas? The idea of taking care of yourself and paying for your own health care unless you are really poor and can’t? What a horrible idea, almost sounds like common sense.

    • People in America need to let go of the idea that there is ONE perfect system, that fixes all problems. A successful society mixes collectivist and individualist ideas, to find a sweet middle ground where things run smoothly for most (if not all) people.

      Just look at most EU countries, where there is a social safety net, public healthcare and transportation, and so on. Once all these things are sorted out, the free market can go wild, within some regulations (in the financial sector for example). The challenge is FINDING that sweet middle ground, so far it’s going pretty well.

    • Cory G Nobody completely pays for their own health care unless they’re uber rich. If you have health insurance, guess what? Your money is put into a giant, shared pool with everyone else’s that the insurance company then uses to give people healthcare (if they don’t manage to wiggle out of paying for it).

      This idea that everyone can pay for their own healthcare is idiotic and self destructive when you look at how expensive healthcare is in this country.

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